How many times have you found yourself standing in Tadasana when your yoga instructor told you to “Activate your Mula Bandha”? Like other yogis in the room, you likely had an understanding of what to do physically. Start with an exhale, engage the pelvic floor, then draw it up towards my navel. Okay, got it. But why am I doing this?

Through yoga, we learn there is an intention behind everything—a purpose behind our breathing and something to learn from every posture. So, when yoga instructors cue subtle adjustments like these, we might question something like whether it’s for our alignment or to keep our minds focused.

As you continue to deepen your practice, you’ll have more opportunities to explore these deliberate movements with intentional thought. Learning about the bandhas and how to activate them to take your practice to the next level is a great place to start.

In yoga, Bandhas are commonly referred to as “energetic locks.” ‘Bandha’ means “to lock,” and your body has four of these interior Bandhas, or locks, that you can activate to enhance your practice on a physical and mental level.

When you engage the Bandhas, you contract muscles in specific parts of the body, enabling you to cultivate more strength and stability. But if Bandhas are inherent to the physical aspect of yoga, what is their connection to and purpose for the energetic body?

Bandha activation is common in asana and pranayama (breath control) practices because it controls the flow of energy, or prana, in your body. Hence why they are known as “energetic locks.”

Often in yoga, we are told to open up, receive, or expand. So, it’s normal to question the purpose and benefits behind locking up our muscles and energy.

For one, Bandha engagement temporarily blocks off our blood flow. Once we release that engagement, it enhances circulation, promoting a fresh flow of blood. The old blood cells are cycled out through this increase in circulation, and our organs become stronger and healthier through this renewal. This restorative cycle can help regulate your internal systems, balancing everything from your digestive to hormonal and metabolic processes.

If you wondered whether Bandhas are cued in a yoga class to help promote better focus, you certainly weren’t off base. Along with strengthening your organs, you can also sharpen your mind because this muscular contraction provides a single point of concentration.

Through this enhanced focus on the body, tuning into the breath with more control and steadiness becomes almost second nature. The benefit of all this is a clearer, more concentrated, and calmer mind.

Finally, Bandhas are beneficial for your brain centers, nadis (where prana flows through), and your chakras (energy centers). By contracting and releasing Bandhas, you can remove energy blockages to create balance and harmony within your energy body.

The connection between Bandhas and energy starts to make more sense when you look at where they lie within the body and how to activate them. For instance, let’s go back to the Mula Bandha, which means the root lock. ‘Mula’ is the Sanskrit term for root - you also see this word in Muladhara chakra or root chakra.

There are four main Bandhas that will help deepen your practice by connecting you to your internal energy flow.

Mula Bandha: Root Lock

When you engage your Mula Bandha during your yoga practice, you contract the pelvic floor muscles. The Root Lock directs your energy flow upwards, making you feel lighter on your mat and lighter within yourself. This upward energy can help you reach a higher level of consciousness.

Uddiyana Bandha: Flying Upward Lock

The Flying Upward Lock is located between your navel and spine - the point where your diaphragm forms an energetic funnel. This Bandha moves energy upwards with a great deal of force, bringing your awareness of higher realms and consciousness with it.

On a physical level, activating this Bandha massages internal muscles in your lower back, helping to stimulate digestion. On an energetic level, this contraction can create more awareness of your heart chakra, inviting more love into your life and releasing stress.

Jalandhara Bandha: Throat Lock

Jalandhara is best understood as the locking of energy flow through the vessels and nerves of the neck area. For this reason, this Bandha is typically engaged along with other breathing practices or meditation. It also helps to heighten these practices by increasing your concentration and moving and holding energy in the upper chakras.

The Throat Lock compresses the main arteries in your neck, which puts pressure on your throat. The physical benefit of this sinus compression is that it helps balance your thyroid to regulate your metabolism.

Maha Bandha: The Great or Ultimate Lock

The Maha Bandha is the activation of all the Bandhas at the same time. This lock has a tremendous impact on quieting the mind. And since it is limited to specific yoga postures, it is typically used in pranayama and mediation practices.

The ultimate goal of deepening your understanding of Bandhas is not just to learn how to guide your students through the steps to engage them. In our 300-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training course lesson on Bandhas, we will dive further into the specifics of how to engage these locks in your practice. You can view the entire lesson on Bandhas for free here.

Through experience, practice, patience, and repetition, the Bandhas will teach you important lessons to apply to your practice and life off the mat.

Some day you can inspire that same level of curiosity in your students that you once had. One day, you will be the instructor who tells your students, “Activate your Mula Bandha”, with inner-knowing and intention that reaches beyond the physical body.

Learn more about our self-paced online yoga teacher trainings.


Hello Moonbeams!!!

In Pagan tradition, this moon is known as the Full Buck Moon; the time of year when the antlers of a buck deer are in full growth. It is also known as the Thunder Moon, the Blessing Moon, the Meadow Moon and the Wort Moon (wort is an ancient word meaning all herbaceous plants or herbs, which are ready for harvest in July to the

delight of all us herbalists!).

Astrologers have determined that every two thousand years, time moves us backward through the astrological signs, into a new age. A New age calls for its own words to live by. Yogi Bhajan, of Kundalini Yoga and spiritual teacher to thousands, shared five principles which he called the Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age.

1. Recognize that the other person is you.

2. There is a way through every block.

3. When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.

4. Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.

5. Vibrate the Cosmos. The Cosmos shall clear the path.

The first of an ultra-rare pair of back-to-back Aquarius full moons is just what we need to forge a path to living and speaking our truth…t0 stand and march to the beat of our own drum. Aquarians are the seekers, visionaries, the non-conformists, the ones who get away with stuff because they are so easy to live with. Face it, moonbeams, it’s their AGE, we just live in it! Those old Aquarian vibes will remind us that we are part of something larger than ourselves, and that acting on our ideas and ideals will benefit everyone.

Under the full moon Luna is at her brightest, most magnificent lamination. She has been gathering the light since the New Moon. The seeds that were planted then are now ready to sprout…those big juicy dreams of a stable foundation within yourself and in your community of magical souls. We now have 2 rebellious moons working in harmony to inspire us to find new ways to deal with the challenges facing our world.

So, as you dance in the flurry of all this moon power take time to reflect on what it brings for you. Get outside and let the light of the moon shine upon you. Then, bring your attention back to what you want to manifest with the moon. What needs to shift for you to bring your goal to fruition?


Hello Moonbeams!!!

Feelings will be spilling out everywhere this Friday, July 9th when the New Moon arrives in the watery sign of Cancer, the zodiac’s sign of home, family, roots and emotion. This could be one of the most powerful new moons of the year as the moon is in its own zodiac sign. Moon ruled Cancer will be particularly emotional, but after the wild ride of the last few eclipse months we do have a lot of emotion to process right?

Cancer protects what is most sacred…a stable home and the desire to always feel safe and secure. We tend to look outwards when talking of home but think about this.

The moon rules the subconscious self while the sun rules the conscious self. When they join together your inner world aligns with your outer world. Maybe it’s time to reflect on your inner home. Ask yourself, do I feel at home within myself? Feeling at home within oneself is all about acceptance. Once you are comfortable in your skin it is easier to shift that peaceful confident state to your outer world and manifest that secure home, just as the crab strengthens its shell.

Altar Ideas for The Cancer Moon:

· Tarot card: The Chariot (new beginnings, moving forward, protection)

· Candle Colors: green, blue, turquoise, white, silver

· Crystal Allies: moonstone (as if it wasn’t obvious), selenite, ruby, rose quartz, chrysoprase…add seashells and sea glass

· Herbs: sage, lemon balm, chamomile, rosemary, honeysuckle

· Oils: frankincense, cypress, rose, honeysuckle and patchouli

· Statues: Cancer rules mother figures so…Yemaya, Brighid, Bast, Demeter, Ashanti, Freya & Gaia

Bath Ritual for The Cancer New Moon:

There is such a soothing and regenerative power to water…why not cleanse your energy under the Cancer moon. Pour in some sea salt scented with some rose, ylang ylang or a fave of mine...frankincense with sweet orange. Submerge a crystal or 2 to charge your bath with the healing energy of the mineral world. Suggestion: moonstone, of course, which embodies feminine power and the energy of the moon itself. A few dried rose petals (organic) thrown in for its' calming effect on the nervous system.

No worries if you cannot actually see the Moon from your window—it’s there and you will feel its presence!

Happy New Moon, Lovelies


You have a passion for yoga and a desire to teach it. You probably know by now that yoga is much more than a series of postures that prioritize building flexibility, strength, and balance in the body. Instead, yoga postures are tools that teach flexibility, strength, and balance of the mind and heart.

In other words, yoga is not merely a practice but a way of life, and someday, you will be teaching beyond the poses. Inspiring your future students to search for what is deep within requires you to dive deeper into your own truth and the truth of yoga. Being the teacher and person you want to be means living your yoga. What better way to do this than to become completely immersed in the whole experience?

Becoming a 200-hour yoga teacher is one thing - something you can learn virtually anywhere. But enrolling in a 200-hour yoga teacher training immersion in Costa Rica will teach you and change you.

Yoga teacher training is a big decision. If you have found yourself unsure of where to do yours, here are a few reasons to consider the beautiful sacred lands of Costa Rica.

Exploring the Nature and Biodiversity

Many people might agree that Costa Rica is the place to go if you want to escape your everyday life for a while. This rainforested country with its beautiful beaches, coastlines, and volcanoes can attest to that. Exploring Costa Rica’s jungle filled with diverse wildlife will surely make you feel as though you’ve been transported to a new world. And while it truly is spectacular, we consider coming to Costa Rica less of an escape and more of a homecoming - a return to your biodiverse roots.

Costa Rica is the perfect place to come to reinforce and deepen your connection with nature. During your time here, you will begin to acclimate to not only the climate but the various habitats around you. You will start to feel rooted and grounded and more as if you belong. The more you settle in and become inspired by the beauty and wonder of all that is around you, it can ignite a newfound level of enthusiasm within you. A desire to learn more about yourself, what you have to offer this world, and what you can offer as a yoga teacher.

Throughout your yoga teacher training in Costa Rica, you may start to feel more carefree, confident, and open as your exploration of the world around you translates to and encourages exploration within.

Eating a Plant-Based Yogic Diet

Eating a yogic diet means eating fresh foods, whole and plant-based. In Ayurveda, a nourishing diet that values energizing and balancing the body is known as a sattvic diet. When you eat a plant-based diet and do not eat meat, you do not participate in animal cruelty. This way of eating and being observes the yogic principle known as “ahimsa,” or non-violence.

There is no denying that what you eat impacts your physical well-being and your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. A delicious plant-based yogic diet comprised of various fruits, grains, and tasty native dishes is what you will find in this destination training. In Costa Rica, you will experience how a healthy gut impacts a healthy mind to sustain both mind and body.

Staying in Eco Lodges

In what ways has yoga increased your awareness of what is around you? Has your deepened understanding and connection driven you to make changes and be kinder to your environment?

We love how yoga has a way of bringing the outer world inside you. Costa Rica is a beautiful place where students can foster a greater appreciation for the earth and the roofs over their heads.

If you haven’t yet noticed any shifts in your environmental consciousness through your yoga practice, it’s okay. Remember that yoga is a process. Yoga is a continuous journey to love, liberation, and healing. The more you focus on these things within yourself, mindful care for your environment tends to come naturally.

Still, it is vital as yogis to have more reverence for nature, and if we just dive into doing our part, we learn as we go. For our teacher training in Costa Rica, students will be staying in eco-lodges, which prioritize positively impacting the environment. Eco lodges use renewable energy sources and energy-efficient lighting to help achieve this. Eco lodges are also a place where the focus is on water preservation, reusing, and recycling.

We hope you will join us on this journey to Elysiana Waterfall, an Eco-Lodge & Retreat Center in the lush jungle near Dominical, Costa Rica. The waterfall, rivers, swimming holes, and hiking trails will provide an introspective experience and opportunity for you to slow down and focus on the miracle in front of and within you.

Yoga is a practice that teaches us that the illusion of separation is at the root of our suffering. That is why our course isn’t only designed to train you on how to teach. This course is a training that unites mind, body, soul.

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Hello Magical Beings!

June 24th…is Full Moon time again!!! And this my lovelies is the Strawberry Full Moon, so named because, well, it is strawberry season. However, this moon is also known as the mead moon, the hot moon, and the rose moon…Mead is the nectar of the Gods.

The Rose of the “Rose Moon” represents love more than any other flower. One legend has Brahma, the God of Creation, and Vishnu, the God of Protection debating about which flower was the most beautiful. Brahma favored the lotus while Vishnu preferred the rose. Upon seeing the lush rose arbor in Vishnu's celestial garden, Brahma conceded the argument.

There’s an undeniable magick that radiates throughout the night sky when the moon is

at its brightest. The vibes of this moon in the earthy, no-nonsense sign of Capricorn offer us the opportunity to truly evoke change…to bring new life to those projects and tasks we have been putting off. Capricorn is all about discipline and responsibility with the ability to see and bring about change. What do you need to consider now? What requires your attention? To truly evoke change, you have to work deep beyond the surface. With Capricorn ruled by Saturn and being attuned to the earth element, security and inner strength are of utmost importance…very root chakra. And as the Law of Attraction states, “The roots create the fruits.”

This is one of the sweetest full moons of the year arriving a few days after Summer Solstice and the end of Mercury retrograde. Go out and enjoy the sweetness that nature provides…a garden in bloom, fresh strawberries, and most of all let love flow all around you.


June's Rose moon, strawberry moon, and mead moon is a time for protection, making decisions, personal strength, love, and fertility. Charge a bowl of strawberries under the light of the full moon and consume them the following day to possess the power of the moon inside you.

“Light a few pink & white candles…make a circle of flowers and strawberries…sit or stand in the circle visualizing them protecting you…know that you are safe and relaxed… breathing deeply, close your eyes and feel the power of the moon pouring into your circle into you.”


The Moon and Love

“And if you are to love, love like the Moon loves. It doesn’t steal the night. It only unveils the beauty of the dark.”

The Power of The New Moon

New Moons are the most energetically charged lunar phase of the entire lunar cycle when it comes to love.

Hello Moonbeams!!!

June 10, 2021, … Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini, my loves! Things sure have been intense since the last eclipse. Have you felt the shimmering intensity in your own life? Eclipses thin the veil between the physical and spiritual allowing greater depth to our innate power of intuition. The full moon brought to the surface all kinds of buried shadows which the accompanying lunar eclipse was all too happy to let go of. Now the upcoming solar eclipse will not only reveal more of what’s in the shadows but whatever paths we have been clearing with last month’s Blood Moon will finally show us where we are heading…we are now at the door to a new beginning. This powerful portal combined with a New Moon Solar Eclipse amplifies the intensity of the healing through this period.

Gemini is the premier sign of change, saying one thing and doing another. Sound familiar? Represented by the twins- one mortal and the other spiritual/immortal-there may be some uncomfortable and seemingly clashing opportunities of change on the horizon-remember, we have double Sun-Moon energy going on now. These 2 eclipses signify it is time to find the deeper meaning and higher truth we need to survive. This is also the last Eclipse we will experience in Gemini until 2029, so whatever is planted now will create a ripple until this time.

We can usually expect Mercury-the celestial ruler of Gemini to really open up the dialog…but with the planet in retrograde until June 22 expect some cosmic mayhem on the horizon. Now might be a good time to slow down, reflect and make sure we have all the information we need before journeying on our new path. Keep calm, allow the messages to appear and surrender to what comes…trust that this New Moon Solar Eclipse will lead you to where you need to be going-the manifestation of a more evolved version of yourself.

Love Some Breath Work- Gemini is the first air sign of the zodiac, so this is an excellent time to focus on pranayama and breath work. It is pure magick what a couple of conscious deep breaths can do for your body and mind. Yoga tip-make it even more calming by taking a couple of deep breaths while in uttanasana.


When you experience physical body pain, how often do you pause to acknowledge that your physical ailment could be a manifestation of your emotional pain? Undesired or painful physical symptoms in the body are often linked to the negative thoughts, beliefs, feelings, or attitudes that we hold onto in our minds. And, as the mind and body are so intricately and closely connected, the longer we cling to these negative thoughts, the more it can impair our health.

Your emotions, whether positive or negative, can affect the physical state of your body. At the same time, how you take care of your body impacts your mental state. This complex mind-body connection serves as a reminder that if we want to heal ourselves, we must be willing to look at our entire being. The approach we must take to better our health is a holistic one that recognizes everything occurring within us is integral. So, while understanding and exploring emotional pain through the lens of the physical body isn't the most widely taken approach to overall health and wellness, it is an effective one.

Your optimal health and healing depend upon your ability to recognize the interdependence between your emotions and body to achieve balance. In other words, if one aspect of your health isn't working properly, it affects the others, which can ultimately harm your overall health and wellness.

Can you recall a time where you were feeling stressed out or anxious about something, so your heart started beating quickly, your palms began to sweat, and you got the feeling of having a knot in your stomach? These are just a few manifestations of emotions like anxiety or stress that most of us can relate to, and it's one way of understanding the fascinating linkage between the body and mind.

Constantly feeling anxious or stressed? We've put together a list of our top 25 techniques to reduce anxiety just for you!

Yet, many complex emotions and things occur in our minds constantly, which we do not always readily recognize or understand. It isn't easy to know how to heal ourselves or others if we cannot name the emotion or do not understand the cause. And, even if we are aware of our emotional turmoil or why it is occurring, we are not always the most mindful of pausing, reflecting, and addressing our mental health.

For all these reasons, exploring the body to pinpoint various sensations or areas of pain, tenderness, or discomfort is an incredibly helpful way to identify your emotions. For instance, you can notice and feel back pain more readily than you might recognize the emotional pain connected to it, which could be anything from feeling a lack of emotional or financial support to feeling hopeless or unloved.

It helps if you understand your emotions as energy in motion. Emotional pain can get stuck in the body, and it requires awareness and effort to keep it moving, or else it can contribute to pain, illness, or disease. You may have lingering emotional issues that you have swept under the rug for a long time, and it is important to be aware that this can ultimately lead to chronic pain.

This isn't some unconventional belief based on spirituality or mysticism - it is a real phenomenon. The more you get familiar with certain physical symptoms and their emotional connection, the more quickly you can identify the best first step on your path toward healing.

We have an entire lesson, in our yoga teacher training course where we explore a wide range of symptoms in the body and analyzing their emotional meaning. We’ve got a free preview here just for you.

"Exploring Emotional Pain in the Body with Jolie"

Our goal is not necessarily for you to study or memorize these connections, but more importantly, to use them to understand yourself and your unique needs better. Together we will look at diagrams of both the front and back body that illuminate various areas of the body and show what each one represents emotionally. For example, jaw problems or tension could indicate feelings of anger or resentment, and a rash can mean feeling irritated over delays, signifying an immature way to elicit attention.

We will also go over health conditions and illnesses that do not always show up the same or in a particular area of the body but show up due to a general fear or unhelpful way of being. For instance, numbness might show up in different physical locations but represents withholding love and consideration.

In this free course preview, you will be exploring your body, taking notes on any areas of your body that are tender, sore, or painful. You will be using this body exploration to see if you can learn anything new about yourself and create affirmations surrounding your issues to address and heal.

Want to dive deeper? See the full 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course outline here and get $500 off if you register before the end of the month! Our goal is for you to finish this course feeling willing and prepared to explore your pain and release and transform through yoga. There are no right or wrong answers here - only exploration.


Meanings & Intentions:

New Moon - new beginnings, turning inward

Waxing Crescent - setting intentions, planting seeds

Quarter Moon - begin taking action

Waxing Gibbous - respond to life's reaction and adjust

Full Moon - reap what you sowed, receive

Waning Gibbous - embrace gratitude, share your gifts

Quarter Moon - cleanse and release

Waning Crescent – surrender

Hey Moonbeams …

The Full Moon on Wednesday May 26th is definitely the time to look up! This is the only total lunar eclipse of the year. A total lunar eclipse happens when the earth is lined up between the moon and the sun, creating a shadow that gives the moon that red/orange glow-hence the name blood moon. Spring’s final full moon is also known as a Full Flower Moon. Indigenous tribes in eastern North America called it a Full Flower Moon to signify the colorful blossoms of this time.

As the eclipse arrives with a shadow crossing over the moonlight, it’s anyone’s guess what truths will be revealed. Eclipses always follow cycles and generally come in pairs-the Lunar Eclipse, which falls on the Full Moon and a Solar Eclipse which falls on the New Moon. Wednesday brings us Sagittarius Full Moon Total Eclipse and on Thursday June 10th we have a Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse. The time between these two pairs of Eclipses is considered the Eclipse Gateway and is a period that usually lasts for about 2 weeks. It’s kinda like having an extra potent full moon every night-a peak time for manifestation. The thing with Eclipses is that they represent portals that elevate and push us, shining a light on what is needed to change. Use this time to connect with your inner, true self. Also in astrology, a blood moon eclipse is said to bring sudden change or a need to transform or shift our lives in a new direction. Having a lunar eclipse in the free- spirited sign of Sag will allow us to set our intentions and aim our arrows in that direction, knowing within that any transformations that unfold are part of your evolution.

Under the lunar eclipse we also are gifted the energy to be able to see people &

situations in a new light. Lunar eclipses are a time to let go and surrender, to release, purge, and do what is best for your soul. Paired with the Sagittarius Full Moon the eclipse will help us see deeper and offer a shifting energy that many of us have been praying for. Can you feel the shift? Are you ready to be guided on a completely different path? Then just breathe and surrender…the revelations and changes just might rock your world.

Moondust and Love to you always, Debbi

Full Moon Eclipse Moon Water

I LOVE everything about Moon Water and plan to make some Wednesday and each night of those powerful interim weeks between eclipses. Moon Water has many energetic and magickal purposes and uses…. it can be used like blessing water… it can be used to enhance your spells and rituals…it can be used to anoint money to increase wealth…to anoint yourself to increase psychic awareness… and so much more.

Step-By-Step Guide:

1. On the night of the full moon, place a clear quartz crystal in a jar of purified water. (Can also make by the gallon).


Hello Moonbeams!!!

As we relax days after Beltane, it is time to ask ourselves:

What do I need in order to feel happy fulfilled and yes, loved. Taurus, like spring, is bursting with new life, but after all the crazed energies of the last 2 months, we are being encouraged to trust our instincts and deepen our embodiment to our own sexuality. This New Moon on May 11, 2021 (at 2:59 PM EDT) will usher us into eclipse season with a Super Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse at month’s end…a time of shifts and transformation. So, before all that how about some fun?

May is such a lusty month…flowers blooming, the warmth of the sun, fertility and of course the lusty celebration of Beltane to start it all. And just to cement all that…Taurus is ruled by the sensual lover Venus. Mmm-hmm. There will be no holding back. Now is the time for all those self-care rituals you have been putting off. You know the ones…massages with scented oils, aromatic baths and any beauty treatments that include rose. Historically, the flower itself was a symbol of female sexuality and the oil & rosewater were often used in magical rituals to honor Venus. This mind-blowing flower is often connected with love, romance and forgiveness and is said that it can soften even the hardest of hearts.

I know, I know: Taurus wants to indulge and that is what I am saying, right? However, this moon also gives us the space to make plans, organize our thoughts and connect us with the strength of self-worth needed to navigate the intense changes which will occur during eclipse season. For all the procrastinators out there, don’t fret if you haven't gotten your intentions totally outlined. Deep down in your sub conscious you already know what your intentions should be- your conscious mind just needs to catch up. Under the influence of this Taurus moon our thoughts turn to grounding, a strong solid earthy foundation on which to stand. Ground your bare feet into Mother Earth and express your gratitude for all the abundance she provides. This will also help you detox your body, reduce inflammation, and help you relax as you glide through May with a harmonious, romantic ease. As witches know, the new moon is an excellent time to shine! So go ahead my loves, you have no idea how brightly you glow!

Blessed Be


The words you use have power. Even if it's unintentional, your words can have a profound negative impact on your yoga practice. When used consciously, words can be an incredibly positive force. Substituting high vibrational verbiage for discouraging or abrasive language can be the difference between spiritual awakening and trauma.

Today we're sharing 26 words and phrases that have no business being in your yoga practice. We'll also give you some great alternatives to replace them with so you can continue to progress on your journey to your best self!

UM/ SO/ LIKE/ HERE- These are all filler words and create an energy that comes across as being unsure. Practice removing filled space with expansive words or breath expression.

YOU KNOW- This is an assumption/ filler word/ people come to yoga to learn depth. Take this entirely out of your teaching speech.

KILL- Kill your ego... kill your self (Bikram)... my so and so is killing me..... Remove any language that indicates the word kill in it. Not only is it a low vibrational word, but it is also a manifesting word that allows dis-ease in those around you and yourself.

SHOULD/ NEED- These are judgment words. Avoid "You should feel this, or you need to feel that." Replace these phrases through explorative speech such as "You may begin to feel..." or "Explore through sensation..."

ING words- Be as present with your directions as possible. Be in the now. Place vs. placing, breath vs. breathing, inhale vs. inhaling, etc...

OUR/WE/LET'S- Speak to the individual as you teach. When speaking of human characters, it is acceptable to use a collective form.

REACH- Creates space for unaligned postures and compromises the integrity of the joint. Exchange this phrase for words like extend, lift, float, enhance, expand, lengthen, contract and press.

GUNNA- Truly, let go of this word while you're teaching.

Want even more yoga language tips? Try our Yoga Teacher Training Module on Effective Language In Asana, totally free!

YOU/YOU'LL WANNA- Exchange for create, explore, invite.

GOING TO- Swap for create, advance, open, step into, explore

COMING INTO- can become redundant and out of the present tense. Instead, use come to, expand, advance, create depth, or a simple direction.

SPREAD- This is a trauma word and can be anxiety inducing. You can spread love, joy, happiness. All other body parts replace this word with extend, outward, expand, lengthen to, widen, and place apart from.

TOUCH YOURSELF- This is a trauma/trigger phrase. Instead, use place a hand, add depth by, press your hand into.

FEEL YOURSELF- this is a trauma/trigger phrase- other options - witness yourself, experience the sensations of.

I WANT YOU TO...- This is a forceful demand. Instead, substitute for invite, explore, explore the sensation, try, invoke, create.

MAYBE- This word can be used to find exploration after you have given proper placement. Be directive, then open the door for options. Use sparingly as when used too often, it gives the effect of uncertainty.

THAT...- Ex: that leg, those hands, the foot. Personalize the practice by using your foot, your hand, etc.

WE- If it's a personalized movement, pretend that there is only one person in the room. You can say we as a collective description to the human force.

JUST- "I just teach yoga." Just is a dangerous one. Using it reduces something to trivial, insignificant. When you feel this word start to come up, use it as a powerful reminder to declare boldly and with pride.

Want even more yoga language tips? Try our Yoga Teacher Training Module on Effective Language In Asana, totally free!

DON'T- The phrase "I don't" is an affirmation of your determination and willpower. When using don't, you can choose that for your personal power and will when making decisions and directions for yourself, to write or use in speech to others. "Don't" gives the same effect as "should." It is a judgment. Create an invitation to more instead of don't do this or don't do that.

BUT- Leave this out of your teaching verbiage altogether. This is the number one stagnant word of the English language and devalues anything you stated before the placement. Exchange for however, furthermore, etc.

CAN'T- Same as with "never." Every time we say can't, it's a declaration that whatever it is we aren't yet able to do is ultimately out of reach. The truth is, how do we know? Tell yourself you can, always. And keep practicing until you get it.

WRONG (OR RIGHT)- If you're breathing, focusing, and staying fully present, you're doing yoga. Obsessing over doing Warrior Two "right" implies there's only one way to do it. Fact is, none of us look the same in Warrior Two, and even the same person may look different on any given day. Every yogi is unique, bringing to the practice his/her own genetic code and fascinating yoga journey.

PERFECT- Coming to yoga class allows you to fail (first attempt in learning), to be imperfect, with no repercussions. Our practices grow stronger by playing on the edge of our limits, falling out of poses, and letting out our emotions. Perfection doesn't belong on the yoga mat or in life, and no one is perfect. We practice every day to serve the self to serve others.

FIGHT- Fight or flight is part of life. Using the word fight in life allows "fight" to manifest.

F#!$?%!*- Cursing is a direct route into frustration and even anger. Notice what happens to your heart rate, your breath, and your jaw when you inwardly curse. Even if you aren't cursing aloud, the yogi next to you will surely feel the negative energy. So flip it around and choose love.

How about you? Do you avoid these words during your yoga practice? Bring your attention to the words you use in your next yoga practice and see what words come up for you. We encourage you to seek out more loving, supportive alternatives to complement your practice.

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