The Power of Anointing Oils

The Power of Anointing Oils

The seven best ways of using essential oils effectively are inhalations, baths, compresses, facial steam, massage, palm inhalation & diffusers. They help bring essential oils and resins into your spiritual life—to calm the mind, sharpen concentration, inspire loving-kindness, increase awareness of prana, and get into deeply relaxed states of consciousness.

We may be familiar with the use of aroma-therapeutic oils to relax, change a state of mind or mood and for their powerful medicinal properties. Yet there is another important, and ancient, use of these potent substances for practices that range from the spiritual to the transformational...Anointing.

The word ‘anoint’ means to use oils in a ritual or ceremony of consecration by applying aromatic oils to the body. Anointing has been used in cultures around the world as an aid to meditation, to connect a person with their inner divine nature, in coming of age or rite of passage ceremonies, to prepare for ritual and to facilitate meaningful events such as giving birth, marriage or to mark the seasons.

Each Blue Moon potion or synergy is a magick spell for your soul and body. When choosing the right oils for you, just listen to your heart and mind! The messages received will lead you to the oils that will resonate with you as well as serve your needs. Anoint yourself or a loved one to balance and harmonize the heart chakra (mid energy center of the chakras), make needed changes, set intentions or bring on what is missing in your life.

To create an anointing ceremony, find a calm, serene setting, perhaps where you practice Yoga or meditate, since regular practice charges a space. If you have an altar seek items that have meaning for you and your intentions such as pictures of loved ones, candles, sacred objects, statues, flowers, herbs, crystals… anything with special meaning or memories. Take the chosen anointing oil or blend and apply to your neck and temples, your 3rd eye and your wrists. Finally, apply to the palms of your hands and gently massage and rub onto your heart center. Hold your hand over your heart while inhaling deeply of the aromatic fragrance and allow the oils to transport you deep into the deep heart of love.