H2EO® AirCare: World’s Finest Ultrasonic Diffusers

Product Summary

H2EO has made vast improvements to the original ultrasonic diffuser on the market. Using no heat or air pumps along with a low electrical current, this diffuser delivers fine essential oil droplets that within a moment of leaving the diffuser in a cool mist, become a vapor, incorporated into the atmosphere and spreading evenly throughout your room. Colored lights options set the mood. For healthful sleep, all lights can be turned off (including the red power light) while diffusion continues.

Depending on room size, relative humidity, mode and volume settings chosen, it can last the night through without refilling. Perfect for enjoying your favorite essential oil aromas.


Multi-colored lights options
Ability to turn all lights off (including the red power light) for operation while sleeping
Quiet diffusion of any pure essential oil or pure essential oil blend (use no carrier oils, such as almond, sesame, etc.)
User Friendly redesigned control panel
Optimized volume settings let you choose low, medium or high output,
Five modes let you choose continuous or four intermittent settings for maximum control
Lightweight, compact, energy-efficient switch-mode power adaptor
Addition of a visible water fill line to help prevent over-filling
User’s handbook
12-month manufacturer’s warranty (unprecedented in the industry) and after-sale parts and service (these diffusers never need end up in a landfill!)