auro mysts

What Are Aura Mysts?

Spiritual Blends for Aura & Chakra Balance

Space clearing is a way to refresh and protect ourselves, encouraging changes such as rejuvenation and wellness. The essences and oils embrace us and allow us to experience the vibrational healing of the individual plants and gems. The fragrant aromas trigger instant emotional response or memory. Crystals and essential oils have been used for thousands of years for the purpose of healing. These sprays were created to bring balance to the body, mind and spirit. Essences are water based infusions that hold the energetic pattern of a particular flower or gem. Everything in nature has an energetic pattern that can help us heal. When we capture this energy in an essence we ourselves are encouraged to bloom, to blossom.

Our sprays are Reiki charged combinations of these subtle healing vibrations (essences), aromatherapy and crystals. But Hawaii is what makes them truly different. The Dalai Lama calls the Hawaiian Islands the most sacred place on earth. If you need to feel better, this is where your healing will begin. No transformation on Earth will match a connection to the Heart of Hawaii. Even the natives call this the Healing Island. Spring water from deep in the mountains of Kauai, rain water and Pacific Ocean water are combined in an ancient Hawaiian method. Under a full moon, the water is blended in the center of a reactivated Hawaiian energy vortex, which is lined in copper, crystal and magnetic charged grids. The water is poured into an open magnetized container, surrounded by quartz crystals. Selenite wands are suspended in the water throughout the process to bring in energies. Smoky quartz essence is added to stabilize and energize. All flower essences used come from the island of Kauai. This place has a healing energy that makes the essences some of the most powerful on Earth.

Sprayed above or around the head-the mist floating down into the aura and senses- each encourages changes on physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels. You will get the benefit of both aromatherapy and vibrational healing. The fragrant aromas trigger instant emotional response or memory. Many of our clients use them for healing spaces, to assist meditation and for yoga and tai chi as well.

We have found these sprays particularly valuable for:

•Massage Therapists & Bodyworkers
•Real Estate professionals
•Customer Service professionals
•Therapists & Counselors
•Energy Workers/Reiki Healers
•Business professionals
•Retailers (for their own use as well as retail sales)

Use these sprays to:

•To freshen and clear the space itself of disharmonious, unwanted or negative energies
•To clear our energies
•After assisting difficult clients or taking difficult phone calls
•For clients who are having a stressful or difficult day
•To assist us in shifting out of negative thinking
•To help creating a positive, loving, harmonious space
Packaged in 2 oz beautifully decorated cobalt blue bottles!