Products: Aura Vibrational Mysts

  • &8220Bodhichitta&8221 (Awakened Heart)

    "Bodhichitta" (Awakened Heart)


    Kauai holy waters, White Rose hydrosol, Turkish Rose Otto,...

  • Alignment



    This blend was created to align the seven energy centers or...

  • Anam Cara

    Anam Cara


    The term is from the Celtic tradition meaning soul friend....

  • Awakening



    Kauai holy waters, anise, ruby grapefruit, peppermint,...

  • Inner Om

    Inner Om


    Nag Champa blend, gold, turquoise, silver, lotus, amethyst...

  • Products Aura Vibrational Mysts



    Kauai holy waters, Atlas cedarwood, Frankincense, Silver...

  • Kundalini Kiss

    Kundalini Kiss


    Bulgarian rose, myrrh, frankincense, atlas cedarwood,...

  • Letting Go

    Letting Go


    Kauai holy waters, Blood Orange, Tangerine, Sweet Lime...

  • Sacred Sage

    Sacred Sage


    Kauai holy waters, essential oils of organic white and...

  • Sacred Smoke

    Sacred Smoke


    Kauai holy waters, palo santo, tulsi, rose de mai,...

  • Sacred Space

    Sacred Space


    Kauai holy waters, rose geranium hydrosol, infused vintage...

  • Samadhi



    Kauai holy waters, lemongrass, spikenard, davana, east...

  • Sanctuary



    Carnation, fleshy coconut, sexy vanilla, Indian patchouli,...

  • Shakti Tantra

    Shakti Tantra


    Kauai holy waters, Cinnamon Bark hydrosol, Blood Orange,...

  • Voodoo Love

    Voodoo Love


    Kauai holy waters, ylang-ylang hydrosol, ylang ylang, rose...

Kauai holy waters, Atlas cedarwood, Frankincense, Silver Fir, Jasmine Grandiflorum, Rose otto, Hawaiian Ginger, Vanatu Sandalwood, Kashmir Lavender, Cinnamon, Ylang Ylang, Vetiver & essence of honeysuckle & crystals… Karuna is a Sanskrit word that translates to compassion, but its true meaning is so much deeper…because when we care and heal those around us, we heal ourselves as well. And when we diminish the suffering in ourselves and others we experience “enlightenment”.