Flower, gem, and crystal essences are part of an ancient system of healing. These healing elixirs are derived from the energies of the above elements along with the sun, moon, and pure holy waters.

In nature, plants and minerals live in harmony, drawing on each other for nourishment.

Crystals are able to receive, store, amplify, and transmit energy. Crystal healers have long been familiar with the physical and emotional healing powers of these beautiful stones. Many of us have experienced emotional or physical changes resulting from wearing or carrying a certain gem. Crystals or gems aid in bringing the energy of the mineral world into our lives; aiding us in our journey to wellness in the same way, essential oils enable us to draw on the healing powers of the plant world.


Flowers offer their own therapeutic value, held in the life force or energy of the plant. The pattern of each variety carries special properties or virtues which, like gem essences, respond to imbalances on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. They aid in the release of blockages or issues at a root level. Essences are designed to deal with the cause of a problem, not the symptoms. Our Chakra system becomes balanced with energy flowing freely, leading and inspiring a healing of mind and body.

Flower and gem essences are a valuable companion to essential oils. Yet in a blend (potion or myst) they do not change the scent of the oils. Flower and gem (vibrational) essences and aromatherapy oils are often confused. Aromatherapy is the physical essence of the plant- the volatile oils or the life force, while a flower or gem essence is the spiritual essence or the energetic essence of the matter used.

Why use our Mysts & Potions?
Every living being is surrounded by an electromagnetic force field, what the ancients termed our "aura". The energy of the aura is that of our thoughts and feelings, and the Chakras concentrate and coordinate the flow of these energies in and from the physical body. This aura has layers that hold all of the many things we've experienced in this lifetime so far and will absorb what is to come. Our oils & mysts work from the outside in also. They are blends crafted with pure essential oils, gem & flower essences and charged crystals, charms & herbs- designs that activate different levels of the physical and energetic systems. The mysts are started with waters from a sacred site in Kauai. Spring water from deep in the mountains, rain water, and Pacific Ocean water are combined in an ancient Hawaiian method. Under a full moon, the water is blended in the center of a reactivated Hawaiian energy vortex, which is lined in copper, crystal, and magnetic charged grids.

We have chosen a select group of flower essences found on the garden island of Kauai- The healing energy on Kauai makes these essences some of the most powerful in the world. This line carries a very high vibrational energy and is very effective. The flowers that are used for these essences carry a very ancient and wise energy. And finally, drawing on my knowledge and work as a crystal healer, specific charged stones are also lovingly added to each hand-crafted blend.

You may use our blends of oils or mysts as often as you want or feel the need to. Layering is also very effective. This simply means using more than one blend at a time. We hope you will utilize these wondrous gifts of nature on your own scented journey. May you enjoy your discovery into the world of minerals & flowers.