auro mysts

What Are Crystal Vibration Aura Mysts?

Did you know that we were the first to make a Crystal Infused Aura Myst? And we are still here 4 decades later!

We believe that crystals carry epic wisdom which melds perfectly with the vibrations of essential oils and essences. When a stone calls so powerfully to so many, there is something in the vibrational frequency of that mineral that is here to carve out a doorway in space and time that we are ready to walk through. Crystals and essential oils have been used for thousands of years for the purpose of healing.
Our mysts embrace us and allow us to experience the vibrational healing of the individual plants, flowers, gems, resins & moon water that encompass each blend. They were created to bring balance to the body, mind and spirit.
Quite simply they are Reiki & Ritual charged combinations of subtle healing essences, moon water, essential oils, herbs, resins and crystals. Hawaii, however, is what makes them truly different.
The Dalai Lama calls the Hawaiian Islands the most sacred place on earth. If you need to feel better, this is where your healing will begin. No transformation on Earth will match a connection to the Heart of Hawaii. Even the natives call this the Healing Island. Spring water from deep in the mountains of Kauai is combined with flowers and gems under a full moon. With smoky quartz to stabilize, the resulting essences are some of the most powerful on Earth.
Spray above or around the head-feel the mist floating down into the aura and senses. Each one encourages changes on physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels. You will get the benefit of both aromatherapy, vibrational healing & magick. The fragrant aromas trigger instant emotional response or memory. Many of our clients use them for healing spaces, to assist meditation and for yoga and tai chi as well.

Use these sprays to:
•To freshen and clear the space itself of unwanted or negative energies

•To clear our personal energy or space

•Recover from a stressful or difficult day

•To assist us in shifting out of negative thinking

•To help creating a positive, loving, harmonious space