December 2023 Full Moon

Hello Moonbeams!!!

We have a beautiful FULL MOON rising today, 12/26,  This final full moon of 2023 is known as the Cold Moon because it is the closest to the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere which is also why it is also called Moon of the Long Night, This one is in the powerful sign of Cancer, known for its emphasis on emotions. Cancer is ruled by the moon so expect intensified feelings and intuition. Take some time to ground yourself and prioritize self-care as we embark on the new year.

The Cancer archetype is all about connecting with home, family, and finding stability within ourselves. It brings in the watery energies of the Feminine and encourages us to explore our feelings and emotions. As we open up to our true selves, we may feel a sense of release and the need to let go of energies that no longer serve us. This can be a vulnerable time, but by nurturing ourselves with love and attention, we can offer our unique gifts to the world. Let's embrace our true essence with the Cancer archetype and find the peace and stability we seek.

As you draw down the energies of the moon tonight allow it to align your energy as you step into 2024 with renewed spirit and clarity. On the Wheel of the Year, every Earth change is a celebration, and every celebration is an opportunity to strengthen your connection to yourself, your people, your planet, and your God/Goddess. So Mote it Be

Cancer Full Moon Bathing Ritual

(after the year we’ve had I think we all deserve some juicy self-care lovin'!)

Please note this is a bathing ritual, if you don’t have a bath, you can prepare all the ingredients in a large pot/jug and then pour it over yourself in the shower, or alternatively, you can do this ritual as a hand or foot bath.

This ritual can be done anytime but for the best results aim to do it the night of the full moon or 3 days before or after.


You will need:

•         Cleansing tools of choice (dried herbs, incense, palo santo sage, oils, candles, flowers, etc.)

•         Ingredients for your bath (choose at least three of the following)- essential oils, rose petals, lavender buds, flowers, chamomile/herbal tea, sea salt, lemon slices, fresh or dried herbs

•         clear quartz and/or amethyst crystal


Prepare your bath by brewing a botanical bath tea made up of any ingredients of your choice. Once your tea has steeped for at least 15 minutes, strain it, and pour it into your tub. Place your crystals in the tub.

To bring your bath experience to life, surround your tub with candles and fresh flowers. Burn sacred smoke to clear energy, purify the air and create space to tune in. Now climb into the tub and just let yourself be. Stay in your bath for as long as it feels comfortable.


When ready drain the tub and visualize the water rinsing away toxins and cleansing your entire body in new light energy. To complete your ritual bath, remove, rinse, and dry your crystals placing them in a bowl of sea salt for an hour to cleanse them.