Hello Moonbeams!!!

Are you ready for a sweet New Moon? A moon that is imaginative, intuitive and oh, so magical? Well get ready for the New Moon in dreamy Pisces taking place on February 19th @ 11:05PM PST or on February 20th 2023 at 2:05AM EST, my loves!


We started this year of change in energetic Aquarius guiding us to make room for new beginnings and plant the seeds of intention for the coming year. Pisces is here to take those dreams and look beneath the surface. This month, it is time to listen to your isntincts especially when it comes to making decisions of any type, but most especially those of friendships and relationships, both personal and work related. Now more than ever, it is time to tap into your innate intuition and chase those dreams. Under a Pisces moon, if you imagine & manifest it, it will become real.

Over the next few weeks, you may feel pulled into the deepness of what is hidden... don't fret, it's time to take a deep breath and dive in. Shining a light into the murky depths within allows you to see what is hidden in the shadows. Pisces not only finishes the winter but closes out the entire zodiac. There is a message here. With the floodgates open we may see the end of something with this new moon giving us the opportunity to tie up and loose ends before we enter the season of spring.

It is a brand-New Year and if you do not already have one, maybe it is time to create a ritual altar. Start with the 4 seasons and add accordingly during the year with seasonal embellishments, meaningful trinkets, statues, oils & more.

  • Earth: crystals, flowers, or stones.
  • Fire: a lit candle.
  • Air: incense, white sage, or a feather.
  • Water: a bowl or vase of water or a seashell.

Arrange them in the direction of the elements: Fire in the South, Water in the West, Air in the East, and Earth in the North.


Until next month...