Vetiver, Haitian – 10ml

Vetiver Haitian &8211 10ml

Vetiver, Haitian - 10ml


Product Summary

(Vetiveria zizanoides) Certified Organic-Haiti
Vetiver is 1 of my 2 favorite oils (I am shamelessly devoted to the depths of both patchouli & vetiver). The woody musk with its’ dark depth has a distinct smoky overtone. You get a real sense of the earth with a touch of fresh leaves. The wild-crafted hydro-diffused vetiver is an with a burnt after odor that distracts attention from its full bodied loveliness.

From an aromatherapy point of view, vetiver is used for menopausal complaints. I feel that this is at least in part because vetiver (strong earth oil) is one of THE best Grounding oils…very base chakra…..protective, strong, safe. It has a boosting effect on female hormones & is known in some circles as an aphrodisiac.

Strengthens the nervous system, fortifies red blood cells, promotes formation of scar tissue, mildly astringent for mature and oily skin, acne, cuts wrinkles & stretch marks,  PMS (Vetiver is a good place to start for help in regulating the secretion of estrogen & progesterone), hot flashes, mood swings, muscle aches, sprains, stiffness (use in a massage blend). And a recent study showed vetiver improved the brain activity and reduced ADHD symptoms in children.
Repels Moths- 3 or 4 drops on a cotton ball placed on a closet floor to repel moths & protect clothing.

Vetiver is considered a safe oil-non-toxic, non-irritant & non­ sensitizing.
Vetiver is also known by the names Rhus Khus (on the Sacred Attars page).