Greetings Beautiful Souls

We have a NEW MOON in GEMINI rising on June 6th (8:38am EST/5:38am PST), right before the SOLSTICE on the 21st, heralding a new cycle of expression and communication serving as a bridge for our Soul to move more freely into this world. The solstice is all about taking those visions and messages we receive from the divine and taking concrete action to manifest them into reality. Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury, the Master of Communication. You will feel the urge to flutter those butterfly wings and communicate and socialize…follow your whims—wherever they may lead. This can be a promising time for sharing knowledge, writing, speaking, and manifesting some brilliant ideas. Just remember, it doesn’t matter how brilliant your ideas are if they never see the light of day. The new moon is the chance to start fresh.


Dive into the enchanting energies of the New Moon intertwined with Venus, the planet of love and relationships, a magickal blend that can boost our feelings of romance and creativity. Love is the focal point!!! This celestial alignment presents a perfect opportunity to gain clarity and insights into your relationships, whether seeking guidance, contemplating decisions, or manifesting new love. 

Regardless of what comes your way today, take advantage of this New Moon to honor and cherish the love that surrounds you. For those seeking love, now is an opportune moment to establish clear intentions regarding the type of partner you desire to manifest. Ensure that your desires and actions are in harmony to attract what you seek. 


Embrace the transformative energy of the New Moon in Gemini by aligning your intentions with your actions to manifest love effortlessly. Allow the airy vibes of this lunar phase to guide you in opening your mind to your heart's desires, surrendering to the power of emotions, and paving the way for a journey of love, knowledge, and fulfillment. 

At times, our desires may not align with our actions. So, in this very airy Gemini moon, open your mind to your heart and feelings. Surrender your mind into your heart, bringing out your truths and setting those intentions.

The energy of this crescent light embodies new beginnings, rebirth, and renewal. I tend to consider that the 24 hours before and the 24 hours following the lumination are most potent for any ritual, so roughly, the moon phase lasts about 3 days. With that in mind lets prepare for a newMOONness ritual, my goddesses.

 Gemini New Moon Ritual 

  • Write your list: short- & long-term goals; what matters to you; what makes you happy; what changes are needed to feed your soul? How have you abandoned your inner goddess?

Set up your space; gather herbs, spices, crystals, and elixirs that speak to you, and arrange them on your altar. You will need a cauldron or non-flammable bowl and a candle, preferably gold. (June crystal, herb & oil suggestions-yellow stones yellow topaz, citrine, calcite), rainbow moonstone, quartz; wild thyme, lavender, lemon, orange, bergamot, grapefruit, lemongrass & jasmine) 

When you are ready, light your candle & read the list you have written. Read it aloud (be courageous) & then burn that heavy load you have probably been carrying!!!! 

Let your candle burn out as you move your body, breathe, massage yourself, drink water and just pamper yourself. “Let go…release…cry…breathe”!

Blessed New Moon Love!!!!

New Moon

Hello Beautiful Souls,
I hope you are doing well. My favorite Full Moon of the year peaks on May 23rd at 9:53 am. Every full moon has its own name based on the month or the season in which it appears. May's Flower Moon is a special one, coinciding with the vibrant burst of colors as flowers bloom everywhere. This Full Moon symbolizes blossoming into your best self and reaching your highest potential. It is a powerful time for setting hopeful intentions, embracing magick, finding happiness, fostering fertility, and seeking healing.

"All healing is reinterpreting what you believe has happened to you."
Now is the time to embrace change and bring those goals and dreams to life as the moon is in the sign of the Archer, Sagittarius. Being one of the three astrological fire signs, along with Aries and Leo, Sagittarius brings a spontaneous, adventurous, and passionate influence, coupled with independence and honesty. It's the perfect time to reflect on your life with the honest eyes of Sagittarius and ask yourself the hard questions about your goals and the changes needed to manifest your intentions. 

Are you surrounded by people you love? Are you in a place where you feel at home? Are you inspired by your career? If you answered no to any of these questions, then maybe it’s time to revamp your life one step at a time.
This is an extremely important Lunation. With Sagittarius reigning over the ninth house, a thirst for knowledge and spiritual growth lies ahead.  You may find yourself drawn to sign up for a class, learn a new language or embark on a solo trip and discover more about yourself and this amazing world.

Big love and moon day blessings ~Debbi

Meanings & Intentions of the Moon Phases:
New Moon - new beginnings, setting intentions
Waxing Crescent – nurturing new projects, reflection
1st Quarter Moon - begin taking action, overcoming challenges
Waxing Gibbous - respond to life's reaction and finetuning strategies
Full Moon – peak energies, releasing
Waning Gibbous - embrace gratitude, let go of negative patterns & emotions
3rd Quarter Moon - cleanse and release…review your progress
Waning Crescent – surrender, self-reflection & rest

May New Moon

Hello Moonbeams!!!

With Beltane Energies still influencing our hearts, it’s the perfect time for a Taurus New Moon arriving on Tuesday, May 7 (11:22 pm ET/8:22 pm PT). Marking the phases of the moon and the wheel of life deepens the meaning and sacredness we experience in our days. There is magick in a new moon… an opportune time to plant the seeds of our desires and watch them take root and flourish. Under the influence of this Taurus moon our intentions are imbued with determination, opening the door for increased creativity, prosperity, grounding, and a deepening sense of self-worth.

May is such a lusty month, holding a lot of sexy promise…flowers blooming, the warmth of the sun, fertility…and just to cement all that…Taurus is ruled by the sensual lover Venus which is now right at home in its home sign. In Vedic astrology, the new moon is in the area of the sky known as Bharani nakshatra. Symbolized by the womb of creation and female sexual energy, this further emphasizes the importance of embracing your femininity.  Mmm-hmm. There will be no holding back. Now is the time for all those self-care rituals you have been putting off. You know the ones…massages with scented oils, aromatic baths and any beauty treatments that include rose. Historically a symbol of female sexuality, this mind-blowing flower has been used in magickal rituals to honor Venus and is said to soften even the hardest of hearts. 

After the chaotic Aries moon, the new moon in Taurus presents an opportunity for soul growth and self-love. Take this time to reflect on what brings you happiness and fulfillment and deepens your connection to your own sexuality. Life is magickal and learning to love and approve of yourself unconditionally is a lifelong, spiraling journey of utmost importance. As witches know, the new moon is an excellent time to shine! So go ahead my loves, you have no idea how brightly you glow!

April Full Moon

                                                 Your Full Moon in Scorpio Reading - Full Circle Yoga School                             

Things are about to get intense, because the Full Moon is here to shine a light on our deepest secrets and vulnerabilities. Also known as the annual Pink Moon, this one takes place on April 23rd (7:49pm EST/4:49PM PST), in the intensely emotional, watery sign of Scorpio. 

There is something about the transformative power of a full moon, but this is a Scorpio Moon and there is nothing stronger than Scorpio energy. Deep inner transformation, spiritual energy, sexuality and our own solar plexus power are all brought to the forefront by the power of the feminine energies of the moon. With Beltane right around the corner, we Goddess worshipers and spiritual badasses will find ourselves at the sexiest part of the Pagan calendar.
The cosmos is alive with extra magick during this Scorpio Full Moon. Scorpio, the sign of “death” and rebirth, challenges us to face our shadow sides and repressed emotions. While the process may be difficult, painful, and chaotic, the rebirth is always beautiful. Just as the lotus flower emerges from muddy waters, we too can rise above our shadows during this celestial event. This Full Moon invites us to dive in and illuminate the shadows within ourselves, offering gifts of deeper wisdom, heightened intuition, and renewal. To enhance the energy of this Full Moon, consider incorporating red wine, black candles, orange flowers, and dark crystals into your altar. And remember to do your ritual work at night when the Moon is at its brightest. Trust in the magick of life and allow yourself to be reborn anew.

Crystals: Amethyst, Smokey quartz, Sodalite, Obsidian 
Herbs: Belladonna, Basil, Sage, Catnip
Colors: Maroon, Red, Black 
Goddesses: Lilith, Hecate or Kali

Crafting a Lunar Infusion
Just as the sun's warmth can infuse tea with its energy, the moon possesses its own unique power to create a lunar infusion. By crafting some delicious moon tea, we can harness the sacred feminine energy that permeates the cosmos during this celestial phase. Imagine the alchemical process of making sun tea, but with the moon as your guide.  As you sip from the cup, you will be reminded of the inherent power of the moon, the nurturing energy of the Divine Feminine, and the potential that resides within. Flowers and aerial parts of plants are particularly suited for lunar infusions, while night-blooming blossoms like jasmine and herbs from the Artemisia genus tend to yield exceptional results. Personally, I will be brewing a delightful blend of rose petals, hawthorn leaf, hibiscus, linden, dried pomegranate seeds and dried raspberries but the possibilities are endless. Explore new combinations with each full moon, perhaps experimenting with all-red herbs, golden herbs, or sticking to a refreshing blend of mint. Embrace the whimsy and creativity that the full moon inspires—after all, it is a time of magick and wonder.

Hello Moonbeams!!

Get ready for a powerful cosmic event as a Total Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Aries is set to grace the skies on April 8th at 2:21 PM EST/ 11:21 AM PST, impacting a large part of Northern America- the first of its kind since August 2017! Solar eclipses are renowned for their potency, serving as powerful catalysts for change. What sets this eclipse apart is its occurrence in Aries, the fiery first sign of the zodiac, following closely on the heels of the Spring Equinox. This alignment hints at profound karmic shifts in the year ahead, symbolizing the perfect union of the sun and moon and offering the potential for breakthroughs and transformative journeys.

In the sign of Aries, this eclipse puts matters related to personal plans, courage, independence, and self-assertion in strong focus. We have the opportunity to make significant strides, amplified by the energy of the eclipse. This transformative period opens doors to new possibilities and allows us to dream bigger than ever before. While eclipses imbue each of us with spiritual strength, they also carry an essence of chaos within them. Prayer (puja) to the Goddess Kali Ma is an excellent way to transform this eclipse into the blessing of protection, strength, and positive transformation. Additionally, engaging in mantra practice during the eclipse hours can amplify the potency of our intentions.

However, there’s a wild card ...The Solar Eclipse in Aries aligns with Mercury (in retrograde until 4/25), the Centaur Chiron, and the North Node of Destiny, all in the same zodiac sign. Decisions made during this period hold the potential for enduring repercussions, urging us to confront our vulnerabilities and deepest wounds. Embrace this eclipse as it nudges you out of your comfort zone, compelling you to reconnect with your authentic self. It’s time to take a good, hard look in the mirror, reflect and reevaluate who you want to be. It's your life, so trust the journey, even if and/or when fear arises. This Total Solar Eclipse/New Moon will allow you to see what is desired and who you want to be.

Herbs & Oils-Peppermint, Lemon Balm, Black pepper, Chamomile, Lavender, Marjoram, Rose, Patchouli

Crystals-Fire Opal, Sunstone, Moonstone, Black Tourmaline, Red Jasper, and Tiger’s Eye and all red stones in general!

Happy New Moon!!!

Full Moon in Libra

Greetings Moonbeams,
As spring arrives, so does the Full Worm Moon and with it, a powerful Lunar Eclipse on March 25th, 2024 (3:01AM ET/12:01AM PT…just days after Spring Equinox). This Libra moon marks the start of eclipse season and brings a transformative energy that can shake up our lives. While the effects of an eclipse can vary from person to person, it's important to prepare for some impact on our lives. Whether it's a major shift or a subtle change, the Lunar Eclipse is a reminder to embrace new beginnings and fresh starts. So, get ready for this potent event and be open to the transformation it may bring.

The March 25th Eclipse is one of endings, and your focus may be centered on the choices needed to create the relationships you desire. To make the most of this energy, we encourage you to go outside on this day and surround yourself with the healing power of nature. You could also try pulling an oracle or tarot card for yourself, journaling, or taking time to meditate on what is coming up for you.
As the Moon symbolizes our subconscious and emotional capacity, the Full Moon represents a completion that starts from within. With Libra ruling relationships, it’s time for us to evaluate which relationships are going well and which aren’t. Take some time to reflect on who you should be surrounding yourself with and make the necessary changes to ensure that you are cultivating positive, healthy relationships in your life. Remember, the energy of this eclipse is a gift, but it’s up to you to use it wisely.
Where in your life are you feeling out of balance? 

More than anything Libra desires balance (I should know, I am a triple Libra!), so this moon ushers in a time to focus on areas we have neglected and restoring harmony to our lives. Time to focus on that root chakra to keep us centered and grounded and the heart for some self-love. When the light of the Full Moon is illuminating the night, what has been buried or hidden in the shadow is often revealed as well. Thiis is a powerful opportunity to face your personal shadow for healing, release and to let go. If it cannot be salvaged, then it may be time to walk away.
Finally, to all those with a little Libra in them... and to all you genuine through-and through-Libra souls (there is no mistaking us!!!) It is time to water those seeds and focus on healing oneself this month. 

Ways to Ritualize this Moon
•    Crystals: Sapphire, Peridot, Rose Quartz
•    Herbs: Roses, Elderberry, Nutmeg 
•    Self-Love Bath: organic pink salts, dried rose petals, lavender buds, a little ylang-ylang & vanilla eo’s and add a rose quartz to the tub…and light pink/red candles


Blessed Ostara/Spring Equinox


One of the most important days of the year is here, and it couldn’t arrive at a more welcome time…

On March 19th, we celebrate the Spring Equinox and festival of Ostara- the first day of Spring in the northern hemisphere, marking the end of Winter.  Ostara is a pagan celebration of the German goddess Eostre and the origins of the Christian celebration of Easter. Eggs are symbolic of fertility and decorated to celebrate new life. Rabbits symbolize the mating of hares and are used as a totem of the moon goddess in many cultures.

This is a time of renewal...when night and day masculine/feminine, God & Goddess are in perfect balance. It is time to celebrate the rebirth of the soil and the land. The energies of this time will be heightened by the upcoming Libra Lunar Eclipse on March 25th. Although this Eclipse is almost a week away from the Equinox, we tend to feel Eclipses up to a month before and a month after they arrive.


As we transition out of hibernation and into the light of spring, it is important to remember that this season also marks the awakening of the goddess. In Greek mythology it is Persephone, goddess of the soul, who is the harbinger of spring and a reminder of all the growth and hope that it brings. She promotes confidence, power, healing, and feminine mysteries...the woman who is beginning to consciously decide for herself. Use our potion to invoke Persephone...anoint pulse points and take a goddess bath with a new red candle.


In the traditions of the Wise Woman, Ayurveda, and Magick, springtime is considered the most crucial time of the year to do a cleanse. Our bodies are the embodiment of the goddess, and it is essential to honor and care for them during this time. So, as we open our hearts to the fresh new breath of spring, let us stand in our center, plant our roots, ground ourselves, and allow the spirits of the green world to guide us to places filled with true magick. Let us embrace the season of rebirth and growth with a deep inner cleanse, reconnecting with our inner goddess and embracing the beauty of the natural world around us.


Blessed Be

Hello Moonbeams!!!

On March 10th at 5:02 a.m. ET & 1:00 a.m. PT, a mystical New Moon in Pisces will occur, stimulating the collective unconscious and bringing forth a wave of introspective energy that encourages us to connect with our higher selves. As we embrace this phase, we are also reminded that daylight savings time is upon us, signifying brighter and longer days ahead. New Moons symbolize the beginning of a new cycle, and this phase marks the start of fresh energies aligning with the astrological new year and the transformative energies of Eclipse season that will soon follow. It is a time of renewal, growth, and transformation, urging us to set intentions, release what no longer serves us, and embrace the opportunities for spiritual and personal evolution.

Pisces, a water sign governed by Neptune, embodies qualities of dreams, creativity, divination, intuition, and surrender. Keywords for Pisces are: *Dreams *Creativity *Psychic   *Divination *Intuition *Surrender. Let it be & it will become. The Pisces New Moon is your chance to dream; your chance to set intentions and visualize what it is that we would like to create moving forward. As the barriers between the physical and spiritual realms blur, the opportunity to tap into your deepest desires surges. What do you see? You may feel extra creative at this time, and find yourself imagining, daydreaming, and conjuring up new inspirations and ideas. The March New Moon is one of the best in the year for tending to our creative fire and diving deep into our dreams and intuitive practices. We are going to feel supported when it comes to these areas of our lives, so make use of this energy and give yourself permission to flow.

The New Moon of March 10 will closely follow the sacred night of Night of Lord Shiva–Shivaratri, which falls on March 8, 2024. Profound shifts in karmic patterns are possible now, especially with focused attention, and it’s said that prayers are amplified a thousandfold on this night. According to Vedic wisdom this new moon demands that you connect to what is of true value in your life, and how you could become a more authentic version of yourself. 
This moon is a spiritual reboot in every way, forcing us to connect with our feelings and assess where we currently stand.  Pisceans are not entirely at home in this world. At times they prefer their ethereal life to their physical one as they are forever dreaming, creating, and imagining a better reality. With any New Moon, we ask ourselves where do we go from here? What is your soul yearning for right now?  Something to ponder as we prepare for spring’s rebirth…March 20th the first day of spring as well as the astrological new year…all leading to the full moon in Libra on March 28 to balance our hearts and close out the month.

New Moon Activities
Use the element of water for magick.  Both Moon charged water and water from the sea are an important aspect in Moon Magick (salt being a crystal form). The "charging" of water, and the release of the "charge" through evaporation, is an important aspect.
Take a ritual crystal bath!
Lucid dreaming…get out that mugwort, sweeties!

until next month…peace & love


Hello Moonbeams!!!

Grandmother Moon is full in earthy Virgo on Saturday, February 24th at 7:30 am ET . This is the perfect time to embrace transformation and journey towards personal growth and fulfillment. 

The Virgin Goddess, who symbolizes the feminine and the earth, guides us on this journey. By tapping into her inner strength and focus on wellness, we can make our bodies temples and put ourselves first. When we step into this power, we can feel encouraged by the potent energies of February’s Full Moon, ready to take on whatever it brings our way. The winter season is a time for introspection and reflection. We must listen to our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls to understand what they are communicating to us. Take advantage of the potent energies of February’s Full Moon and be encouraged to take on whatever challenges come your way to bring your dreams into reality.

What are you longing to be free of? What dreams will you allow into reality?

This months’ focus is on greater self-love, purification, and spiritual cleansing. This means something different for everyone — it can be as simple as drinking water and taking deep breaths or as in-depth as a ritual or spell. One of the things I love most about my spiritual practice is honoring the cycles of the moon with herbs, oils, crystals, and nature. ❤ Virgo, the most finicky and organized of all twelve signs, is known as a sign of health and healing…tapping into the healing needed to empower you to make the necessary changes in your life. Magick is most powerful during the Full Moon…it controls the tide, the female cycle, the eco system & of course our personal power. So, this witchy woman wants to know how you are tending to your needs? Are you showing up for your emotional self? Can you sense your innate power? It is time to start treating your body as a temple and acknowledging the beauty and gifts that we hold within. 

The full moon phase is a call for balance between the sun (our sacred masculinity, ego, and physical identity) and the moon (our divine femininity, emotions, and innermost feelings). February also brings forth mystical Pisces season. Pisces is the water sign ruled by dreamy Neptune that is associated with empathy, dreams, and our spiritual essence. With the sun in Pisces and the moon in Virgo, you have the perfect opportunity to manifest what you want to bring into your life. 

So, write it down, take hold of your courage, dance the dance, and let the Moon speak to you of what it wants to create as you open your mind to a plan to make it happen. Let that beautiful full moon energy inspire you to take the first steps toward following your dreams. 

A few things to do as La Luna shines bright in the sky!

Yogic Moon Mantra: Sing the mantra of the moon. Moon is translated in Sanskrit as “chandra” which means bright and shining. We can cultivate and access the highest shakti, or power, of this celestial body – the shakti of peace, surrender, and retreat. As you chant, allow for a delightful calmness to wash, and purify your being. Sing “Om Shrim Som Somaya Namah” 3-9 times. 

Build an Altar: Decorate your altar to honor the season with a cloth, flowers, statues, and candles. Add your favorite crystals –gemstones of the moon are labradorite, opal, selenite, and moonstone. Purify your space with aura cleansing herbs.

Take a Moon Bath: One of the easiest forms of self-care is taking a moon bath. A moon bath honors our connection to the moon cycle. I load up on sea salt, my favorite essential oil blend, and crystals. Salt is the smallest known crystal in the natural world, and since crystals are perfect molecular structures that help clear our own energetic fields, salt grounds us and helps absorb excess energy. 

And don’t forget your Moon Water!!!!

New Moon February 2024

Hello beautiful souls!

Love is in the air… and so is February’s new moon!
February is filled with many things: the sabbat of Imbolc, Aquarian New Moon energies, Mars, and Venus dancing as usual, a Full Snow Moon…and, of course, V’Day.  The New Moon in Aquarius rises on Friday, February 9th at 6PM ET/3PM PT) just a few days before Valentines’ Day.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, we now enter the Year of the Dragon ushering in not only a fierce awakening but one of the most anticipated astrological events- 
Pluto, a planet that spends 12 to 31 years in each zodiac sign, has moved into Aquarius. This transit is rare and significant as the last time Pluto was in Aquarius was in the late 18th century. The planet moved into Aquarius on January 20th and will remain there until September 1st, take a brief hiatus, and then return on November 19th, where it will stay until March 8, 2043. This shift is expected to bring about significant changes and opportunities for growth and transformation in various aspects of life.

What impact will this have? We can already feel the electricity surging around us! There will be a call for change- revolution, innovation, independence, and humanitarianism are Aquarian themes. Pluto tends to raze and rebuild the areas it transits. Overhauls are always necessary, so it’s best to just get on board. Here is where Kali comes in. Her presence in your life might feel dramatic or extreme at times, but in the end, you will be born anew. With Aquarius and Pluto one thing’s for sure: It is time to focus on how we can use our unique talents and perspectives to make a positive impact on the world around us and in our own lives.

Are YOU ready to embrace the magic of Aquarius? The fact that this New Moon is also a supermoon may enhance intuition and awaken the fire within. 
This is the perfect opportunity to let go of the past and open yourself up to a new chapter in your life. Air signs can help you access deeper levels of consciousness, allowing you to express your authentic self. This month of love let's start a revolution of the heart by practicing self-love and deepening our connection with ourselves. Let's embrace the magic of the Aquarius New Moon and supermoon to awaken the fire within and enhance our intuition.

We are the healers needed for this new world. It is time to follow the beat of your own drum. To BE unique. To BE original. To BE who you really are…. To love your weird self. The change you want to see in the world begins with you. Change your mind and you change your life and those around you. A whole new world can open to you if you choose to take the leap into the unknown!”

In honor of the New Moon & V-day celebrate this month of love with some New Moon Rituals with a twist of love.
Self-Love Bath- It’s said that at this time the waters of the holy river Ganga become like nectar, and taking a bath or offering prayers into water is highly auspicious.
Water symbolically washes away the old. Fill a sachet with lavender flowers and rose petals. As tub is filling, add 1/2 cup Pink Himalayan Salt (infused with your favorite potion) directly to the bathwater. When tub is filled, drop sachet into bath water to steep while you soak. Light a candle and turn the lights out. Focus on what you would like to manifest and what you would like to release. Get specific. Breathe deep. Soak in the New Moon energy.
Drawing Down the Moon Goddess
Stand and raise your arms above your head. Let your palms face each other and curve slightly toward the moon. Feel as though you’re a sacred chalice, drawing the power of Mother Moon into every cell of your being—from your toes to your womb, to your breasts, to your jaw, and your eyes. Feel the pleasure of this energy. It is vibrant with the power to give, to receive, to nurture life, and manifest what is possible.
Draw your hands to your heart. Massage this area. Like the moon, dance with the rhythms of life as the Goddess that you truly are. When you are ready, bring your hands to your sides, palms facing the earth. Send your divine light deep into the earth. Blessed be.