Products: Sacred Indian Attars

Vetiver is known as The Oil of Tranquility. It has a cool, earthy, smoky aroma.

Since ancient times, Indian perfumeries have been practicing the art of extracting amazingly complex fragrances from natural products. This method of distillation uses no condenser in the process and employs only traditional bamboo pipes and copper stills. Attars are gently prepared using fresh flowers, roots, wood barks, herbs, & spices and a base of pure sandalwood oil. Pure Attars are the “soul” of these powerful flowers, plants, herbs, roots, woods & spices; the core of spirituality and magic- unlike any other perfume in the world. We have imported some of the rarest, sacred attars available. Used in Hindu meditation rituals, each would be a lovely addition to your collection of fine anointing oils. 5ml bottles.