Grounding is an excellent way to put all your bad memories, experiences, and thoughts behind you. Any challenging emotions you might be faced with or even any frightening flashbacks you confront can be removed with the assistance of grounding techniques.


Distracting yourself from anxious feelings is something we all must do from time to time. This is how we are able to focus more on the present moment and enjoy it. If you are interested in what these techniques can do for you, then continue reading this detailed blog post. Make no mistake; the benefits are plenty. The space you will be able to create will start shielding you from anxiety, depression, bad mood, PTSD, and stress and will improve your overall well-being.


If you feel like you are in distress, many grounding techniques can provide you with relaxation and calmness. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  1. Place your hands under water – this is an excellent technique where you need to focus on your hands. Focus on the water they are in and notice how it feels on your fingertips, your skin, your palms, and even on the back of your hands. Start doing this with warm water, and then switch to cold. Then, try reverse – cold water first, warm second. Do you start to notice how it feels on your skin?
  2. Focus on items that surround you – this means you should start picking them up or at least touching them. Notice their texture, their weight, and their temperature. Focus on each item. Also, think in color. When you see an object and touch it, challenge yourself to think of a more specific color name instead of just naming it red, green, or blue. Instead, try navy, emerald, and crimson.
  3. Inhale and exhale –breathing is one of the most important grounding techniques that can lead you to relaxation. Deeply inhale, then exhale. If it will help your process, you can breathe in each time you take a breath, and breathe out each time you release the air. Make sure to feel each breath as it enters and exits your body.
  4. Foods are great – it doesn’t even have to be food, it can be a small sip of a beverage – anything that can make your body feel another sensation than the distress you are currently in. Take a small taste and savor it. Acknowledge all the notes and sub notes of the bite or sip and focus on that.
  5. Walk around – there is nothing more relaxing than the feeling of walking in nature. If you start feeling like you need a little bit of time out, then it is time to take a walk. Nature is always a nice place to gather your feelings and thoughts. Focus on each step you are making and even count the steps if you feel like you need to. Try maintaining a rhythm and focus on it too. If everything else fails, you can always focus on your feet. How does it feel when your feet touch the ground? Can you describe that feeling?
  6. Hold a piece of ice – even though this is pretty straightforward, it is an excellent technique that will lead you to relaxation. Take a piece of ice and hold it in your hands. Can you describe what it feels like? Do you notice it slowly melting in your palms? How does the sensation last on your palms once the ice has melted away?
  7. Listen to everything around you – take a deep breath and start grounding yourself by focusing on all the noises that surround you. Whether it is the ticking of a clock, cars going up and down a road, the sound of the TV, the air conditioner, maybe birds, dogs, cats, people chatting, or telephones ringing. Let yourself be absorbed by the sound around you, and acknowledge where you are.
  8. Try the 12345 method – this is one of the best grounding techniques there are. You start by working your way up from five to one, but the main goal is to notice things around you. Start with five things you can hear. Continue with four things you can see. Then, three things you can touch. Two things you can smell. And finally, one thing you can taste. In this exercise, it is important to recognize everything around you. It is the only way to complete the exercise completely and without any obstacles.
  9. Feel the body – the body is an amazing thing, but sometimes we need to be reminded of it. You should be able to do this either sitting or standing. You need to focus on your entire body, starting from head to toe, or the other way around. Start noticing your hair that falls on your shoulders or your forehead, around the face. Also, start noticing the shirt that you are wearing, and its weight. Do you feel it on your shoulders and body? Notice your arms and hands. How does your heartbeat sound? Is it slow or is it fast? Think about your stomach and how that makes you feel. Are you full or are you hungry? Finally, think about your feet too. Are they firm on the ground? Have you crossed your legs? Focusing on everything, your fingers and toes included will give you some grounding space and can help you get back to normal.

If you are unsure of when to use the grounding techniques, just remember that this is something you should have handy in those cases of severe distress. Give yourself the time every day to check in on yourself and see how you are doing. If you feel like you need to practice to achieve a complete state of relaxation, then so be it!

Consider these the most powerful tools in your fight against distressing thoughts. If you are having trouble with using any of these tools, it is more than okay to contact a professional who would be able to help you with that. The most important thing to remember is that you can ground yourself whenever you start feeling uncomfortable.


Years of research have proven that the Earth can transfer energy from the ground into our bodies. And what’s great is that we can connect to its natural energy by walking barefoot on sand, grass, dirt, or even rock.

The most fascinating thing though, is that this practice has been connected to relieving pain, chronic fatigue, and many other ailments that people may deal with on a daily basis. Thanks to this ritual your body takes all the free electrons from the surface the moment your bare feet touch the soil.

The energy of the Earth is amazing, and the best thing about it is that you can approach this unique practice in many ways. For example, today, we will talk about this beneficial ritual, what it can do to the mind and body, and of course, earthing for home and how to perform it. So stay tuned, and let's look into this subject together!


Some of the most important benefits of earthing include:

  • An increase in vitality and energy
  • Deeper sleep
  • Eliminating or lessening chronic pain
  • Reduces the level of inflammation in the body
  • Lowers stress by promoting calmness in the body
  • Improves blood pressure
  • Relieves headaches, migraines, and muscle pains
  • Betters blood flow within vital organs
  • Promotes a faster healing period from injuries


If you are experiencing higher stress levels, then go outside barefoot for a walk for at least half an hour and see the difference it will have on your body. You can either sit, stand, or walk on concrete, grass, dirt, or sand. All of these surfaces can transmit the energy from the Earth onto you. Carpet, asphalt, wood, or painted concrete will not work for you, especially because they are not surfaces that can transmit the flow of electrons.

This is how you will be able to experience the power of the Earth and the healing energy it can provide.



Both! However, in those cases, when you feel like you are unable to go outside to experience the power of our planet, you can do it in the comfort of your home. There are many earthing products out there that have proven to be especially effective – they include mats, sheets, grounding shoes, pillows, wrist bands, and much more. And they are all designed to suit a specific need.


If you want to start using some of these products, the beauty of it is that you can set them up in your home and use them almost every day, sometimes without even noticing. Use them while you are sitting in front of your computer or TV, or maybe while you are sleeping.



We have just mentioned the innovative products that people have created in order to place themselves a little closer to the ground. It seems like everyone wants to feel this healing energy that goes directly into the body. While you are indoors, all of those conductive materials and wires can help you achieve the goal. This is how the connection to our planet is made easy, simple, and convenient. It works the same way taps do – they provide us with water, so these helpful tools can provide us with the energy of the Earth. Here is what you can do:

  • Go directly to the mother source and use a ground rod. Make sure to insert the rod in moist soil, around your home or your office. After that, it is connected to a door or a window and is attached to an earthing product, such as a mat or a sheet.
  • The power points in the home are usually earthed. This is why we can take advantage of this very easily by inserting a custom design plug into the powerboard you will be using. If you want to experience earthing for home, then all you will need to do is connect the plug to the mat or sheet with a wire. Note that, in this process, there are no electrical wires used.



Conductive earthing products have been specifically created to provide the energy of the Earth to the body in a simpler way. Thanks to it, we can harness the energy without any issues and with complete ease. It is even easier to maintain the balance of reaping the benefits every day. Enjoying longevity is also a part of the advantages, especially in this case. You don’t have to take any pills, you don’t have to use any lotions, and you don’t need to schedule an appointment and show up for it afterward.



If you are looking for even more alternative ways to feel the power and the magic that comes with earthing, then you can even do the following:

  • Lay flat on the ground
  • Swim in an ocean or in a lake
  • Tend to your garden with bare hands
  • Hug or lean against a tree
  • While camping, try to sleep on the ground
  • Wearing natural or leather shoes can be very helpful too


Indoor grounding products are an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to experience earthing at home. This practice is a lovely way to do what is right while enjoying what is good for you too. All you need to do is plug your product in, and you are ready to go. Experience the pleasures of nature with the help of these items! You will be amazed by their numerous benefits!

If you would like some further assistance with this ritual, you are more than welcome to contact us or check out our other blog posts on the topic for more information. We would be happy to provide you with some tips and tricks when it comes to grounding. And we can always offer our wellness courses, treatments, and retreats. Try to center yourself and do that in a way that allows for a positive change in your body.


Hello Moonbeams!!!

"A new moon teaches gradualness and deliberation and how one gives birth to oneself slowly. Patience with small details makes perfect a large work, like the universe. What nine months of attention does for an embryo forty early mornings will do for your gradually growing wholeness." - Rumi

On September 25th (5:54pm EST), the New Moon in Libra initiates fresh ways to balance the scales in your life and open the door to new beginnings. Arriving mere days after Autumn Equinox, a time charged with strong energy, this new moon in Libra will be even more powerful.  New moons generally mark a time for possibility, a chance to plant seeds for something to grow, and with Libra at the helm we are reminded to focus on embracing harmony, love and balance in the weeks ahead.

Because this new moon takes place in Libra and Venus is Libra’s ruling planet, love is definitely in the picture. But, wait, consider where Venus is right now-in practical serious Virgo, not the pleasure and sweet love seeking vibe Venus strives for. However, 2022 is a “6” Universal Year (2+0+2+2=6) and in tarot, that translates to the Lovers card, so all is good, my loves!

We follow this moon into the shapeshifting season of the witch. So, be fierce, my beauties as ‘tis the season of letting go. Under the dark beauty of this Libra Moon, we can all feel the shift into the darker season ahead. This is essentially the real spiritual new year as it gives birth to the new cycle. And, finally, as we spread the seeds of what we wish to manifest during this perfect New Moon let us take a page from the Four Paths of Yoga and focus on what benefits humanity. Remember, beautiful yogis, when you allow your true self to shine through, your soul will truly sparkle! (in pretty shoes, of course!).

Wishing you a Blessed New Moon and a Happy Birthday to all us Libra girls -it's no secret we rock the world-in a balanced sorta way!



Most people are unaware that the Earth is a large battery, and it contains a certain kind of energy within. Did you know that you can benefit from it? This is why the subject of today is grounding with the Earth.

The technique, also known as earthing, is considered to be a therapeutic practice that involves doing activities on the ground. It is a ritual best known for being powerful because of the electrical charges and their positive effect on the body.

It is even considered a type of therapy, but it is not quite the same as the one used in mental health treatment. Today, we will explore the power of grounding, the energy that comes with it, and all the benefits it can bring, as well as how to perform it. So, read on to find out more!


As the technique of grounding with the earth applies to people, it can achieve several things. The electric earthing will make you feel centered, balanced, strong, solid, less stressed, and much less tense. Plus, it will make your entire body and mind feel good!


When it comes to grounding, there are several popular types to consider. The most favored are those that will help you the most while reconnecting to Earth. Now, let's look at some of the best options:

-          Walk barefoot – has it ever occurred to you to walk barefoot on the grass on a hot summer day? This is considered to be one of the easiest ways to keep yourself grounded. Whether it is grass, sand, or even mud, you can feel yourself connecting to Earth once again while you are walking barefoot. The natural surface will help provide you with plenty of grounding energy.

-          Lay on the ground – skin contact with the Earth has been proven to be one of the most therapeutic activities. Lying on the floor is an excellent way to achieve that. You can do it anywhere you like – whether it is lying on the grass in a park or lying on the sand at the beach; we are certain you will achieve what you need to. The only thing you should remember here is that whenever you decide to ground yourself, you should take the necessary precautions. This means that you should be careful that you do this in an area where you wouldn't end up being injured.

-          When in water – according to some experts, the water can be used for earthing the same way the floor can be used for the process. If you are uncertain about how to approach it, wading in a clear lake or taking a swim in the ocean is an excellent way of grounding with the Earth. Of course, the one thing you need to be careful of is to stay safe at all times when you go swimming. This especially goes for those people who like to go into deep or murky waters.

-          The right equipment is a must – when you want to begin earthing, but the above activities are not an acceptable option for you, there are always some alternatives. One of the methods of this ritual involves taking a metal rod – this is then inserted into the ground and connected to the body with the help of a wire or two.


If you are not feeling very comfortable with this option, then you should make a note of the other equipment for grounding available to you. Some of these items can be extremely helpful, especially if you want to incorporate this calming process into your daily life, without fuss. Some of the best products include grounding socks or mats, bands, patches, and even blankets and sheets. You can find all of these products very easily online and in some specialized stores.



When it comes to the benefits of this process, people have claimed that it has brought them many improvements. Some of its advantages include:

- The release of chronic pain – for many people that have been experiencing chronic pain for a lengthy period, the technique of grounding with the Earth has helped them release some of the pain and feel better. Ultimately, these individuals have continued with the ritual and enjoyed significantly lower levels of pain in the long term.

Getting rid of chronic fatigue – some massage therapists have reported that they have experienced lower fatigue levels after a couple of weeks of treatment on grounding mats. This is considered to be a revolutionary discovery that may change the approach to health and exercise.

Depression and anxiety – there have been some studies that have proven the effects of grounding therapy on people’s moods. After about an hour of practicing this ritual, people have been noticeably better, and their mood has significantly improved.

Improved sleeping pattern – with earthing therapy, massage therapists have also experienced an improved sleeping pattern. Grounding with the Earth has proven to be an excellent way to get back those healthy sleeping patterns.

Cardiovascular diseases – last but not least, one of the best effects of the long-term grounding technique includes reduced blood pressure levels in people who have previously been dealing with hypertension. This is another tidbit of excellent news we can share with you!


Many health professionals confirm the benefits of grounding are both countless and amazing. They come from the simple realization that you are connected to the Earth. And it has proven to be an excellent technique that focuses on aligning your energy with that of the Earth. You can perform it inside and outside, with or without additional equipment. The only thing that you should have in mind is that you should always be aware of your surroundings, especially when you are outside. This is how you will ensure yourself that you are safe before you begin the process of grounding with the Earth.

If you are interested in delving more into the holistic approaches to a better self, don’t hesitate to contact us! We can provide you with wellness training, courses, and retreats that you will love!



Sleep is an incredibly important part of life; afterall, we spend a third of our lives sleeping. It is the only way for the body and mind to relax, recharge, and give us the energy to spend another active day. Still, many people find themselves lying in bed at night, unable to get a good night of rest!

Everyday life can make you feel stressed and anxious. If you do not take precautions and steps to wind down and make your mind feel lighter before you drift off, over time, chronic stress may create some big issues for you. And one of those issues will be the disrupted cycle of sleep.

So, when you find yourself in a situation where you are struggling to shut your eyes, relax your mind and drift off, then it might be high time you start looking for a solution. This process requires a specific and gentle approach. So, don’t push yourself too far because that will only defy the purpose of relaxing and unwinding before going to bed.

Once you start looking into the different methods of relaxation, you will surely come across the use of crystals to help sleep. You should utilize these gems to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. Crystals have been used for centuries to improve the consistency and depth of sleep and to heal and restore your body and mind by supporting your slumbering journey. They are naturally filled with properties that will help battle insomnia and any other disruptions during the night. After a short period, falling asleep will become a natural process for you.


Crystals are a fantastic life support tool because they can help us spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Many types of crystals can help sleep, so today, we will delve deeper into learning about the best ones. The goal of this blog post is to help you have happy dreams, which is what we will achieve!

Take as an example the practice of yoga. Your entire body and mind will calm when you do yoga or meditate. When people cannot achieve relaxation through stretching, they tend to take a small crystal and hold it in their hands while doing a particular pose. This is an excellent way to calm your mind and any thoughts that may be racing through your head. Those suffering from insomnia may visualize their dreams and nights of uninterrupted sleep while they meditate with the crystals in their hand.

Since these gemstones have amazing powers, why not try to combat insomnia with them? We are delighted to help you on this journey and assure you that you will start enjoying the results.


One of the most widely used crystals to help sleep is amethyst. It is a type of quartz that will give you the serenity and calmness needed to fall asleep. Plus, it will help to put aside all those overwhelming thoughts that occupy the entirety of your mind, thus helping to relax you. Removing negative energy is an important part of ensuring a good nights rest; amethyst will aid you with that. It is also used to help people who suffer from frequent nightmares. We think this is a truly marvelous crystal and one that will accelerate your sleep process.

Another extremely helpful crystal you could use is selenite. When talking about this stone from a visual point of view, it is very similar to clear quartz, and it gives out this aura of pureness and uninterruptedness. It is no wonder that this stone represents serenity and peace. Since it is transparent and does not have much color, it reflects how your mind should look before you slumber.

Your mind should be clear, empty, and feel light just before you go to bed - you should not carry the weight of your thoughts and feelings with you if you want a successful night of rest. Selenite will help you eliminate all the negative energy and stress and prepare you for the relaxation activity that is sleeping. This is one of the best relaxation tools to enhance your overall holistic experience.

Blue Sapphire is another excellent gem that will aid restful sleep; simply meditate with it before you turn down for the night or keep the stone beside your bed. It is believed to aid deep sleep specifically, with fans professing to 7 hours of straight rest every evening! The other benefits of blue sapphire include mental clarity, stronger intuition, and the ability to ban depression! Also, Citrine is known to bring inspiring dreams if you keep it next to your bed so it’s another good option to encourage a restful night.

If you are looking for more crystals to help sleep, and want to look into specific issues, then look at the table below! We have separated each one into a scheme that will help you differentiate them - this is how you will best determine the right crystal for you, based on your needs.

Peaceful sleep

Rose quartz, fluorite, green calcite

Anxiety and sleep

Amethyst, red tiger’s eye, rhodochrosite


Opal, ruby, howlite, moonstone

Nightmares and bad dreams

Citrine, epidote, black tourmaline

Relaxation and sleep

Sapphire, celestite, sugilite

Sleep apnea

Lapis lazuli, jasper, quartz


Selenite, blue kyanite, blue calcite


Shungite, garnet, malachite


If you choose any of the above crystals to help you sleep, we assure you they will do wonders for your health, and you will feel rejuvenated! And you will finally start experiencing that sense of inner happiness that the body feels when it is well rested.

If you feel like you need some assistance in your journey back to health, then, please get in touch! A healthy lifestyle community is available for you just a click away! Become a member today and revel in all the possibilities of a wholesome life. With the help of our programs, training, and courses, you will unleash the potential of your body and mind and thus experience the full holistic wellness approach to life.



Some people have beautiful gardens and spend a lot of their spare time maintaining and filling them with different types of plants and flowers. However, you might find yourself among those people who don't have a knack for gardening.

If you're one of those individuals who have difficulty maintaining their lawn, don't worry; there are plenty of options for you to try. And today, we will delve deeper into an interesting option for your outdoor space – how to create a crystal garden which is easy to assemble and maintain. A win-win! What's great, too, is that the crystals will boost your plants' energy so you can enjoy more vibrant greenery in your garden.


The use of crystals and other precious stones has become more popular recently, thanks to their healing powers. Would you believe the practice of crystal healing has been present for more than a thousand years? And it is believed that each stone possesses a different healing property, which means that each stone can be used to treat different ailments. Since the discovery of their powers, these precious stones have been used in the healing process of people, animals, and plants.

There are many holistic healers nowadays that use this approach with great success. And this is one of the reasons we suggest introducing a crystal garden to your outdoor space! The stones represent different elements – earth, water, air, and fire- and they will add balance and health to your plot.

Even if you don’t believe in the wonders of crystals, you can use them to decorate the garden. You can add some small ones in succulent containers, bird baths, or fountains, or mark out the trails in your garden. Anywhere you place them, they will be an excellent addition to the garden, and your plants will love them!

Let’s take a look at some crystals that are bound to make a difference to your space -

  • Clear quartz – this gem is one of the most commonly used in the holistic approach to healing. Positive energy, emotions, and good vibrations will be immediately present once you place this quartz in your garden. You will also notice the surrounding plants will grow and heal at a faster rate as a result! Crystal quartz is available in any shape you like - whether it be small, large, polished, or not, they will do their job. Quartz has also been reported to help tomato plants become stronger and should keep diseases and pests at bay.
  • Moss agate –  is best known as the crystal of the gardener. With its distinct light green color, this will be the reason your lawn starts to flourish. You can find this gem in a polished or rough state, but its beauty will still shine. It will provide you with a connection to the earth and will maintain a sense of balance in the garden. This crystal is an average-sized rock, so its versatility makes it easy to add wherever you like - whether it is to a pot of succulents, right next to your favorite cactus, or dotted throughout the entire space, these agates may just be the perfect pick for you.
  • Tiger’s eye– this is a crystal that has a very specific brown color. But sometimes you can find it in grey with gold veins or white. The Tiger's Eye captures the essence of nature through its holographic effect, which is best seen in bright light. If you want to create a healthy crystal garden, this crystalline is the one to consider. After all, the secret to a successful garden consists of harmony, growth, and happiness, which can provide each of these elements!
  • Citrine– as the name suggests, this is a yellowish gem, but you can also find it in orange or gold. Since its color is so vivid, the statement of this is bold, too - it promotes the healing properties of the sun! The citrine is not your average yellow stone that only provides a vibrant decoration - your plants will enjoy its presence, and you will soon notice them flourishing. If you want to eliminate all the negative energies and toxins that circulate in your garden, then this is the crystal you need.

Promote happiness all around your outdoor plot, and add citrine anywhere you see fit.

  • Rhyolite– if you are one of those people that appreciates a splash of color, then, why not incorporate vibrancy into your crystal garden? This rock is available in various colors, such as green, gray, brown, orange, gold, and more. And depending on where you live, the color of the rhyolite will vary. If you add it to your garden, you've made a good choice because your plants will enjoy the fortitude, balance, and perseverance it provides.
  • Moonstone– llast but not least, the moonstone is another very famous crystal that many people turn to if they want to make a positive change to their outdoor space and overall life. This is a white gemstone, but sometimes it can even look cloudy. And we think it will be a dreamy addition to your outdoor space, providing some relaxation and peace. It is most commonly added to moon gardens, which contains plants and flowers that reflect the moonlight!

Overall this gemstone will provide an aura of health and fertility to your lawn, and your plants will be the first ones to feel it.

No matter where you place the crystals in your garden, they are bound to deliver excellent results! And their healing vibrations will bring your plants back to life. If you happen to have a specific fondness for crystals, you can even wear them around your neck while doing your gardening. The healing energy will root itself into the soil, and the plants will use that energy to grow to lengths you would never expect!

The mystic feeling that comes with enjoying a healthy lifestyle is something you should experience first-hand. So, why not join our healthy lifestyle community and enjoy all the perks that come with it? Start by getting signed up for our training courses and experience the full benefits that come from nurturing a healthy version of yourself.


Autumn calls and we know that the season of darkness, transformation and introspection is drawing near. Ushering in autumn equinox (the start of fall) is the Full Harvest Moon on September 10th,one day after Mercury goes into retrograde.  Dreamy Pisces rules this moon, inviting us to release control, surrender and let go...there is a vast ocean out there. However, these 2 events opening up back-to-back may cause you to feel a bit out of sorts, scattered and unsettled. If so, trust your gut, and come back to your center and follow the wisdom of Neptune and release control, let go of the mental chatter and let dreams and inspiration rule. Ebbing and flowing like the sea, it is time to add some water.

First make sure you drink enough, after all we are pretty much made of the stuff, huh? And, for those lucky ones with a tub, it is definitely the night for a magical crystal bath.  If you can spend some time near a river, lake or ocean do so. ⁠When I am at the water’s edge of the soothing waters here in Key West, something mystical seems to happen as I gaze into the blue sea. I begin to hear the truth as I draw my down the power of the moon goddesses all. Whatever you choose to do, any shadows are bound to rise up, but, no worries, you may now see them in a new way the wheel turns towards year end, it is time to follow the stars and manifest a new reality and a new world. 

So, fill some jugs with water and a crystal or 2 and set them out for moon water. Adding a piece of selenite to honor Selene, Goddess of the Moon. Then something sure to bring on some moonlight magick. A special treat for your listening delight… my favorite September Song…

Come dancing on this most magical night and let healing and blessings flow


Whenever you find yourself alone in a room, a part of you is aware of your surroundings, and this can result in bringing out a side of you that you only show to yourself. Every person has a side that they only show to themselves and no one else. There is a term that can explain this, and it is called the shadow self. In psychology, this helped coin a term that explains the so-called dark side of people’s psyche.

In this blog post, we will look deeper into this term as well as investigate how you can heal yourself with some incredible shadow work prompts!


Before discussing shadow work prompts, one should properly understand what shadow work is. In reality, this term has nothing to do with the bad side of people or the hidden side of individuals. In most cases, the shadow self reflects the desires that our inner child holds on to. People wish to be viewed the same way as their other parts, and shadow work can help anyone uncover these wishes and desires.

So, if you feel like you have some hidden wishes, feelings, memories, and thoughts that you would like to purge and bring to the surface, integrate the below prompts into your life and start your process of healing.

Bring peace to yourself by focusing on these shadow work prompts. This is an excellent way for you to heal and grow. Even though this practice may seem a bit strange at first, it is a lovely way to challenge yourself and all of your negative beliefs. Before beginning with this, add a mental note to yourself – even though you are healing, the mind might recognize these prompts and connect them with negative feelings.

Now, each shadow work prompt is designed to serve a unique purpose. This is why you should trust the process and the end goal – improving yourself.


Once you start your journey of healing and growth, you will learn soon enough that this process is a necessary step. Take a look at some of the most important shadow work prompts here.

  1. First and most importantly, you need to know what you want to achieve with the shadow work.
  1. Next, think about how you think people view you. Would they describe you with good or with bad words? Also, take notes of how that makes you feel. Does it make you feel good, or does it make you feel bad?
  1. No matter how painful it is, think about one of the worst experiences you have ever had. It can be anger, sadness, rejection, loneliness, etc. Why do you feel so much of that emotion? Do you know where the source of that is? Try to locate it.
  1. Do you experience any difference between being rational and being impulsive? Have you recently had a situation where you felt one or the other? Examine your feelings and whether you can justify feeling the way you felt.
  1. Being judgemental is something most people deal with subconsciously. Think about any situation where you might judge the actions or opinions of other people, all the while seeming completely innocent.
  1. Do you have healthy boundaries in all your relationships? Is there a particular case where you could benefit from having a stronger relationship? Think about what has prevented you so far from creating a stronger connection. Also, when it comes to the boundaries of other people, do you respect them? Or do you just seem like you do?
  1. Think about your core values. Note what they are and check with each of them – whether you are living by those values or not. If not, then check if there is something you could do to make yourself more in line with how you want to live your life. Another aspect to look at this is to check if your core values are the same as the ones that your parents/caregivers had. If they are different from theirs, think about why that is so.
  1. Nowadays, influence is everything. Influencing other people or being influenced seems to mean a lot more to people than it did in the past. If someone impacts you, think about why that is. Do they have a good or a bad effect on you? How healthy is that relationship?
  1. Envy. Do you feel it? Why? Think about whom you envy in your life and why. There must be a particular reason for it. If you feel jealousy over something, how can you overturn that feeling? Is there a path that you can take that will lead to you not being jealous of something or someone?
  1. Think about the term freedom and what that means to you. Make sure to have a clear definition of it.
  1. Do you feel like your life has a purpose? Think about this. Try to figure out which things give you the most purpose in life.
  1. Recognition is something a lot of people think about. Naturally, when you think about it, you immediately know what you want to be recognized for. If not, take some time and make sure to come to the answer.
  1. If you need to describe your life as an adult to yourself as a child, how would you do that? Would you be happy with what you have to say? Is there anything you will leave out or omit?
  1. When was the last time you felt truly calm and at peace? Is that feeling connected to a place or a person?
  1. Finally, think about your happiness. Are you truly happy? If not, what stands in the way between you and your contentedness? If you have the answer to this, you have already made some great progress.

Practicing these shadow work prompts is an excellent tool for you to start getting back to your true self. As time passes, you will start noticing that you enjoy the process. Reflecting upon yourself, your life, your surroundings, and your beliefs is a great way to grow. And once you start doing that, you will know that you are on the right path.

If you feel like you need some assistance with this, feel free to get in touch with us! Becoming a part of our wellness courses and retreats will help you in this process of healing, along with transformation and complete relaxation.


Do you feel like you need to work on yourself? Are there any parts of you that you feel should remain hidden because they may make you feel stressed, nervous, or even ashamed?

Once you start experiencing these feelings, you may be faced with the truth – you have found your shadow. What most people fail to acknowledge is that if you uncover your shadow self, you can do shadow work, and this reflective work can help you create a better and healthier version of yourself.

Shadow work involves tapping into your psyche and coming face to face with some of your personality's deepest and darkest sides. Now, even though this might sound a bit scary, it can be a great path toward a wonderful and happy you.

This is why today we will look a bit deeper into the subject of shadow work and how to focus on your healing.


The idea of the shadow self comes from the fact that anyone in the world has a side they are not comfortable with. The shadow self is explained not as the person within you that you don’t know but as the person within you that you don’t want. This is why people tend to turn a blind eye to the fact that there is a shadow self within them.

Thankfully, there is an answer to this question. It can easily be described as shadow work. Once you focus on improving your mental health, it is time to get to work and make it happen. If you want to start your healing process, then the best way to do that would be to do shadow work.

Since there is a way to incorporate this process and start the healing, you can soon begin reaping the benefits. Remember that, in most cases, a mental health professional is involved. However, if you feel like you want to experience the shadow work alone, we are here to point out some of the benefits you might overlook. They include:

  • Looking into your intuition – depending on what you are hiding from yourself, doing shadow work can help you expose some of the deepest aspects tucked into the unknown part of your mind, including your intuition. One aspect of this is getting in touch with your deeper knowledge. The fun thing about it is that if you were discouraged when using your intuition at a younger age, you might turn to that now. Your inner compass will light up once again, and you will love it.
  • Stepping away from the shadow of the unconscious – the shadow is always upon us in the moments we operate at a higher, unconscious level. Once you stop to face your shadow, however challenging it might be, it will be worth it. Remember that it is a part of the healing process. This is a good starting point for you if you want to stop keeping your feelings suppressed.
  • Accepting yourself – as time passes, you will notice that you are beginning to heal. Your outlook on the world and yourself will change, and you will start discovering a lot more about yourself. This is especially important to those people that have low self-esteem. They take all the good things about them and lock them up within their shadow self. So, once you start reclaiming the gifts that have been brought upon you, the positive change will come immediately.
  • Take a step toward yourself – you might not realize that at the moment, but doing the shadow work is taking a step toward yourself. If you are already reading up on this, then you are ready to begin the process of self-discovery too. Personal growth is always encouraged, which is good for anyone who wants to become self-aware and fulfilled. Getting to a higher scale and being better means letting go of everything weighing you down.


Yes! The best thing about shadow work is that you can do it whenever you like. It is a method designed to suit your needs and make you feel better, and don’t forget that. However, there are a few points that you should look out for. These may be small triggers that can throw you off your path to a higher self. Let’s take a look at them together:

  • Remember them for all that they are – triggers. Every little thing that may irritate you can help you get to a deeper understanding of yourself. Since you will be going the extra mile for yourself, then you are bound to come face to face with a challenge now and then. In these cases, stop, think about it, and find the source. It is an excellent exercise that can help you overcome things faster and in a healthy way!
  • Talk to yourself as a compassionate person. After all, you are still doing important work on yourself, so give yourself a break every once in a while. A pat on the shoulder and a smile on your face are sometimes enough. Maturity is knowing when to stop and enjoy the relief.
  • Get some help. Whenever you are feeling like you are being overwhelmed with emotions and challenges, you can always call for help. Whether it is a friend, colleague, member of your family, or health professional; it is always nice to know that you are not alone and have a support system in place.

If you wish to do shadow work, you must understand that it requires plenty of dedication on your end. Before you begin this process, keep in mind that it takes a lot of work – as with any other process. You may have some ups and downs, but in those cases just look at the bigger picture.

If you feel like you want to experience this unique way of healing on a higher level, and if you need some assistance, then please get in touch with us! Our wellness retreats and programs can always help you on that journey!


You should turn to a yoga mantra whenever you feel you need to help your inner self get to the surface. This is a mind-harnessing tool for those who are blissfully unaware of what a mantra is. In fact, it is a practice that people often use when they want to connect with themselves and channel their inner being. It usually presents itself in the form of words or sounds that you repeat, and they help you channel your inner self.

At the same time, kundalini yoga is a great way for you to align your mind, spirit, and body with the never-ending power of the universe. This type of yoga can help you unleash the spirit within and connect to the universe, becoming one, which is why kundalini yoga mantras have become increasingly popular. It is important to know what these mantras are and which ones will be helpful to you.

That being said, today we will delve deeper into those powerful mantras that will help you release yourself into the vastness of the universe.

Here are nine of the most powerful mantras for kundalini yoga.

  • Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo – this mantra is used at the beginning of every kundalini yoga class and is always chanted three times. Roughly translated, it means that you bow to infinite wisdom and honor the teacher.
  • Aad Gurau Nameh – when we look into the most powerful kundalini yoga mantras, this is one of the first ones that come to mind. It is a classic one, representing the protection and guidance you need to proceed. This mantra comes right after the opening one, and it is most commonly chanted three times.
  • Ardas Bhaee – next, you should turn to the Ardas Bhaee, and it can help you achieve a higher form of self. It is considered to be a prayer mantra, and it answers the deepest prayers and desires, combining the mind, the spirit, and the body.
  • Har– this is pronounced hud, and it means God. But it can also mean creative infinity or divine. For those yogis who want to attract abundance, this is the kundalini yoga mantra you should use.
  • Sa Ta Na Ma – chanting this meditation practice represents the circle of life – birth, life, death, and rebirth. The most important part here is that each mantra is chanted in a particular ratio. You start with a two-minute out loud, then a two-minute whisper, then four minutes of being silent. It then continues with two minutes whisper, two minutes out loud, and another minute of complete silence. While chanting this, the tip of your thumb touches the tips of your other fingers, beginning with the index finger. Through regular practice of this particular mantra, researchers have discovered that you can improve your memory too.
  • Akal – once a loved one passes on, this specific mantra is chanted, especially in kundalini yoga. The Akal can help them pass on and release the ties to the living world that the soul may still hold on to.
  • Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung– if you wish to heal a part of yourself, you can do so with the help of the powerful  Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung. Kundalini yoga uses this chant to help people heal themselves, their loved ones, the planet, and anything else they wish to cure. This one is considered to be one of the most sacred mantras you can use.
  • Wahe Guru – wahe means awe. This indicates that you will be able to go from the darkness to the light. Roughly translated, it means that you are in awe of your existence and your power, and in full ecstasy when it comes to the divine.
  • Sat Nam – the parting mantra is a wonderful way to finish off your kundalini yoga mantra. As you exhale, you utter the words that represent a higher truth, your power, the essence of the truth that lies within you. It is mostly chanted one to three times at the end of each class.

kundalini yoga mantras



If you use the above mantras in kundalini yoga, prepare yourself for a higher experience. The sole purpose of these chants is to help you open the door to higher consciousness. And, being aware of yourself will provide you with the bliss you never knew you needed.

On the other hand, it is common knowledge that practicing any type of yoga can bring you several health benefits! Consistently practicing this meditation exercise has been proven to successfully battle stress, thus, releasing all your negative energy, letting it float right through you and away from your body, and making you feel more present and calm. It is a practice that is also good for the heart, and blood pressure, maintaining an optimal level of positive energy, and preventing weight fluctuations. But most importantly, these mantras can help you reach a higher version of yourself.

Also, yoga, when combined with these mantras, can further enhance the above benefits, making it an outer-worldly experience that you do not want to miss out on.


You may be asking yourself should I start today with these mantras for kundalini yoga? We say yes! Enhance your entire kundalini yoga experience and allow yourself to feel much more than you would in a regular yoga class. Even if you could never imagine yourself chanting mantras while in class, we advise you to try it. The only thing you need to remember is that chanting is all about unity and devotion – to yourself, the people around you, society, and the earth.

Approach this practice with an open heart and an open mind and see what happens. You might experience a new form of inner peace that you haven’t felt yet, and it might be an extraordinary event for you.

If you truly want to get the most out of this experience, then please get in touch with us! We would be happy to guide you through the process and suggest our kundalini yoga products and services.