About Blue Moon

Welcome...Blue Moon was one of the first woman-owned green & metaphysical businesses on the 'net in 1990, We are committed to helping you enhance your physical, emotional, & spiritual well- being through the use of pure therapeutic oils, herbs, flowers, & crystals. My hope is that you will continue to discover the enchantment of the botanical kingdom and the blessings Mother Earth provides. For those who truly appreciate quality there is no other choice. This is what we want for the Blue Moon customer.
We are primarily known for our potions - woman-crafted with magick, Reiki, ancient wisdom, planetary magick and herbalism. The Blue Moon line of products is created with ritual combining organic essential oils & botanicals, imbued resins, flower & gem essences, and crystals all concocted in conjunction with the moon's phases. We are different from the others simply because no fragrance oils of any kind are used. Alchemy at work? Without a doubt.

Proprietress of Blue Moon

Debbi Quinn, is the founder, perfumer and witch behind Blue Moon Herbals & Aromatics, LLC. We have been in business over 42 years, starting in Seaside, NJ and now located in the beautiful Florida Keys. I had a hard time deciding what to say about myself (after all, what can you expect from a triple Libra), but here goes...
I was first diagnosed with cancer in 1987 turning everything in my world upside down. But it also inspired me...sowing the roots for what would ultimately become Blue Moon. My cancer journey has had me "dancing" with the disease for over 39 years and I am blessed to still be with you today.
A life- long lover/wearer/blender of oils, my interest in natural perfumes evolved from my 40+ year interest in herbs & essential oils. I was always in awe of the medicinal healing properties of the wild herbs-my grandmother being my first introduction to spirituality & ancient cultures as well as the plants. As a teenager patchouli was my favorite oil & I wore it every day. (Actually, I still do- Vintage Patchouli, being my hands down favorite!).
Debbi is an herbalist and registered aromatherapist, witch, Reiki Master crystal energy healer, flower essence practitioner, massage therapist and perfumer. She creates blends for the magickal & spiritual community.
Debbi received certification as a Clinical Aromatherapist in 1987, Green Allies Certification in 1988, Certificates in both crystal and energy healing in 1998 and professional advanced certificates in Traditional Indian Head Massage (Levels 1 & 2) in 2010. She is also an approved education provider with the Florida Board of Massage Therapy, The National Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork and Yoga Alliance.