Hina – Goddess Potion

Hina &8211 Goddess Potion

Hina - Goddess Potion


Product Summary

The Goddess Hina is known all over the Tropical Pacific Islands as representing the feminine energy aspect. Moon goddess-mother, maiden and crone… She is the embodiment of women…dancing and swirling with energy, surrounded by rampant flowers, butterflies and color, she is sensual and open, she feels the fullness of her beauty…she is known as the first woman, – hence the Hawaiian word for woman: ‘wahine’. Hawaiian womyn believe she lives in the moon-you can see her shining in the enchanting tropical nights in Hawaii… Hina- healer, female energy, new ways of thinking, creator of ideas… So in homage to Hina, we have created this exotic blend of blood orange, vanilla co2, tonka bean, hazelnut, cardamom, summer rose attar, Sumatran patchouli, hibiscus, lilac & lehua, seashells, crystals