Cerridwen’s Cauldron

Cerridwen&8217s Cauldron

Cerridwen's Cauldron


Product Summary

Did you know that Scent has the evocative power to unlock memories? Just a whiff of a fragrance has the ability to take you on an olfactory journey and cause you to remember your story……and in an instant this scent can profoundly change your emotions and maybe your life.

Cerridwen is a shape shifting goddess of prophesy, enchantment, wisdom & divination. But it is Her cauldron from which change occurs…as she brews the elixir of knowledge. Each night, she gazes into its waters to see what the future may bring. Cerridwen teaches you to pursue your goals with energy.

This is for the space holders, the dreamers and the rebels who know they have work to contribute. We need to work together supported by the full womb power of Mother Gaia… Collectively, together, we ARE the change… ~ created on the full moon with the love and wisdom of my ancestors

This deeply mysterious limited-edition potion is crafted with rich cocoa absolute and jasmine flowers in a sensual dance with tropical coconut & ylang ylang, exotic jasmine grandiflorum, super sexy champa all brightened by the tart citrus of pink grapefruit…and let’s not forget the vervain, the herb that IS most sacred to the Goddess