“The Most wonderful aromatherapy products that can be found anywhere. Highly recommend. You will not be sorry. Debbie is a wealth of knowledge.”
-Cher The Magick * Reiki Master – Tarot Reader

“Bluemoon has the best combination essential oils for various issues, they also specialize in patchouly one of my favorites they have so many different types one of my favorites is heart note.”
-Nadine Leeds

“Love these oils. Debbi is such a great lady. I only buy my oils from Blue Moon.”
-Gwen L Tetschner-Williams

“Thank You! I received my Mala today and it is beautiful! Made my day!”
-Holly Wilson Lang

“I have been gifted these beautiful products for years by my dearest friend and absolutely love them! I look forward to each holiday to receive more Debbi magick!”
-Rebecca Nicely

“I love the Mysts and use them in my yoga classes. My students thoroughly enjoy them!”
-Terry Fiore

“I buy all my essential oils from Blue Moon. This is a trusted source of pure unadulterated oils and a supporter of craft distillers.”
-Mary Pierce

“I absolutely cannot get enough of these products. I have a super sensitive nose and only love the best smells and I am in love with shakti tantra and hina! Amazing!”
-Tiffany Marvin

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