April Full Moon

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Things are about to get intense, because the Full Moon is here to shine a light on our deepest secrets and vulnerabilities. Also known as the annual Pink Moon, this one takes place on April 23rd (7:49pm EST/4:49PM PST), in the intensely emotional, watery sign of Scorpio. 

There is something about the transformative power of a full moon, but this is a Scorpio Moon and there is nothing stronger than Scorpio energy. Deep inner transformation, spiritual energy, sexuality and our own solar plexus power are all brought to the forefront by the power of the feminine energies of the moon. With Beltane right around the corner, we Goddess worshipers and spiritual badasses will find ourselves at the sexiest part of the Pagan calendar.
The cosmos is alive with extra magick during this Scorpio Full Moon. Scorpio, the sign of “death” and rebirth, challenges us to face our shadow sides and repressed emotions. While the process may be difficult, painful, and chaotic, the rebirth is always beautiful. Just as the lotus flower emerges from muddy waters, we too can rise above our shadows during this celestial event. This Full Moon invites us to dive in and illuminate the shadows within ourselves, offering gifts of deeper wisdom, heightened intuition, and renewal. To enhance the energy of this Full Moon, consider incorporating red wine, black candles, orange flowers, and dark crystals into your altar. And remember to do your ritual work at night when the Moon is at its brightest. Trust in the magick of life and allow yourself to be reborn anew.

Crystals: Amethyst, Smokey quartz, Sodalite, Obsidian 
Herbs: Belladonna, Basil, Sage, Catnip
Colors: Maroon, Red, Black 
Goddesses: Lilith, Hecate or Kali

Crafting a Lunar Infusion
Just as the sun's warmth can infuse tea with its energy, the moon possesses its own unique power to create a lunar infusion. By crafting some delicious moon tea, we can harness the sacred feminine energy that permeates the cosmos during this celestial phase. Imagine the alchemical process of making sun tea, but with the moon as your guide.  As you sip from the cup, you will be reminded of the inherent power of the moon, the nurturing energy of the Divine Feminine, and the potential that resides within. Flowers and aerial parts of plants are particularly suited for lunar infusions, while night-blooming blossoms like jasmine and herbs from the Artemisia genus tend to yield exceptional results. Personally, I will be brewing a delightful blend of rose petals, hawthorn leaf, hibiscus, linden, dried pomegranate seeds and dried raspberries but the possibilities are endless. Explore new combinations with each full moon, perhaps experimenting with all-red herbs, golden herbs, or sticking to a refreshing blend of mint. Embrace the whimsy and creativity that the full moon inspires—after all, it is a time of magick and wonder.