• Vending Events

    16th Annual Spring MUM Expo
    Allentown Fairgrounds AgriPlex, 302 North 17th Street, Allentown, PA
    Saturday & Sunday May 19 & 20, 2018
  • Scheduled Continuing Education Classes & Workshops

    Chakra Balance & Cord Cutting - 5/4/18
    Pure Yoga, 1171 Fischer Blvd, Toms River, NJ 08753 (732) 288-9642 Click to see More
    Aromatherapy Basics - 5/5/18
    Private Residence Mullica Hill, NJ
    Chakra Balance &; Cord Cutting 5/6/18
    Center for Health & Healing 111 West Water Street Toms River, NJ (732)505-8282 Click to see More
    Essential oils for stress - 5/11/18
    Pure Yoga 1171 Fischer Blvd, Toms River, NJ 08753 (732) 288-9642 Click to see More
    Aromatherapy Basics - 5/12/18
    Center for Health & Healing 111 West Water Street Toms River, NJ (732)505-8282 Click to see More
    Chakra Balance & Cord Cutting - 5/22/18
    Private Residence West Chester, PA
    Sacred Mala Workshop - 5/24/18
    Private Residence West Chester, PA
    Level 2 Aromatherapy with Blending - 5/26-5/27/18
    Private Residence West Chester, PA
    Working with Pendulums - A Tool to the Heart of You
    As we continue to evolve into more empowered living, pendulums are one tool that people are feeling drawn to in order to assist in tapping into their Higher Self/Essence/Sub-Conscious, etc.

    Pendulums are great for receiving answers from within. It's not about trusting the pendulum, but about trusting yourself. The pendulum can provide a good second opinion, as it uses your own energy. Using a pendulum is a path of surrender to your higher self & by doing that, you put aside your ego and that part that wants to be right and receive a universal, higher good, heart answer instead.

    How to cleanse, bless & care for your pendulum.
    How to accurately get answers with your pendulum.
    How to use a pendulum in healing work-Reiki, Chakra Balance
    Additional printed material featuring pendulum properties, pendulum uses & some history of the pendulum

    Fee of $45 includes all materials & Free Crystal & Silver Pendulum
    Love Potions & Love Spells
    We invite you to join us for some witchy love magick with herbs, plants, and potions In this workshop we will discuss traditional uses of herbs and oils used both magically and medicinally to attract love, strengthen feelings of commitment, and nourish the mind and body. You will create your own beguiling love potion using organic and wild-crafted essential oils, rare and precious absolutes, essences & crystals. This yummy oil will be yours to take home and try on your partner....or experiment on yourself! An evening of discussion, blending, spellwork, and of course- eating chocolate (a true aphrodisiac!!) awaits you.

    $65.00 cost covers all materials
    Eat ~ Smell~ Play "an aromatherapy workshop"
    Eat, smell and play with pure essential oils. Join us for this fun, hands-on mini-workshop and discover the powerful, fragrant healing secrets of Mother Nature's Pharmacy. Oils can: reduce inflammation (causes disease)kill mold, bacteria, viruses, infections relieve sunburn, acne, rashes reduce pain and headaches digest fat/toxins, cellulite increase energy & alertness improve digestion and absorption increase oxygen to the cells balance hormones & mood reduce stress and anxiety flavor drinks & foods u2026and so much more. A pre-cursor to Level 1 Aromatherapy Certification.

    Fee $45.00
  • Continuing Education Classes

    Aromas of the Florida Keys
    This class is for personal or professional education. Join us as we discuss the basics of aromatherapy and the safe use of essential oils. The therapeutic power of pure essential oils and the tropical surroundings of the Florida Keys are combined in this aromatic journey. Using scents indicative of our islands, you will create tropical treatments for yourself and your clients. In this class, you will learn:nnEffective use and blending of essential oilsnCoverage of 10 basic essential oilsnSuggested aromatherapy treatments for mind and bodynTake home a mist and massage oil blend. $100 fee includes all materials. Space is limited.
    5 Hour Course / 5 CE Credit Hours
    Aromatherapy Workshops - Levels I &; II
    This series of courses offers two levels of training and is designed for: herbalists, massage therapists, yoga teachers, nurses, Reiki practitioners & energy workers as well as all who have a real interest in learning the science and art of aromatherapy.
    Deborah Quinn is approved by: The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) along with The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) as a continuing education approved provider. 12 CEs per Level

    To schedule a workshop for your group, spa, hospital, hospice or center contact Debbi Quinn at debbi@bluemoonherbals.com (305) 587-8303

    Aromatherapy Level 1- Foundations in Learning
    Spend a weekend getting to know essential oils. This 2 day workshop will give you a solid foundation in the principles and practice of this healing modality. Together we will explore the basics of Aromatherapy-history, basic chemistry, safety issues, indications for use, application techniques and so much more. Both days include hands-on practice, interactive learning, and building a foundation for the use of over a dozen oils. Geared for the individual wanting to gain a higher level of understanding of Aromatherapy and essential oils, this course includes oils, handouts and recommended reading list. Learn how to use aromatherapy in everyday life and therapeutic applications. Educate yourself for professional practice, family health and well-being or as an adjunct therapy for your current practice. This program meets and exceeds NAHA's Level One education standards. Schedule on both days includes plenty of time for discussion, questions & answers, general sharing of ideas & experiences.

    You will also learn:
    How Essential Oils Work & Methods of UseProduction Methods & Essential Oil QualityBasic Anatomy & Physiology Overview of the Olfactory System & LimbicOverview of all body systemsAn introduction to Taxonomy

    Cost: $250.00 * The tuition for each 2 day class includes extensive handouts, sample essential oils, consulting time outside the classroom & the privilege to repeat this class at no charge (on a space available basis)
    2 Day Course/ Hours: 9-5 / 12 CE Credit Hours
    Aromatherapy Level 2-The Energetics of Essential Oils
    This weekend is a blend of both practical and esoteric teachings designed to follow the knowledge acquired in the Level 1 Workshop. Satisfactory completion of the Level 1 workshop or an understanding of aromatherapy is required.
    Topics Covered:
    Overview of the lymphatic, respiratory, endocrine & nervous systems and how oils interact with them to assist in healing Understanding the actions and contraindications of an essential oil based on its chemical constituents Combine aromatherapy with herbalism to treat acute and chronic disorders & choose appropriate oils
    Blending-identify & choose 3 to 5 specific essential oils to include in a blend based on the individual actions & contraindications of the oils, besides determining the relative proportions of each essential oil included in the blend
    Profiles of 10 additional oils
    Review & discussion of chemistry with deeper emphasis on chemotypes
    Energetics & Aromatherapy
    A Mystery School perspective on Aromatherapy & much more
    List and describe the families of organic compounds and their general therapeutic properties
    Explain why a specific essential oil was chosen based upon its chemistry
    Identify key elements in determining the quality of an essential oil
    Understand and discuss methods of production and the various end products these methods produce
    List and describe various methods of application techniques and delivery systems
    Demonstrate basic knowledge of the chemistry of essential oils
    Design aromatic blends for a range of common household ailments

    Cost: $300.00 * The tuition for each 2 day class includes extensive handouts, bottles and oils for blends, consulting time outside the classroom & the privilege to repeat this class at no charge (on a space available basis)

    2 Day Course/ Hours: 10-5 / 12 CE Credit Hours
    Indian Head Massage
    Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage or Champissage as it was originally called has played a part in Indian life for thousands of years. The sense of well-being that follows a treatment has to be experienced to be fully understood. On the other hand, a more stimulating head massage treatment helps to clarify the mind, manage stress, enables one to concentrate without tension and is an effective means of essential oil application.

    Physical benefits include:
    General & specific relaxation of musclesLoosening of the scalpRelaxation of the whole bodyDispersal of toxins from tense knotted musclesImproved circulation of bloodStimulation of the lymphatic systemHelp in the relief of tension headachesExcellent for insomniaImproves concentrationRelief for mental and emotional stress

    You will learn:
    Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage: step-by-step instruction in the principal techniques including deep thumb and finger pressure, friction and soothing effleurageThe location & treatment of the main Marma points on the head neck & shouldersDetails of specially formulated essential oil blends & more

    Cost: $150.00
    Aromatherapy Basics-6 CEs
    Aromatherapy Basics is a 6 hr course designed to teach the basic concepts of aromatherapy products and their uses. The course is designed to provide a foundation for exploring essential oils and essential oil use, as well as providing knowledge to become an informed consumer of aromatherapy products. Ten essential oils will be covered as well as aromatic sampling of additional essential oils and aromatic products. This hands-on class ends with the participant making and blending their own personal aromatic inhaler and massage oil. No prior knowledge of aromatherapy is needed for this class!nThis course will cover:n•tDefinition of Aromatherapy, EOS, Hydrosols and Aromaticsn•tHistory of Aromatherapy/Types of Aromatherapyn•tMethods of Extractionn•tQuality tests for Oils, Proper labeling, Buyer Beware!n•tCentral Nervous System, Limbic System, Endocrine System n•tTop Ten EOS for Massage Therapistsn•tMethods of Applicationn•tSafety & Storagen
    Chakra Awakening with Essences, Oils & Stones-3 CE’s
    “Cutting the Cords of Negative Energy”nIn this workshop we will delve into each of the 7 major Chakra points, their individual characteristics, the importance of keeping each open and healthy, effective ways to balance and enhance each center as well as our aura and the importance of ritual in our daily lives. Through gently accessing and “speaking” to the Chakras, we foster integration and wholeness within ourselves and others.nDiscover how different essential oils resonate with the aspects of a specific Chakra, enhancing our daily lives for harmonic balance and self-development. We end with application of chakra oils, personal color visualization and grounding meditation to remove blockages, cut cords, balance the aura and strengthen your auric shield.nBring Blanket or yoga mat (or use one of ours).nn•tRemove the 2019s at end here- The Energetics of Essential Oils for the Healing Practitioner-4 CEn•tRemove the whole 2016 class schedule at bottom of pagen•tRemove the class under Indian Head Massage & change the CE’s from 6 to 7 also remove the price.n•tUnder Aromatherapy Level 2 remove all after outside the classroom.n“Cost: $300.00 * The tuition for each 2 day class includes extensive handouts, bottles and oils for blends, consulting time outside the classroom & the privilege to repeat this class at no charge (on a space available basis)”
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  • Student Comments:

    "This class was so much fun. As a massage therapist I am always looking for ways to expand my practice, but I didn't know I was going to have so much fun while learning." Thanks!

    "I am so thankful that I participated in your class & met you! I learned so much- & feel so much more informed. This class was the formal information I was missing. I look forward to taking part 2. I will go to England the beginning of Sept- and I know that Aromatherapy is widely practiced in the UK. I would also be interested in blending classes or a part time intern of sorts if you ever have a need for help, even packing. I am like a sponge- & feel this will help me in my skincare business as well. I know this is a life long educational process. Finally, would you kindly forward a case study form. I will be ordering some essences & a diffuser soon." Sincerely, Alex

    "I hope to be able to take Aromatherapy Level 2 soon. Please send me more information. I have done some basics but am always open to more instruction, especially from my favorite Herb Lady." Thanks! "Debbi's teaching style is one of demanding patience. She is incredibly good at encouraging students to get the basics down then build knowledge and experience on to that strong foundation. The mix of theoretical and practical exercises really helped me get a firm grounding in aromatherapy -knowledge that I could not have acquired on my own. I highly recommend her classes."

    "Debbi creates some of the most beautiful natural blends available. Her aromatherapy course is comprehensive and highly organized. The classes are unique in that she bridges both her artistic talents and the foundational principles of aromatherapy"

    "I would say that this has been one of the best classes I have had the opportunity to attend. The amount of material presented, the professional manner in which you conducted the class, and your depth of understanding is just top shelf. This class has afforded me the opportunity to learn from the bottom up about essential oils and aromatherapy. This learning curve is huge, but thru your class you have made it interesting enough that I want to learn more, and more." Thank you again

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    If you're interested in the products offered by Blue Moon Herbals and you are in our area, you should consider hosting a party. There is more than one benefit in doing so. An Apothecary party will be a great experience for you and your friends. Our parties offer you and those you invite an opportunity to explore our products in a comfortable, private setting. And as a host, you will have an added opportunity to receive free products-10% of the sales in products of your choice. If you are interested in hosting a Party, please submit the information below and we will contact you to set up a date. South Florida Only