• African Tulip
    African Tulip aids in dissolving fears, heavy heart & lack of peace in life
    Aloe Vera
    Aloe Vera revitalizes the etheric body and nervous system. Stimulates and activates the heart chakra allowing one the insight to be sensitive to self and others. Rejuvenates the auric fields of people and animals
    Alula helps people who are very closed to emerge and open to a higher spiritual level with a strong base.
    Amaryllis-Barbados Lilly
    Amaryllis-Barbados Lilly strengthens and clears our emotional selves, so we can cope much better with whatever is to be. Resolves "angst" and disharmony towards peace and clearer wisdom.
    Angels Trumpet
    Angels Trumpet guides our souls; associated with angels & enhances visions
    Avocado assists in releasing fears of being touched physically and allows greater pleasure from touch. Softens the auric field to a blending of light providing a sense of smoothness, gentleness and acceptance. Assists in integrating feminine power and awakening clarity of thought.
    Ayahuasca Vine
    Ayahuasca Vine for those wishing to make a greater and more accurate contact with the spirit world. Quiets the action of the ego so the soul can work more actively
    Banana Poka
    Banana Poka balances emotional & mental bodies and helps to resolve sexual conflicts. Balances sexual energies in men by reducing excessive sexual drive or increasing sexual energies if the sexual drive is weak.
    Bird of Paradise
    Bird of Paradise enhances the ability to fly free and independently. Assists individuals in moving towards self-empowerment- assists in integration of past and present.
    Bougainvillea. For those who are experiencing anxiety from the effects of a left-brain, male dominated society. Restores awareness of magick and the vision of one's higher spiritual path.
    Cats Claw
    Cats Claw helps detoxify the body; restores energy flow & equilibrium.
    Hau eases stressful situations & is a general relaxant
    Heliconia helps grasp ideas & making changes; enhances brain function
    Hibiscus frees sexual energy. Enhances openness by releasing emotional blockages in the heart. Frees sexual energy blocks in women. Helps to facilitate open communication through the heart chakra.
    Lantana emotional harmony; aids in release of sadness & mental anguish
    Lehua increases self esteem & balancing
    Lima Bean
    Lima Bean, for grounding ones energy and connecting with the earth
    Lotus a master healer that balances all Chakras & enhances intuition
    Mango attunes and aligns the higher chakras and stimulates telepathy
    Mugwort, the magickal herb used for protection (the herb is dedicated to Venus!), to enhance lucid dreaming and for clairvoyance. Mugwort has long been known as a women's herb and helps open the 3rd Eye and Crown chakras. On a physical note, herbalists have used a decoction of the leaves for colds, bronchitis and fevers and in a poultice for wound healing.
    Nasturtium eases nervousness and dissolves congestion while increasing inner joy, creativity and courage. Strengthens the 2nd chakra as it increases vitality; also enhances the ability to read auras.
    Naupaka-Kuahiwi & Kahakai
    Naupaka-Kuahiwi & Kahakai heals mental negativity for those attached to earthly power
    Nicotiana for deadened emotions & feelings; helps one attain emotional wholeness
    Noni strengthens a woman's health & emotions; especially useful for pregnancy and childbirth.
    Oleander for deeply buried emotional problems
    Papaya enhances clarity in couple relationships
    Passionflower promotes deep spiritual bliss & pure unconditional love. This essence brings out he highest aspects of your passion, expands awareness and the ability to recognize magick.
    Pua Kenikeni
    Pua Kenikeni eases attachments and cravings
    Plumeria "attunement" -enhances aspects of expression, compassion and unconditional love; brings awareness of family roots and restores spiritual integrity- enhances meditative state.
    Ti for lifting a spell or curse; space clearing & protection properties.
    Vervain relaxes nervous stress or tension, aids sleeping & promotes balance. Used in enchantment and magic for 3rd eye work and purification.
    Water Hyacinth
    Water Hyacinth emotion cleanser; lifts depression, fear & heaviness
    Waterlily Day
    Waterlily Day for enhancing the erotic aspects of lovemaking
    White Ginger
    White Ginger "divine connection" enhances one's ability to appreciate life and to be filled with gratitude -assists the connection of self with universal consciousness and the divine.
    Woman's Tongue
    Woman's Tongue is helpful for those who feel stuck in their own world and who long to speak easily with others without stress and fear in a state of harmony
    Wood Rose
    Wood Rose de-stresses and relaxes nervous tension from over-work and fear.
    Yarrow, the witches herb for love and clairvoyance. Used also to ward off negativity and known to enhance one's powers of perception
    Ylang-Ylang brings a soft tranquil ease, creating true tantric 2nd and 4th chakra connection. Allows for acceptance of space and individual identities within a relationship
    Yucca helps dissolve sexual energy frustrations so they can be used in a harmonious, loving way. Helps sexually overactive and under active men
    Zinnia restores playfulness and contact with inner child