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Sagewoman Magazine Issue #58

Tools for Transformation: Product Reviews

by SageWoman Readers and Staff


“Recently I received a great big box of goodies from Blue Moon Herbals. It’s always easier to do a nice round review when I’ve got plenty of samples to work with. Debbi Quinn sent me at least one item from almost every line in the catalog! There’s something for almost everyone in here. Then there are the moon potions and ritual oils They’re intended for use as annointing oils (for people or objects), or for diffusing in a room or in a bath. Also notable is the instruction on the tag :Annoint pulse points with intent.” You can use these as simple perfumes, but the crafter thoughtfully reminds the user that for more dynamic effects, will plays a key role. Magically speaking, these have an impressive amount of zip. Not so noticeable in the bag, but once I started opening thing up – ooo! “Moon Magick” has a very light, frisky scent blended from pure champaca oils, jojoba oil, gem essences of red calcite and dark opal, a charged fire opal, and a rosebud. Designed to create “a mood of Tantric sexuality for you and your lover,” it puts a tingle where a tingle should be. The tag for “Spellbound” says “for protection – a shield in a bottle,” and I had to laugh because I’ve been calling Kamala’s “Protection” oil by that name since its invention. This one blends ambergris, Indonesia patchouli, gem essences of amethyst and moonstone, and a charged lunar crystal; the patchouli makes it gloppier than some of the other oils. It has a powerful, rich, earthy smell like a freshly plowed field. Indeed, it’s excellent for protection and is also very grounding; a fine choice for anyone working in stressful conditions, or for beginners who aren’t secure in their ground-center-shield routine yet. By the way, these mixed oils tend to separate; you need to shake them before use. I was intrigued to see that the Blue Moon oil, when held to the light, is pale yellow-green on top, lavender in the middle, and a brilliant crimson on the bottom -and that’s just what I could make out through the cobalt jar. Most of this stuff comes sumptuously packaged. The oils and misters arrive in cobalt glass bottles, a delight to my collector’s heart. Some of the bottles have beaded hemp ties around the necks. Several show up in metallic blue gauze bags with rose petals inside! The bath salts are in a big clear glass jar to let the colors show through. If you’re giving these as gifts, don’t bother with a box and wrapping in some tissue paper. They’re pretty enough on their own. Okay now I smell like an explosion in a flower factory, but this has been one of the more fun reviews I’ve done. Blue Moon Herbals is a delightful supplier with a lot more information and additional products in their catalog and Website. For ritual bathing supplies, you won’t find better; the other items are also superb. If you want to pamper yourself, or someone else, this is definitely the place to shop. (Note: a majority of the fragrances are very feminine, some neutral, few masculine.) The prices are also good, considering the quality of the ingredients and end products. Most Highly recommended.

– review by Elizabeth Barrette

Blue Moon Herbals Review
June Lune
by Jolie Kretchman Loeb

“Starlight, star bright, why must beauty be a fight? Save your prayers girls, Blue Moon Herbals have heeded your needs, answered your pleas, and served up a line of celestial sensations destined to reconstruct your hygiene routine. Trip the light ladies, your invitation to lavish in lunar luxury is but a moonwalk away. Blue Moon Herbals,, is the inventive creation of Proprietress Debbi Quinn, an out of the box Goddess marrying conventional aromatherapy and crystal healing. Her illustrious training combined with her boundary-less philosophy invite consumers to participate in healing the magically delicious way. Marshmallows not included. Each item is thoughtfully concocted with an air of something otherworldly. One of my favorite Blue Moon advents, Cerridwen’s Cauldron Bath Brew, a fine example. Sure, the tattooed witch on the label was not the most alluring come-hither pitch, but her provocative potion was enough to raise my brow. Dead sea salts, oatmeal, yogurt, milk, calendula, rose, lavender, chamomile, vanilla beans, and blood orange. The scent, no surprise, good enough to eat. All that was required of me was to fill the muslin pouch (included) with this ingredient list that strongly resembled my breakfast. Instructions asked that I put a tablespoon into the pouch, run water, and put the pouch into the tub. I shrugged my shoulders and figured the proof would be, well, in the putting. Holy divine. Describing the scent is kind of like naming the colors in iridescent. The aroma is so fluid, so rich in texture, pinning down a fragrance simply undermines the quality of its layers. It’s rosy and its rainy, it’s citrus and it’s hyacinth (I swore I smelled hyacinth), and it’s positively under powering which is positively part of its intrigue. Aren’t we always weakened by the thing that leaves us wanting? Fortunately, I was only down a tablespoon, with a big, beautiful, jar full to go. Scent aside, the properties that combine to bring us this bath brew bring out a softness in your skin that’ll have you wondering just what that witch knew that you didn’t. Wicked little vixen. I was also taken by Empowered Potions, which are exactly that. Giving purpose to perfumes, these therapeutic compositions beautify in both teachings and topical treatment. Each specialized creation arrives with a wrap-around mantra from the atmospheric goddesses. With a fortune cookie charm and a femme-phenom fragrance, these pulse punctuations will easily resonate with the true Blue in you. I’ve highlighted two Blue Moon Herbal restoratives, the website offers more than I can count. What I’ve sampled is rave-worthy, so find your faerie fix and reward yourself with something blue. Take yourself on a celestial stroll and capture what makes you twinkle, little star.”