Hello Moonbeams!!!

Each night, the moon kisses secretly the lover who counts the stars. ~unknown

Another month, another Full Moon! This important Full Moon dawns on April
16th (2:55pm EST) in my favorite delightfully balanced air sign. When the Moon
transits an astrological sign, it carries the traits of that particular sign. So,
embrace the power of the Pink Moon, sweeties, because April is Libra time!!!
To all you genuine through-and through Libra souls, there is no mistaking us. We
are the artists, peacemakers, and lovers. The Libra personality is naturally kind,
cooperative, and gracious. Charming and easy to like, Libra loves art, harmony,
beauty, and intelligent conversation. Plus, with those scales of justice, it’s all
about balance, balance, balance in everything!!! Especially love...with a Venusian
ruling planet, Libra loves to love, and this enchanting air sign is there to guide
you into the realm of love and romance. However, the air has been filled lately
with agitation, unease and turmoil (probably due to some tricky Pluto
interference), leaving many of us feeling a bit scattered and out of sorts. Now is
the time to let go of all that is throwing you off center…Relationships will be
heightened & amped; intense and Libra, you will definitely struggle to maintain

your diplomatic ways. The Libra moon reminds us that we need to lead from a
compassionate heart because love is all there is.

Our April moon will help you see what relationships need to change or released.
What no longer serves, goals and dreams that we have been seeding
all winter will not move forward. Caution is needed though, so approach changes
and relationships with a conscious and compassionate frame of mind.
For ritual purposes, you will feel a strong lunar pull from 3-4 days before and
after the Full Moon. All full moons are about letting go, but with the intensity of
Pluto in the picture Libra’s natural diplomacy and compassion will be needed to
resolve any conflicts, especially with relationships.

It is time to ask yourself:

Where do I give my power away in relationships?
Is there a relationship in my life that is out of balance?
Do I continually tend to others without tending to myself?

It is time to create a new universe within yourself, examining and breaking old
patterns, destroying what should not be revived, feeding in secret what needs to

Until next month, my loves...Stay in your magick


Debbi Quinn


Hello Moonbeams!!!

Get ready... April arrives with two new moons and a full moon to round out the
month in the balancing sign of Libra. The Aries New Moon (Thursday, March 31
into Friday, April 1, at 2:24 am-ET/11:24 pm-PT), marks the start of an emotional
cycle that will reach its climax in October with the Aries full moon. The power
and strength of your intentions can set the tone for your next 6 months.
When La Luna arises as the new moon, she shines Her light as the Maiden
Goddess...ready for rebirth and a fresh start. It is no wonder that the first day
of Aries season is aligned with the spring equinox. What has the winter season of
stillness, deep thought and introspection brought to you? As you surrendered
your mind these past few months what new desires have emerged? How will you
implement them? The energy of Aries can be explained by its ruler the warrior
Mars and its element of fire. Do not let that fire fuel your negative traits, instead
let it carry you and light the flame needed for a fresh start. It is that fire in the
belly that will create the movement needed to create a plan to accomplish your

As noted above this powerful month brings a second New Moon on the 30 th in
Taurus. This magical moon is lovingly called the Black Moon and will be
accompanied by a partial Solar Eclipse as well. Black Moons are intensified new
moons. We usually have 1 new moon per month so this is a rare occurrence that
will bring new beginnings into your vibration as you release and heal. These
themes have been present since the beginning of the year. These new moons
promise to stir things up and complete the changes we have manifested.
If you still find yourself holding onto any negative, disempowering or self-
sabotaging patterns, release them through a smudging ritual. Write out what you
need to release, and then, burn the paper (ideally in your cauldron or a pot
outdoors). Release the ashes into the breeze and let the elements convert the
energy of what you have relinquished. End by clearing yourself and your space by
wafting some sage or palo santo around your body and home.
And for all you yogis reading this post, the moon is highly related to Lord Shiva as
he has a half moon on his head as a symbol. By offering prayers to Lord Shiva,
and by repeating the mantra Om Namah Shivaya, you can accelerate the healing
process of the new moon.

until next month…peace & love



Hello Moonbeams!!!

"The Moon is an astonishing companion on the human journey. She both lights the way and invites us into the dark." Mother Tongue 


The Full Virgo Moon (aka “The Snow Moon”) will peak on the 18th of March at 3:18am EST. Virgo is the sign of the virgin and is known as the temple priestess ~ one who can guide others back to living in harmony.  Virgos are grounded and meticulous and need absolute order and routine in their lives-sometimes striving too hard for perfectionism.  They value service to others, work and anything related to physical health above all else. The shadow sides? Virgos try so hard to be perfect that sometimes they just freeze up and do nothing rather than make a mistake. That inner critic in each of us can be so harsh on the Virgo full moon! Ask yourself...where is perfectionism keeping me trapped? It’s time to as they say, go with the flow, say ok to your imperfections and give yourself permission to step out boldly-no procrastinations-just drop your mask and say F IT!!! 

This moon is also the last before the March 2022 Equinox, Ostara, and the start of the new astrological year. Ostara (spring equinox) celebrates the renewal of life as plants begin to emerge from the soil and start to awaken, symbolizing our personal regeneration, growth, and abundance. We can use the cleansing energies of this Full Moon to reflect on the past 12 months and do away with things that we no longer wish to take with us into the new year. There’s a very good chance that your goals will manifest for you under this full moon. Most importantly, whatever you desire, make sure that your heart is in the right place and that your intentions are for the highest good of all involved.

As you turn your gaze this night to the full moon above call upon the protection of the Goddess. Her presence is everywhere and her powers infinite.  It is because of her that we exist. 

full moon goddess

Our Favorite Full Moon Goddesses:

  • Cerridwen (Celtic): Keeper of knowledge and intuition. She represents wisdom and inspiration. Also known as a Goddess of the Underworld.
  • Selene (Greek): More than just a lunar goddess, she is the embodiment of the moon and its light
  • And of Course-Yemaya (Yoruba): Moon Goddess of the ocean, water and tides and my Mother Goddess

Here with you, in Sacred Sisterhood.


Hello Moonbeams!!!

Welcome to Libra season!!!…and a month of spooky happenings and pumpkin spice everything! The new moon on October 6th is a beautiful time to let go and let in. That Libra energy will have us pushing for more beauty, harmony, justice, and balance in all aspects of life, especially, relationships. Thank you, Venus?

I am a Libra, the sign of the scales, which explains the first and foremost detail-we can’t make a decision to save our lives. Seriously, we weigh the pros, cons, play out all possible outcomes, then rehash all of it several times, all in an effort to make sure we are choosing the best possible course of action. So here we are…New Moon coming and 6 planets in retrograde at the same time, including the trickster, Mercury, whose retrograde state will last until October 18th.

Libra is the relationship guru, and that beautiful moon will shine on our relationships and reveal what is not in balance. But a retrograde Mercury means just one thing: with the cosmos preparing to spread some havoc on our lives, Libras natural diplomacy skills and endless charm will be needed to get the results we want. Libra is drawn to keep the peace, to be polite, smile sweetly and say, ‘yes dear, it’s all fine’. However, that Libra spirit knows how to cut through the bullshit, take off the rose-colored glasses and hit that emotional reset button. One thing for sure, there will be passion!

Finally, Happy Birthday to all you Libra girls -it's no secret we rock the world-in a balanced sorta way!

If you wish to connect further with the Moon, try this easy ritual:

Start by cleansing your aura & space using your favorite smudging tool. Take a candle of your choice and use a rose thorn to inscribe a moon into the candle. Light the candle and concentrate on the flame while thinking about your intention. After you’ve held it firmly in your mind for a while, say the following nine times:

Gracious Lady Moon, Mother of Love and Light...Grant My Wish, Fulfill My Dreams, Smile on Me Tonight

Once you’ve finished your chanting, blow out the candle but really visualize what it will be like to experience the outcome you desire. Keep the image of it in mind and know that the moon is always on your side.


So, you’re interested in starting a Kundalini yoga practice? The good news is that you’re in the right place! The bad news is, well, actually there isn’t any. Apart from the fact that you better be ready for your life to change - Kundalini yoga tends to have that effect…

Kundalini yoga is a fast way to activate stagnant energy in the spine - you know, the kind that makes you feel incredibly out of touch with yourself - and move towards a deep connection with your intuition, creativity, and so much more.

By the end of this post, you’ll know the best ways to set up your space for your Kundalini practice as well as three simple Kundalini practices that you can try today.

To establish a successful, long term practice we recommend making your practice as fun and enjoyable as possible. It is your time to become your highest self after all!

One of the biggest reasons we find students move away from their yoga practice is not because they lose interest. It’s because they don’t have a dedicated space to come to time and time again that excites them to participate in Kundalini yoga.

Here are our best tips for setting the ultimate space for your Kundalini practice.

Make it comfortable
Sitting still and meditating can be hard enough on its own. Therefore, it’s a good idea to make your practices as enjoyable as possible, especially when first starting out.

Though cushions are not required for Kundalini yoga, they sure can make long meditations and breathing practices more comfortable! Grab a bolster, blanket or something else soft to sit on if you’ll be sitting for an extended period of time.

Keep it quiet
Distractions are the enemy of any style of yoga practice. A distraction free environment is key to honing in on that full mind, body, spirit connection.

Keep your space quiet in every way by minimizing both noise and clutter as much as possible. Although some noise may be unavoidable, try to find a spot where you’ll be mostly undisturbed.


When decorating your space, don’t go crazy! Remember, we want to avoid clutter. However, you might want to place a few precious items around to make your practice feel more sacred. Also try things like essential oils or smudging to create an atmosphere that really sets the mood.

Once your space is set up, it’s time to dive into the practice!

If you’re new to Kundalini yoga or are just looking for some quick techniques to try here are three simple Kundalini practices to get you started. These can be practiced individually, strung together to make a powerful Kundalini yoga sequence or sprinkled into your regular yoga practice.

Axial rotation of the spine
Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position with the eyes open.

Bring your hands to your shoulders, resting your fingers in front of your shoulder and thumb behind. Inhale through the nose as you turn your upper body and head to the left, then exhale through the mouth as you turn to the right.

Move as quickly or as slowly as you like, using your breath to guide the movement.

Repeat for between 30-90 seconds.

Breath of fire (ego eradicator)
Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position with the eyes closed.

Reach your arms overhead and slightly away from the body. Turn the palms to face forwards and take a breath to roll the shoulders back and down. From here, bring the tips of your fingers to rest on your palms - without making a fist - and keep the thumbs open as if you’re trying to plug them into the sky.

Take conscious, sharp breaths in and out through the nose - bringing your navel in as you exhale.

Repeat for 1-3 minutes.

Frog squat
Start from a standing position with the heels touching and the toes facing the corners of your mat.

Bend your knees to bring your sit bones gently towards your heels and plug all five fingertips into the ground in front of you.

Keep the heels lifted and the fingertips plugged into the ground as you inhale to straighten the knees. Exhale to bring the sit bones back down and look forwards.

Repeat for 26 rounds.

There you have it! Now you have all the tools you need to start your own Kundalini yoga practice.

If you would like to learn more about Kundalini yoga and deepen your practice, we have some other great free resources here and here.

If you’re ready to dive headfirst into the world of Kundalini yoga, we recommend you check out our comprehensive online 200hr Kundalini yoga teacher training. We’ve even made a few lessons available for free so you can get a sense of what the training is all about.


Hello Moonbeams!!!

“but there’s a full moon risin’ let’s go dancin’ in the light” ~ Neil Young, Harvest Moon

September 20th or 21st…The Full Harvest Moon in the mystical, watery sign of Pisces!! Come dancing on this most magical night and let healing and blessings flow!

In numerology, September holds the powerful vibration of the number 9; Three has always been considered the number of harmony, wisdom and understanding and 3 x 3 equals 9. In the Tarot, 3 is the card of the Empress and the Triple Moon/Triple Goddess showing the aspects of the goddess as maiden, mother and crone.

When the moon is new, we plant the seeds of intentions, and when the moon is full, we harvest and release what we have tended. The moon is a gentle reminder of our own inner light and important shadows-She has much to teach us. Under a watery Full Moon like this one, it is time to let the light of the moon settle into your soul and inspire you to go within, to seek some clarity with your thoughts and feelings. Under this moon we can finally “harvest” the results of the seeds we planted back in March under the Pisces Dark Moon. As light and dark balance equally so must the sides of ourselves. When we disconnect from constant rational thought and connect with our emotions, we are in balance and we shine.

On September 22, the sun is leaving earthy Virgo and entering Libra season, ushering in the Fall Equinox/Mabon (Harvest Festival) a celebration that signals the start of a new season, and the start of a new cycle of energy- the halfway point of the year, a time of equal light and dark. Equality and balance, key traits in the Libra world. Libra holds the balance that will allow us to stand strong in our true self and live.

For Women: Drawing in the light of La Luna…

One of the oldest methods of union with the moon was to lay nude beneath the Full Moon in the Full Moon Goddess Posture. This posture is also referred to as the Star Goddess Posture, and is an X formation, arms and legs spread out wide. Next anoint yourself with your favorite moon oil just below your navel forming a crescent. Staring steadily up into the face of the moon, mentally picture drawing the light into yourself with each deep breath. Women draw power through the navel-the center of a woman. This is just one method, but it can be a powerful experience. Stand under the light of this Full Harvest Moon and thank Her for Her wisdom

Big love and moon day blessings!!!

A special treat for your listening delight… Harvest Moon


Hello Moonbeams!!!

Greetings on this New Moon Monday!!! The best feature about a new moon is the feeling of starting anew... a fresh start or a new beginning as you journey through the spiral dance of life.

The season of Virgo and the season of harvest are in full affect now. Virgo vibes are everywhere. Summer’s over and the Wheel of the Year is now turning towards Mabon (fall equinox). Embracing the changes seeded last month is the only way to go and this is the best new moon of the year to begin or re-start nurturing mind, body and soul. Virgo is committed to care of the earth as well as the body and one thing is for sure…our daily rituals are sacred. If the changes you are facing are challenging, take a moment to quiet your mind and connect with your inner self. On the night of the dark moon much healing and guidance can come through.

Tonight, thinking of the moon brought to mind the sun. I am always asked about the sunsets in the Keys. And it is true, no matter how many times you see them; you are still in awe of their beauty. But, think about where you are…we see the same sun setting and it is beautiful there too. They are something we can count on-each nights' sunset reminds us that tomorrow is a new day. So tonight, while I am writing this and watching the sunset, I think of you and know you're watching it also...we're all in this journey together.

Dream your dream tonight and then with that new moon in Virgo (a very contemplative New Moon it is!) choose what you wish to create. Wondrous things are beginning to bubble in the cauldron.

And remember, beautiful yogis, when you allow your true self to shine through, your soul will truly sparkle!


Do you remember when you were completely new to yoga? How overwhelming was it to see all the different styles available to you and then decide where to start?

No matter where you are in your yoga journey, it's possible that the sheer quantity of yoga styles still overwhelms you at times.

Don't worry - we've been there, too.

Still, understanding the various styles of yoga is vital to guiding your practice and having clarity on the type of knowledge and wisdom you hope to spread as a teacher someday.

Knowing the differences between Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga will help you decide which resonates the most with you and how you can incorporate them into your yoga practice.

Together we will explore these two popular yoga styles.

We'll be covering their origins and benefits to help you move forward with greater understanding and confidence in your decisions for both your current and future yoga journey.

Hatha Yoga is the most widely practiced form of yoga. It represents the style of yoga that comes to mind when most people think of the elements of a typical yoga class - breath, postures, and meditation.

Hatha is a general or umbrella term for all physical styles of yoga. The branch of yoga that is Hatha includes styles of yoga such as Ashtanga and Iyengar. Hatha style yoga practices are rooted in a physical focus, and it's often a style that many yoga practitioners begin with. Between its widespread availability to yogis along with its emphasis on the physical aspect, it's no surprise that Hatha Yoga is so prevalent in the Western world today.

You might wonder why Hatha Yoga is an ideal introductory style of yoga for students if there is such great emphasis on its physicality and postures. The answer is not that Hatha is necessarily limited to basic yoga poses. Instead, Hatha is a slow-paced and gentle approach to practicing yoga. The postures in a Hatha Yoga class will range in difficulty, and its slow pace provides more room for modifications and hands-on assists as students need them.

In Sanskrit, "Hatha" means "force." Its breathing techniques date back to Buddhist and Hindu texts from the 1st Century. However, it took another 1,000 years before discovering the postures to enhance one's vital energy, moving it upward through the body. The basic principle of this practice is derived from Tantric Yoga and founded on the belief that you can achieve spiritual enlightenment by connecting with your energy.

Swami Vivekananda brought Hatha Yoga to America in 1893, and in the 1920s, it evolved into more of a flow style of yoga. It wasn't until the 1960s that Hatha Yoga gained mainstream popularity in America.

Then, in the late 1980s, another practice rooted itself in the Western world - one that incorporated mantras and meditation as fundamental aspects of its practice. This style of yoga is known as Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga is a practice that focuses on using the breath along with the physical movement to free energy in the lower body. This style of yoga consists of ancient techniques intended to awaken and ignite the mysterious power inherent in every human being to evoke change in mind, body, and spirit.

Yogi Bhajan first introduced Kundalini Yoga to the US in 1969. "Kundalini" means coiled up like a snake. The yogic tradition describes Kundalini as dormant cosmic energy that lies at the base of the spine in the form of a coiled serpent. When Kundalini is awakened, it travels via different channels, upward through the chakras (energy centers) to reach and merge with infinite consciousness.

In other words, the energetic movement throughout the body brings higher awareness of the Self.

Kundalini explores the effects of one's prana or energy through the breath in conjunction with postures. This practice consists of thousands of kriyas or exercises consisting of physical postures, meditation, and chants.

Its other main component is dynamic breath work, as it incorporates pranayama practices such as alternate nostril breathing and the breath of fire.

These two yoga styles are similar in their techniques but different in the way they are structured. Hatha and Kundalini yoga's guiding principle is based on the movement of energy upward through the body, but there are differences in how this is achieved.

A typical Hatha class will involve breath work while flowing through various yoga postures, sometimes including a mediation at the beginning of class. The meditative techniques help yogis calm their minds and turn their focus inward.

The main difference between Kundalini and Hatha Yoga is that Kundalini Yoga incorporates mantras and meditative or breathing techniques with the asanas.

Where the two styles often intersect is when Hatha Yoga classes incorporate kriya mediations or mantra chanting. And since Hatha represents the physical side of yoga, Kundalini Yoga gets its postures from Hatha Yoga.

There are numerous benefits to both practices. Hatha Yoga holds the space for practitioners to become more mobile through stretching and gentle strengthening over time. The generally slower pace of a Hatha Yoga class offers many benefits, including more time for yogis to learn and get into the correct yoga positions. Once there, they have more time to find proper alignment, improve balance, tune into their breath.

The long duration and less vigorous movements in Hatha classes are both energizing and restorative. The process of awakening and moving energy through the body is both energizing and peaceful for those who practice Kundalini Yoga.

Particularly for beginners, the various mantras in Kundalini help students focus and work through the silence of meditation. This style of yoga is ideal for anyone seeking a more spiritual experience through mediation and mantras.

Also, a kriya typically has a specific focus or goal, such as a physical or mental health benefit. For instance, a kriya may be internalized for eliminating anger from your life or following your intuition. Yogis also use Kriyas to aid digestion or ease back pain.

There is much value and exploration to gain through this transformative practice, as yogis learn to move and live more intuitively, finding awareness of the Ego and their self-imposed limitations.

If you are ready to transform and elevate your practice, our online 200-hour Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training courses will guide and support you as you move through various power-packed modules. These online courses are the perfect complement to your unique yoga journey, allowing you to move at your own pace.

Still not sure if Hatha Yoga or Kundalini Yoga is right for you? We're giving you the chance to decide for yourself via our online courses. We're granting you access to a few select free Hatha Yoga Teacher Training lessons and free Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training lessons.

Just tap the links for instant access.

These online yoga teacher training courses will dive deeper into their respective practices, techniques, asanas, philosophies, and structures. In learning how to incorporate either method into your own yoga journey, either course you choose will help you venture into the world of teaching with extensive knowledge and lifetime access to valuable resources you can return to at any time.

Interested in live yoga teacher trainings? We've got those too! Learn more about joining an upcoming in person training here.


The Power of the Moon can hold a spell, The ebbing tides, the waves that swell

The power of the moon both full & new, it steals your heart, this dance of night

It frees your soul within its light, time has no place where shadows bloom

The darkness shines with the Power of the Moon

Hello Moonbeams!!!

The Full Corn Moon on August 22nd, with its vibes of harvest gathering and vitality, gives us a second chance to resolve any issues that arose on last month’s Aquarian moon. And, as if 2 consecutive moons in the same sign weren’t enough, we also have the unexpected gift of a rare, extra special “Astrological Blue” Moon (the third full moon in a season). By season, I mean the time between the solstice and equinox.

Take the seasons- winter, spring, summer, fall-4 seasons each with 3 moons a season. June’s full moon occurred right after solstice so we will have 4 full moons this season, ending with Fall Equinox on September 22nd.

There is beautiful energy flowing with this moon, just what we need right now to fiercely step into the life we want to create. Free spirited, wild & unconventional energy is coming forward...yes, it's time to be our own unique selves and use our personal power for social change, social justice, and community. You are giving birth to a new you.

As witches know, a Blue Moon is an excellent time to infuse plans with extra-shimmery faerie dust, so go ahead and shine! Let yourself be carried away to places filled with true magick as we prepare for autumn.

Namaste' my goddesses!


Hello Moonbeams!!!

August 8th ushers in the last New Moon of the summer cycle and the spotlight is on you during these hot sultry summer days. Summer is the time to let your inner fire glow & sparkle-it is time to shine and no sign shines like Leo-the sun is totally at home with the lion. Leo season brings creativity, romance, and self-realization to life.

Leo is usually all about the drama and taking charge (especially during a full moon) but, on the New Moon, well, the lion feels a need to think things through a bit more. The last Cancer moon was filled with concerns of safety in self and home…adjusting to a new way of life. The Leo moon is there to give us the confidence to leave the old/past behind and move ahead on our new path with its strong vibes of courage and flair. (Remember, you can tap into New Moon energy 3 days before and 3 days after the actual New Moon).

Ordinarily, New Moons are the best time to manifest and set goals or plant the seeds for the weeks ahead. But, my loves, this moon will be way, way different, because…major event here…It is also lining up with the Lion’s Gate Portal also happening on August 8th. The Portal is the name for the celestial occurrence that has Sirius rising in the sky during Leo season. Sirius is the brightest star of the night sky and is considered a symbol of spiritual awareness. Rising in tandem with the New Moon, and especially on the exact same day 8/8, makes this moon one of the most powerful for manifestation in any year. Think of this like powering up, a strong, intense boost for bringing your dreams into reality. This is the time to clearly think about what you really want, write down your intentions and open the door in your mind to that high vibrational energy needed to manifest what you truly desire and need. Imagine the rise in our collective consciousness if we all did that?

And with that in mind lets prepare for newMOONness ritual, my goddesses.

Gather: Paper, pencil, jar, candles, and matches or lighter

Light a candle, center yourself and focus on letting go of the chatter in your mind. Think about what you want to release, and what you want to call in. Now take the paper and write down all the things you’d like to bring into your life over the next month. Place paper in a jar with dried roses, lavender & crystals and set outside to soak up the energy. Next day, bring in the jar and place it somewhere you can see it. A month from now look over your list and reflect.

If you have been longing for a major shift in your life, this astral energy will move you forward. The best is yet to come! I know it and I feel it. Blessed New Moon Happiness!!!