Year of the Witch Sacred Ritual Perfume Potions

Year of the Witch Sacred Ritual Perfume Potions

Dive Into the Chakra Collection

Each chakra roll-on is formulated to empower a specific chakra, yet they, as we, are all united. Chakras align and awaken with our unique blends of pure organic essential oils, resins, herbs, flowers, and crystals in a base of pure organic jojoba oil.

Crystals and essential oils all vibrate at different frequencies. When these elements are combined it creates a synergetic compound that assists you in bringing peace and harmonic balance to your mind, body, and spirit. Enjoy the rollers as a complete set of 7 or 10. Our 10 exclusive Chakra blends have been hand-crafted to help focus and align each of the body's Chakras. Created with pure magick, intention & charged with Reiki, they offer a wondrous synergy between the connection and activation of our chakra/energetic (kosha) system and are ideal for meditation, prayer, massage, and yoga!

Each one is hand-crafted, poured & labeled with love! All bottles are charged with healing intentions and mantra. Having a set at hand will allow one to always return to that sacred place of balance.


Welcome to the World of Blue Moon Herbals

According to both ancient magick and herbal lore, all plants have their own presence, what we will call a "plant deva". These devas infuse the oils with their magick, their intention and their physical strength. Created in conjunction with the moons' phases, we work in the tradition of the Wise Woman blending Magick, Spirituality, Ayurveda, Aromatherapy and the Artistry of Perfumery. Earth spirit and moon guided, each offering is witch-crafted and created with great love and intention.

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Before you leave...

Blue Moon (2 full moons in the same month), the special, if not rare or unexpected.

Blue Moon Herbals potions, mysts and aromatic treasures have been created to harmonize the spirit, soothe the soul and heal the body. We have been creating peerless products since 1992 if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then we have been highly flattered since then!

aromatic mysts

By far the purest and most powerful sprays on the market today. A healing session is not complete without the use of at least one Essence...lovingly created since 1992....The original gemstone infused vibrational myst.


A display from one of the expos and festivals we vend at in Florida and Pennsylvania. We look forward to welcoming our visitors, both old and new, from far and wide.

bracelets for sale

Flowing saris, Indian Temples, bindi's and bangles can be seen if you just close your eyes after you dab this on. Nag Champa oils are derived from the Champa Flower indigenous to India. A favorite of bellydancers, hippies, and all exotically inclined people alike.

sacred mala workshop

Consultations are encouraged when clients/customers seek the wisdom of an experienced Botanical Alchemist beyond a simple product inquiry. Consultations allow for greater support to your unique needs.