Products: Essential Oils

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(Rhododendron anthopogon) Brazil, wild

The essential oil is distilled from the leaves, twigs, and flowers of the plant. The leaf is where a plant breathes, respirates and takes in it’s life force. Oils that are distilled from the leaf also protect us from negativity. Oils that are distilled from the flower are heart opening and offer self confidence, creativity, and new energy! We have found Rhododendron to be a very powerful essential oil in working with energetic issues related to the fourth chakra, namely those of the heart and lungs.

It helps us deal with and release emotional and mental pain as well as heal through loss and bereavement. Rhododendron also assists us to re-connects us to our inner joy and is a powerful aid in meditation and past life regression.

Use in a diffuser to help harmonize and balance the energy and create a sacred space. Rhododendron essential oil is an effective decongestant and antispasmodic for the respiratory system…also known to be a detoxifier and kidney stimulator (adrenals) Because of its high monoterpene content; specifically, alpha pinene, beta pinene, and d- limonene, research suggests that Rhododendron is a good anti bacterial, analgesic, anti inflammatory, anti spasmodic and liver protector and supporter.