The Full Wolf Moon-January 25,2024 at 12:54 p.m. EST


Hello Moonbeams!!!

As we enter the heart of winter, the full moon in January, also known as the Wolf Moon, reminds us of the power of stillness and self-reflection. Named after the howling of hungry wolves that could be heard for miles in the cold and thin air of January, the Wolf Moon symbolizes the strength and intuition associated with these magnificent creatures. In Native American culture, it is believed that the wolf represents loyalty and a deep connection to nature. Other names for this full moon include the Frost Moon, the Hard Moon, the Cold Moon, Greeting Moon, the Center Moon, the Quiet Moon, and the Spirit Moon. 

The first full Moon of 2024 occurs in Leo, marking the start of Aquarius season with its themes of self-love and self-validation. Our mystical moon mother is a symbol of the divine feminine while the fire sign of Leo is governed by the sun. On their opposing sides, the sun represents the physical, while the moon represents the shadow and emotional worlds. Directly opposing each other…the essence of courageous Leo integrated with the moon mother’s innate intuition. The dark and the light. The January union in the sky between moon goddess and sun god brings us to a place where healing and new life begins. It's quite powerful to shed what no longer serves us with the fire of the sun and the fearless Leo full moon.

While Aquarius teaches us to just be ourselves, Leo helps us decide what that means. The Leo moon helps us feel our truth with boldness, creativity, and self-expression. Spiritually, it pushes you to live deeper in your truth, giving you the courage to try new things and step outside your comfort zone as you prepare to embark on a new 12-month journey.  You may feel a strong desire to express yourself and take bold actions. It's a time to celebrate relationships, prioritize creative projects, and nurture your inner child. While Aquarius encourages us to approach things with a cool vibe, Leo is unapologetically dramatic and passionate. Use this energy to break through any barriers holding you back and embrace your power. Allow the full moon in Leo to guide you towards living deeper in your truth and claiming the future you truly desire. It’s time.