Products: Essential Oils

Leptospermum petersonii~Australia- Organic Steam Distilled
Lemon Tea Tree essential oil is steam distilled from a relative of the more common ‘Tea Tree’ – both being of the Myrtaceae family. Our Lemon Scented Tea Tree, with it’s extremely tangy and citronella-like profile, will surprise and delight. We reach for this oil particularly for use in formulations where the traditional “medicinal” aroma of tea tree would be better omitted.
Though technically not a member of the Melaleuca genus and therefore technically not a true tea tree, this species of manuka oil has many of the same therapeutic benefits. It blends amazingly well with citrus and herbal oils such as rosemary and thyme. This oil is as purifying and cleansing as tea tree oil; it effectively supports wellness and is an excellent oil to employ during the winter season. Both regular and lemon scented tea tree oils are important additions to your home medicine cabinet and first aid kit due to their fast and effective healing capabilities.
Therapeutic Use: Lemon Tea Tree Essential Oil is a powerful anti-microbial oil where it is suited to anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-histaminic applications. In Aromatherapy it is used for oily skin applications, especially where there is inflammatory acne. Lemon Tea Tree Essential Oil is one of the best insect repellents available. A small amount in any blend will help to deter bites of all kinds.