Greetings Beautiful Souls

We have a NEW MOON in GEMINI rising on June 6th (8:38am EST/5:38am PST), right before the SOLSTICE on the 21st, heralding a new cycle of expression and communication serving as a bridge for our Soul to move more freely into this world. The solstice is all about taking those visions and messages we receive from the divine and taking concrete action to manifest them into reality. Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury, the Master of Communication. You will feel the urge to flutter those butterfly wings and communicate and socialize…follow your whims—wherever they may lead. This can be a promising time for sharing knowledge, writing, speaking, and manifesting some brilliant ideas. Just remember, it doesn’t matter how brilliant your ideas are if they never see the light of day. The new moon is the chance to start fresh.


Dive into the enchanting energies of the New Moon intertwined with Venus, the planet of love and relationships, a magickal blend that can boost our feelings of romance and creativity. Love is the focal point!!! This celestial alignment presents a perfect opportunity to gain clarity and insights into your relationships, whether seeking guidance, contemplating decisions, or manifesting new love. 

Regardless of what comes your way today, take advantage of this New Moon to honor and cherish the love that surrounds you. For those seeking love, now is an opportune moment to establish clear intentions regarding the type of partner you desire to manifest. Ensure that your desires and actions are in harmony to attract what you seek. 


Embrace the transformative energy of the New Moon in Gemini by aligning your intentions with your actions to manifest love effortlessly. Allow the airy vibes of this lunar phase to guide you in opening your mind to your heart's desires, surrendering to the power of emotions, and paving the way for a journey of love, knowledge, and fulfillment. 

At times, our desires may not align with our actions. So, in this very airy Gemini moon, open your mind to your heart and feelings. Surrender your mind into your heart, bringing out your truths and setting those intentions.

The energy of this crescent light embodies new beginnings, rebirth, and renewal. I tend to consider that the 24 hours before and the 24 hours following the lumination are most potent for any ritual, so roughly, the moon phase lasts about 3 days. With that in mind lets prepare for a newMOONness ritual, my goddesses.

 Gemini New Moon Ritual 

  • Write your list: short- & long-term goals; what matters to you; what makes you happy; what changes are needed to feed your soul? How have you abandoned your inner goddess?

Set up your space; gather herbs, spices, crystals, and elixirs that speak to you, and arrange them on your altar. You will need a cauldron or non-flammable bowl and a candle, preferably gold. (June crystal, herb & oil suggestions-yellow stones yellow topaz, citrine, calcite), rainbow moonstone, quartz; wild thyme, lavender, lemon, orange, bergamot, grapefruit, lemongrass & jasmine) 

When you are ready, light your candle & read the list you have written. Read it aloud (be courageous) & then burn that heavy load you have probably been carrying!!!! 

Let your candle burn out as you move your body, breathe, massage yourself, drink water and just pamper yourself. “Let go…release…cry…breathe”!

Blessed New Moon Love!!!!