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Awaken your senses with Blue Moon. For over 2 decades Debbi has been creating a truly unique selection of products hand blended with intention in small batches…offering you the best in intentional herbalism and vibrational aromatherapy.

What makes us different? No synthetics ever-just the healing power of fragrant organic or wild harvested oils & herbs, flower & gem essences, & crystals. Created in conjunction with the moons’ phases, we work in the tradition of the Wise Woman with Magick, Spirituality, Ayurveda, Aromatherapy and the Artistry of Perfumery.

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Disclaimer: The products mentioned on these pages are not intended by us to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. Where serious illnesses are concerned, using essential oils, of course, cannot replace a visit to the doctor. In these cases, aromatherapy should be understood as a supplementary measure, to alleviate acute complaints, to improve general well-being, and most importantly, to strengthen the body’s power to fight off disease.

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  • Savasana | $28.00

    Limited Time Special
    A Center for Health & Healing Exclusive Yoga Blend… Savasana roll-on…a melange of wild & blood oranges, Brazilian bitter orange, frankincense serrate & blue lotus flower infused with amethyst & clear quartz…just a bit will help you enter into deep relaxation. Use to begin or conclude a yoga session in savasana pose.

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