Intent Perfumes: Samhain Potion

Product Summary

Endings & beginnings…intoxicating & magickal… witches gliding across the moon & fat black cats Witches are alive & magick is upon us, blessed be the season of the witch… Samhain – October 31st… Known as Halloween & the Witches New Year- a day to commune with & remember the dead…the time to celebrate the eternal cycle of reincarnation….This one captures the exotic earthy bouquet of All Hallows’ Eve laced with pumpkin pie, candy corn and apple pie… blood orange, cinnamon bark, cocoa absolute, vanatu sandalwood, mace, mugwort, cardamom, benzoin, coriander, spices, dried mandrake root, ginger and essence of kyanite all blend to create a rich and delicious scent. Aligned with charged gemstones.