Isis – Goddess Potion

Isis &8211 Goddess Potion

Isis - Goddess Potion


Product Summary

High Priestess of Egypt, Isis is goddess of nature and relationships; particularly troubled ones that need to get back on track… She ruled with love and calm and is considered by many to be the embodiment of magick, healing, compassion faith & hope. …To invoke Isis is to open the door to love and inner wisdom-a connection to the 3rd eye, the center of illumination and insight. …Indonesian Patchouli, wild Ylang-Ylang (Cananga), Summer Rose Attar, dragons blood, star rose quartz, amaranth, lily, golden sunflowers, passion flower, jasmine flowers, narcissus, moonstone, lapis lazuli, dark aquamarine, malachite, lotus and charged gemstones