Hello Moonbeams!!!

April 6th…Embrace the power of the Super Pink Moon, sweeties…it’s Libra time!!! The first full moon of spring will rise high at 12:34 am est. After all that intense Aries energy it is such a welcome change to just breathe in the beauty, peace & harmony of our lovely Libra. The sign of Libra is represented by the scales, so be aware of balance in your life. The highest expression of Libra brings serenity and centeredness—which is something our world needs most right now.

This turn of the wheel of the year leads us into priestess season, the time between spring equinox and summer solstice. The Libra priestess is all about waking, emerging, rising, and stepping into our true authentic self. In other words, living from your soul. Spring is all about newness, sprouting seeds and letting go of what no longer is serving aka “spring cleaning your psyche”. You will likely start weighing relationships while on this healing path, affording the perfect opportunity to get rid of any cosmic junk you have been accumulating. It's also time to consider whether you're surrounding yourself with the right people. If a relationship is keeping you out of balance, a cord cutting ritual can help. In simple terms, the psychic attachment is dissolved. Your mind is quieter, calmer and it is like cleaning out a closet - all those old emotions associated with that person dissolve-you are not eliminating the person, just the energetic attachment to them leaving you with extra space in your mind to fill with something better.

This will be the last full moon before the busy eclipse season so it’s a great time for a little self-love through some self-care rituals. Be kind to yourself. Carve out at least 30 minutes each day to do something for yourself...some, self-massage, journaling, listening to a guided meditation, reading, oracle cards and taking an aromatic crystal bath.

Take some time to simply bathe in the full moonlight; stand and stare, let your thoughts roam across the cosmos; let the energy of the full pink moon recharge your inner self.  You may know what you want to accomplish, or you may not. Don’t stress. Just allow Luna’s energy to flow through your mind, body, and spirit to cleanse, heal and energize you.



Hello Moonbeams!!!

Welcome to the March New Moon, my star lovers!!! The Aries moon rises on March 21st 1:23 EST just ONE day after Spring’s rebirth (Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere). However, no matter where you live on the planet, the day is equal to the night and the energy is strong. Spring Equinox, also known as the pagan sabbat, Ostara, is a celebration of life, rebirth and abundance…as the seeds under the cold earth are ready to sprout and bloom as we awake from the dreamtime and inward energy of winter and step forward to bring forth our dreams into the light of day…

Aries is the 1st sign of the zodiac as well as the start of an astrological new year, making this a most perfect dark moon to manifest what you wish to bring in this year. But this Aries moon is different for another reason. A month from now on April 20th we will have a rare second (in a row!) Aries New Moon which will also be a powerful solar eclipse.  Two moon in a row in the same time?...just as they are linked with the same energy, so will be your manifestations.  This is going to be a transformative time so… find your passion…set your goals… and bring that fire forth into the light of spring.

Working with essential oils is just one more way to incorporate your love for scent with the moon’s current phase. At the new moon, we set our intentions and practice some of the most active magick of the lunar cycle. Here are 5 oils which not only move us vibrationally to our goals but honor the Spring Equinox as well!

Grapefruit…associated with cleansing and purification…so necessary as we begin to sow more seeds, make more plans

Orange…adds power to your New Moon rituals, releases negativity and draws in positive energy

Frankincense…can reduce the fear that sometimes accompanies change

Rosemary…clears the mind so you can see the truth of your words, a protective herb as well

And my all-time favorite, Patchouli…grounding & rooting you firmly in the here and now when setting your intentions

New Moon Altar Magic

In the center position a bowl of saltwater and submerge a white seashell into the water. As you do so, call upon the goddesses of the darkening moon. Around the bottom of the bowl, set nine white shells, forming a crescent. If the magick is to bring something in, place the shells from right to left. If the magick is be rid of something, then place the shells from left to right. Leave out for 3 days.

May the light of spring fill your heart with warmth and joy.


until next month…peace & love


Hello Moonbeams!!!

The Full Worm Moon for 2023 will rise on March 7th at 7:40AM EST. Other, less-known names for this month’s moon are the Crow Moon, Sugar Moon, the Chaste Moon, and the Death Moon. This is also the third and final full moon of the winter season before spring equinox on March 20th. With the seeds stirring to life beneath the ground this Virgo moon calls us to ground our roots deep into the Earth Mother anchoring us to the seeds of manifestation we have sown, allowing them to take root and grow.

These past few months have been fraught with emotion as we collectively ached for change. Isn’t it fortuitous that the practical energy of Virgo is here to fill us with the desire to help clear away the clutter so we can bring about real change and see things through to completion. After all , Virgo IS the sign of completion!


Drawing down the Goddess of the Moon & Bringing in that Virgo Energy!

The Full Moon occurs when the entire face of the moon is illuminated by the sun.  The cycle includes the day before & the day after the actual Full Moon, giving you a couple days to work with the soaring energy of this moon phase. This is a good time for rituals involving healing, love, knowledge, money and dreams.

Close your eyes and envision roots flowing from the soles of your feet grounding and connecting you with the Earth Mother. Under the light of the moon, stand and raise your arms, welcoming the Goddess into you. Close your eyes and feel Her power washing over you like rain. In your mind’s eye, envision Her silver light filling your body with pure shimmering energy. Stay for as long as you wish basking in the moons glow. The energy will stay with you over the next few days.

Making Moon Water


On the night of the full moon, place a clear quartz crystal in a jar of purified water. (Can also make by the gallon). Clear Quartz will draw the lunar energy like a beacon. Place the vessel outside in a clear moonlit spot, making sure jar is covered. When morning arrives, your water will be charged with lunar energy. Drink a bit every morning for body, mind & soul balance.


Have a blessed Full Moon.

Blessed Be


Hello Moonbeams!!!

Are you ready for a sweet New Moon? A moon that is imaginative, intuitive and oh, so magical? Well get ready for the New Moon in dreamy Pisces taking place on February 19th @ 11:05PM PST or on February 20th 2023 at 2:05AM EST, my loves!


We started this year of change in energetic Aquarius guiding us to make room for new beginnings and plant the seeds of intention for the coming year. Pisces is here to take those dreams and look beneath the surface. This month, it is time to listen to your isntincts especially when it comes to making decisions of any type, but most especially those of friendships and relationships, both personal and work related. Now more than ever, it is time to tap into your innate intuition and chase those dreams. Under a Pisces moon, if you imagine & manifest it, it will become real.

Over the next few weeks, you may feel pulled into the deepness of what is hidden... don't fret, it's time to take a deep breath and dive in. Shining a light into the murky depths within allows you to see what is hidden in the shadows. Pisces not only finishes the winter but closes out the entire zodiac. There is a message here. With the floodgates open we may see the end of something with this new moon giving us the opportunity to tie up and loose ends before we enter the season of spring.

It is a brand-New Year and if you do not already have one, maybe it is time to create a ritual altar. Start with the 4 seasons and add accordingly during the year with seasonal embellishments, meaningful trinkets, statues, oils & more.

  • Earth: crystals, flowers, or stones.
  • Fire: a lit candle.
  • Air: incense, white sage, or a feather.
  • Water: a bowl or vase of water or a seashell.

Arrange them in the direction of the elements: Fire in the South, Water in the West, Air in the East, and Earth in the North.


Until next month...


Hello Moonbeams!!!

There’s a surreal vibe in the air ad that can only mean one thing… a cosmic mixing bowl of drama, surprising revelations  and bold actions! Yes, Leo is strutting into your life with the Full Moon on February 5th at exactly 1:28pm EST, sweeties.  Needless to say, this isn’t an ordinary full moon. Leo is considered the regal ruler in astrology, mastered by the sun. The beautiful synergy of the sun and full moon finds the lion in the spotlight…increasing the desire and need for recognition.  The challenging aspect of this moon (squaring Uranus) might bring emotions into the forefront. The lion has an affinity for drama and while it is fine to be “over the top”, you will need to remember to use a bit of restraint in your communications . In short, this is not the time to start any needless drama. And this being Aquarius season as well,  you might consider how you can shine your light where it is needed most.


Leo rules the heart and over the top extravagant romance clearly falls under the lion’s domain. Now’s the time to visualize that soulmate! After all this moon isn’t also called a hunger moon for nothing, right?  However, proceed with caution moonbeams…because the two lovers in the sky, Venus and Mars, might spice things up a bit with their flames of passion!

And for those uncoupled loves this moon offers the perfect time in which to practice self-love…often overlooked in favor of romantic love. Only by giving yourself love, can you genuinely love others. Trust that things will spring forth when the moment is right. And about those seeds sown on the last New Moon? Not every seed grows as we envision.

The Sun in Leo reminds us that if we can dream it, we can do it. Or as sung…”Don’t dream it…be it” (Richard O’Brien-Rocky Horror)



Hello Moonbeams!!!

Get ready for the magick…there’s an Aquarius New Moon rising on January 21st! New Moons mean new beginnings, and this one is set to be extra powerful, given that it's the first New Moon of the lunar year and with Aquarius leading, expect some fresh energy flowing from the cosmos. Thankfully, this energy will clear up the darkness fueled by the retrogrades of Mars and Mercury which have now happily ended. 2022 was a difficult year for some and a time of major endings, while 2023 summons us to delve inward and prepare for a massive reset. In numerology 7 years are all about change.  So, under this beautiful dark moon plant those seeds and set your intentions, you’ve got the energy to change and manifest your most loving dreams this year. The January moon is all about finding inspiration and change in the unconventional…thinking outside the box as we end one cycle and begin another.

Eccentric Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus which is focused on awakening us from the dregs of conformity and encouraging us to celebrate our uniqueness.  Time to let your Freak Flag fly with absolutely no apologies…and, my loves, it’s the right time to conjure up a bit of magick. New Moon magick is dedicated to the new, acting on your instincts and growing into yourself…it’s the time to cast off that which is no longer working and bring in new beliefs and behavior, maybe even some interesting new love interest, after all we are entering the month of love on February 1st, Imbolc! A Celtic tradition-the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox-celebrated on February 1st. The Goddess Brigid, one of the most powerful of all goddesses is the central figure. She is goddess of spring, fertility, love, divination, healing, and wisdom. As you manifest your dreams call on Brigid, Aphrodite or the Divine Feminine within and connect with your deep inner heart. Choose to channel your love into relationships and ideas that serve you and allow those that don’t to drop away. Cleanse and redecorate your sacred space…light candles to welcome back the sun and make room for new beginnings in your life and most importantly review your intentions for the year.

Namaste and have a peaceful Imbolc.

New Moon Oil

  • 4 drops Frankincense
  • 2 drops Cinnamon
  • 1 drop Sweet Orange
  • 1 drop Wild Orange


Hello Moonbeams!!!

It’s a New Year and another wild moondance...

If you’re like me, you’re feeling both excited and a little on edge…enthusiastic for what the year will bring. On Friday, January 6 at 6:07 p.m. ET/3:07 p.m. PT the Full Wolf Moon will rise in Cancer, the water sign ruled by the intuitive moon herself!


Having this Full Moon activate right in the middle of both Mars and Mercury Retrograde could add some challenges. You may find it hard to move forward and emotions may run high. Cancer moons stir up the waters enabling one to get to the heart of their emotions but that retrograde energy will encourage us to move slowly, go within and reflect. Is there something that is hindering the manifestation of your dreams? 2023 is a 7 year in numerology….and it is all about spirituality, my loves! The energy of a 7-year pushes one to seek wisdom and truth, focusing on change and evolution. This January, both the year and the crab invite us to turn within. The number 7 appears in many areas and is also associated with magical properties. There are 7 major chakras…in the Tarot the Chariot is the 7 card of the Major Arcana and there are four 7s for each of the four suits (cups, pentacles, swords, and wands) Hinduism there are 7 higher worlds as well as 7 underworlds…and finally, in Buddhism the newborn Buddha rises and takes 7 steps. Under the guidance of the moon and stars, this 7 year will help us look honestly and deeply at our inner and outer worlds and the way we can manifest what we want and need. We have been talking about changing our world for months. It is time to stop talking and time to create that new world.

Italians have a phrase “dolce far niente”, the sweetness of doing nothing.  Relaxing into that sweetness allows one to dream, accelerates healing and can deepen the mind-spirit connection.  We honor the Winter Goddesses as well during this full moon. Hecate and Persephone, are all part of the cycles of the seasons, representing the time of stillness where we go within to nurture the seeds of our dreams.  There are always lessons in the darkest shadows, we just need to shine a light and see what we find. That soul searching shadow work can be scary, but where we end up is worth it…

Moonlight Meditation: Sit in a comfortable position & slowly become aware of the space between your eyebrows. Within this space, visualize a full moon in a clear night sky, shining on the waves of the ocean. Picture the reflection of the moon penetrating the deep waters, the light catching the waves as they dance. Visualize the image in your mind’s eye and allow the feelings and inspirations to permeate you r mind and body. When ready to leave the meditation, simply open your eyes and give thanks to the Goddess Luna.


Hello Moonbeams!!!

We started this year with a Capricorn New Moon, the sea goat being our guide for the coming year. Now, we are ending the year once again under the guidance of the goat. As the last earth sign in the wheel of the zodiac, Capricorn represents the culmination of everything we’ve been working on since spring equinox. Capricorn season always coincides with Winter Solstice on December 21st-the darkest night of the year, marking a time when we enter the recharging season of winter. And just 2 days later on the 23rd we will end this tumultuous year with this magical New Moon

We usually think of a New Moon as being a time of beginnings –whatever seeds we plant now will give us an idea of what 2023 may bring. Pay attention to your thoughts, dreams, the feelings stirring inside you but most of all stay grounded. Pragmatic and contemplative Capricorn is goal oriented; we may discover an inner urging to set goals and focus on our life path. The symbol of Capricorn is the sea goat, a creature that can swim deep into the sea yet climb the highest mountains. You would think the challenge of not having fins or missing hind legs would be problematic, however the persistent goat overcomes these obstacles with patience and perseverance. Just as the sea goat climbs the mountain, for us, our goals become the mountain-the object we set out to climb. Luckily, Capricorn has a determination that equips us with the patience, discipline, and persistence to reach the top.

But prepare for a bit of trickiness as the last Mercury retrograde of the year begins on December 22nd. This retrograde may bring some insecurity and cause some uncertainty about our chosen direction in life. Our Mercury can be quite the trickster and can rain confusion down on us.  This is where the steady energy and focus of the sea goat can help prepare us for 2023. There is a desire now for new ambitions to come into focus…but, slow down, patience is needed here. Getting through a Capricorn/Mercury retrograde is easier when we work on staying grounded and focused-standing firm, reaching deep down and re-connecting with our roots. And this holiday season offers the perfect scents to aid us here. The fir, for example, helps disperse energetic blocks, lending a sense of grounding while lifting us into realms we may have not yet envisioned. The spruce represents life and offers resilience and strength, and the pine represents rebirth and heart felt strength through adversity.

As we end this year find the grace to embrace the unknown and move where the universe guides you…and before changing your path fully think it through. Trust your heart will be your guiding light.


Hello Moonbeams!!!

The Final Full Moon of 2022 will rise on Wednesday, December 7th (11:08 PM ET-8:07PM PT) in the sign of Gemini, an air sign filled with lots of energy. The last full moon of the year is known as the Cold Moon because it is the closest to the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere which is also why it is also called Moon of the Long Night. The ancient pagans called this month’s moon the Moon Before Yule. The Winter Solstice/Yule, falling on December 21, is the peak of moon season.

From a spiritual perspective, this is the time to use the energy of the full cold moon for some self-reflection...soul searching, introspection and the chance to recharge and reconnect after the craziness of this past year. During these darker days, everything moves slower, and things feel heavier.  Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury has a need for speed and can help you release all that has been weighing you down. The conjunction of Gemini and its sun sister Sag can then help you see the direction you should move in…the bigger picture and possibly a big love? While this is a highly social and active Full Moon, it does also ask that we pause and take a deep breath… snuggling up with a mug of hot cocoa and some homemade cookies while reflecting on the past year. Sound cozy?  Nourishing foods, warmth, sleep, rest and a good self-care regimen will help to prepare for the return of light in spring. This is the season of magick…a transition period to pause and breathe while bringing hope for a brighter future.

On the Wheel of the Year, every Earth change is a celebration, and every celebration is an opportunity to strengthen your connection to yourself, your people, your planet, and your God/Goddess. Happy Winter!

Fire Ritual

Winter is a lovely time to work with the element of fire. If you have a wood-burning fireplace…lucky you! Write a wish on a piece of paper, burn it under the full moon, and watch the smoke carry your desires to the goddess.

Full Moon Yule Altar & Meditation

It is a lovely idea to add some elements of Yule to your full moon altar to hold the magick throughout Solstice season. When picking it is important to have some connection with everything you decide on. To align with the season, include…evergreen, dried fruits, pinecones, cinnamon sticks, dried flowers & herbs, crystals, candles (gold for the sun, silver for the moon, green for the coming spring & white for winter) and maybe a statue of a winter deity such as the goddesses, Morana or Cailleach and the god, Odin. Also…don’t forget to create some Moon Water while you’re at it!


It is out of the darkness that flowers eventually emerge, babies are born, and inspiration for poetry and ideas are nurtured on the page and through our voices. Surrender to your dreaming and celebrate the dark where your inner life is honored and nurtured. Re-light your inner light. What dreams do you carry inside? What are you visioning or hoping for?"~Ruth Barrett

21st December-It is the depth of winter and the start of the season of Yule. The ground is frozen, and nature is sleeping under a thick blanket of snow. But deep within the womb of the earth life is stirring - the sun is reborn.

At the Winter Solstice, when we have reached the longest night the flame of hope is born and carries us through the rest of the winter. Solstice is derived from two Latin words, "sol" meaning sun and "sistere" meaning to stand still. The Winter Solstice is unique among the days of the year-it is the time of the longest night (for those of us who live north of the equatorial zones) and the shortest day. And while this sabbat is meant to ring in the returning of the light, it's important to remember that with this being the longest, darkest day of the year, sometime should be spent in contemplation of that darker side. For without the dark there cannot be light. And without introspection there cannot be inspiration. It’s a quietness I look forward to each winter—like the world is inviting us to mirror Mother Nature.

Now is the time to reflect on the year behind us. To look at the fears we look at all the chances we see all that we lost...and look at the joy we gave. Know in your heart that you are strong enough...fearless enough to walk through the gate (or the fire, are you listening Kali?) into the next year. So, stand still for a moment today & reflect. Welcome the turning of the Wheel and step into the light as your best self. Be fearless-for you are your own sun...and you shine so bright.

This solstice give yourself the gift of tenderness and release…gather with others, light lanterns, set intentions that will grow with the warmth of the sun’s increasing light (much like the new moon on Dec. 23rd), and celebrate the healing powers of the dark. May Iris, Rhiannon, Hera, Lucina, Bona Dea, Frigga, Lucia and Freya show you the beauty of the season and bless you many times over.                          

Happy Winter Solstice & a most Blessed Yule...may it truly bring Peace & Healing…Love to all of you...

Celebrate the season with some Solstice/Yule Incense:

2 parts Fir needles

1 part clove

1 part frankincense tears

1 part myrrh resin

5 star anise seeds

½ part amber resin

Mix all together. If frankincense, myrrh and the amber are not moist enough to stick add a bit of honey to the mix. This will definitely bind your loose incense. Make sure to dry completely. Use in incense warmer or burn on a charcoal disk set in fireproof bowl.

Witches Brew

1 bottle good-quality dry red wine (pinot noir or merlot work well)
¼ cup good brandy
½ small orange, sliced
2” piece of fresh ginger root, peeled and sliced
13 whole cloves
6 star anise, whole
3 cinnamon sticks
1 teaspoon black peppercorn
¼ cup coconut sugar, optional

Uncork the wine and pour it into a cauldron. With intent, add in each of the remaining ingredients. Give the brew a good, clockwise swirl to mingle all the flavors. Now light your fire on very low, cover, and allow the blend to heat up slowly, at least 20 minutes. Take care not to let it boil. When you are ready, take the lid off, revealing the fragrance and splendor of it all! Ladle into heat-safe glasses or earthen mugs. Serves 8