"I have relief within a minute of applying to the back of my neck, as I could literally feel the tension in my neck/head just melt away after rolling on. I tend to struggle with a bit of anxiety at times so tension headaches are a daily appearance in my life. This product targets that pain and provides me with relief in order to carry on with my day. The Headache Relief Roll-on is my most used product and I daresay I could not live without it!"

Eva, SC

"The package arrived today and I absolutely love love LOVE everything! The mala is perfect. Green is one of my favorite colors and I had just spent the evening in a yoga class balancing the heart chakra, and then came home to find this beautiful mala! Seriously, it's perfect. The Hina is delicious, and even the additional small gift potion is wonderful (is there any way to find out which fragrance that is so that I know for future reference?). Thank you again for these wonderful treats!"

Blessings, Sarah W., Brooklyn, NY

"I have been using your sacred sage smokeless smudge for years to clear my healing space. Recently I felt compelled to try the sacred smoke with that all so powerful palo santo oil. What a treat! Another liquid smudge that is purifying as well as a great source for protection"

"My nose is very sensitive to perfumes. What a joy to find you at the Allentown Expo. I love everything I purchased and cannot wait to order again. Blessings to Debbi the crafter of these fine blends."

Patricia, Allentown, PA

"I LOVE Belladonna and use it in ritual or just to feel powerful. Please don't ever change this!"

"I am a Reiki practitioner and I am in love with your products! I feel the beautiful, healing energy right through the beautiful blue bottles. It is so very evident that each and every bottle is filled with your love, energy and intent. Thank you for putting such a conscious product out into the world. Many blessings!"

Pam S, Toms River, NJ

"I have been using your products for years. In fact, I think without them I wouldn't have possibly survived...I simply don't feel complete when not wearing one of Blue Moon's oils, especially Moon Magick!"

Natasha, NYC, NY

Debbi, I received the package over the weekend. I just grabbed it from the mail room not looking at who it was from etc. When I got to my car and realized it was from BLUE MOON HERBALS...I had to pull over!!!! I was beyond excited. To top things off, I forgot to put on some oils before leaving the house. I was having a hard time deciding which one of your creations to use for the day. The POtion or the LOtion! I mixed them all into the palm of my hand and called it a POLO day and kept it moving. As I passed people throughout my journey for that day, I noticed that they would close their eyes and inhale. I was wowed. Then I notice them watch me walk away. Not sure if they were checking me out or just totally mesmerized by the lingering wonderfulness of the BLUE MOON!

I love the samples!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Herb Garden Synergy is my thing now! The Samadhi and the Night Magick ROCKS HARD! I look forward to getting home, showering and drowning myself. My husband looks forward to me doing that as well!!! (smile) I just want to say from the bottom of my soul THANK YOU. You are truly a blessing and I truly appreciate your existence.

Much peace/love and respect.Ma-JaDe.

"I'm hooked on Blue Moon!!! I was first introduced to you & your products in PA in 1996, and 13 years later, I'm still thrilled every time I order from you. I'm currently addicted to your Samadhi butter- has the men flocking!!! Thank you for continuing to make so many amazing things."

Thereze C, New Mexico

Dear Debbi,
I, too, am a breast cancer survivor. I had to go through chemotherapy and did quite a bit of research before and while on the treatment. I was truly concerned about my mental state as well as the side effects to my skin, hair and nails. Your calming and relaxing blends as well as the Chemo Blend for pain you made for me kept me going. I highly recommend the shea butter treatment for the dry skin also.

Thank You,Sharon K., Southern California

Dear Debbi,
This is Mihrimah, lovingly enveloped in her signature scent, "Moon Magick". Thank you so much for the super prompt delivery. You are simply wonderful for creating such healing and heady fragrances. I do appreciate the gemstones you sent along with the ritual oil. You are so very thoughtful. Should I ever get this spa party concept off the ground, you will be the first person I call!

Mary Therese Ryan, M.A., N.C.C.

Dear Debbi,
I just wanted to let you know that I received the package today. The oils smell wonderful, the pouch is beautiful, and the crystals are fabulous. Also the soap is truly special. Thank you so much, and I look forward to making more purchases with you in the future.


Dear Debbi,
I received my order today and was very pleasantly surprised by the beautiful packaging, the great quality of the things I ordered and by the wonderful gifts! Thank you so much for the Bulgarian Rose oil sample! You brought to my heart and mind the aroma of my native land!
Wish you all the best,

Tsveta Vassilev

"Your products have really changed my life. I have a history of anxiety and depression. I have gone through countless products for uplifting the mind and spirit as well as providing comfort and that is what your products have done for me. I am a real fan of the Vanilla Orange Cream body butter! I truly believe that aromatherapy and essential oils do heal. It has also actually faded past surgery scars and provides yummy moisture! My life has changed for the better and I am truly thankful!"

Danielle, NJ

"I absolutely fell in love with your products! I have been searching for some unique products and feel like I finally found it!

Best Regards, Laurilyn

"Thank you for coming to the Reading Expo last weekend. I bought several things and I feel completely yummy! I coated myself in the Night Fire Velvet Butter Cream and it has become my favorite product. I love the way it melts in your hand and the smell is oh so good. I then dabbed myself with Empowerment oil and finished off with my favorite Healing Citrus hand creme on my hands and feet. Just wanted to share my bliss with you and thank you for providing me with the sensation!


"I feel you have developed scents that no one else can, truly emotion scents. They are also very yummy, without being over overwhelming. This is a compliment."


"JUST TO ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT OF PRODUCT!! THEY'RE "wonderful"!!! Am signing off for now, but will be BACK !!!!!!!!!!

lots of love, sandra

"Your headache oil is the real deal. A few drops and the pain was gone. Thanks again!

Stacy M.

"I have a number of your potions, but Moon Magick is MINDBLOWING!. This oil billed for "tantric sexuality" is pure MAGICK!!!!!

Ellen G.

"Your chakra oils are beautiful, all the herbs & stones in the oils with pure and amazing scents"

"Your chakra oils are truly a gift. The combinations of stones, herbs, essences & oils are lovely"

"The Chakra foot oil blend is amazing. As a Thai Yoga bodywork practitioner, the feet are sacred tools of my work; anointing the feet before a session has added a beautiful quality. Also used it to open and cleanse the foot chakras during Reiki & crystal energy treatments with much success. Feels tingly, too!"

Hi Debbi,
"I just wanted to let you know that one of the things I am most thankful for this year is actually your migraine blend with the roll on applicator. I have always suffered from migraines, but this past year it got so bad that I would have them 3-5 days a week. I missed so much school that I almost had to drop out of medical school for a while. And none of the medications the doctors gave me were working anymore. So, I tried your migraine blend and it helps! I am so amazed and thankful! You have no idea how much easier and more livable it has made my life. It is literally a life saver.My Mom also has migraines and I gave her one for her birthday and she loves it, too!"
Thank you so much.

Best, Erin

"As it is for mothers day, I thought I should let you know that I keep my mothers' ashes in one of your necklace vials and have recommended this to many friends having a hard time coping with a loss. She travels with me every where and when I am someplace particularly beautiful, I spread them. Thank you for allowing me to continue to share the beauty of our world with my favourite person."


Dear Debbi,
"I was writing to tell you that I found the "Hot flash" oil blend I ordered from you to be something extraordinary. I do not experience hot flashes like other perimenopausal women but I have some chronic health issues that have become so aggravated during this time that they have completely taken over my life and caused me to be in constant pain and misery. I ordered the "Hot flash" oil to help balance my hormones and see if that would relieve some of my symptoms.
My symptoms did not start disappearing immediately but the smell of this oil is so exquisite it made me feel really good whenever I used it. The smell has a richness and depth that is very uplifting for me. I have used it regularly and now my symptoms (which are really long-standing) are beginning to show improvement. That has given me a lot of hope that I will finally be completely healed. Thank you so much for creating this exquisite blend!!!!"


"Debbi, just wanted to say that all the products I have from Blue Moon are outstanding!!! Just tried the Allergy\Sinus blend and it is a wonderful relief! I always seem to have sinus issues this time of year and have trouble sleeping. Now getting truly restful sleep! My favorite is the Hecate Goddess Potion, everyone around is always intrigued, wondering what is that scent? Ha! I love the mystery and magick, It definitely matches the shades of Hecate! Thank's again for all the great work you do, you bless so many with your creativity and artistry! Bright Blessings Always!"