May New Moon

Hello Moonbeams!!!

With Beltane Energies still influencing our hearts, it’s the perfect time for a Taurus New Moon arriving on Tuesday, May 7 (11:22 pm ET/8:22 pm PT). Marking the phases of the moon and the wheel of life deepens the meaning and sacredness we experience in our days. There is magick in a new moon… an opportune time to plant the seeds of our desires and watch them take root and flourish. Under the influence of this Taurus moon our intentions are imbued with determination, opening the door for increased creativity, prosperity, grounding, and a deepening sense of self-worth.

May is such a lusty month, holding a lot of sexy promise…flowers blooming, the warmth of the sun, fertility…and just to cement all that…Taurus is ruled by the sensual lover Venus which is now right at home in its home sign. In Vedic astrology, the new moon is in the area of the sky known as Bharani nakshatra. Symbolized by the womb of creation and female sexual energy, this further emphasizes the importance of embracing your femininity.  Mmm-hmm. There will be no holding back. Now is the time for all those self-care rituals you have been putting off. You know the ones…massages with scented oils, aromatic baths and any beauty treatments that include rose. Historically a symbol of female sexuality, this mind-blowing flower has been used in magickal rituals to honor Venus and is said to soften even the hardest of hearts. 

After the chaotic Aries moon, the new moon in Taurus presents an opportunity for soul growth and self-love. Take this time to reflect on what brings you happiness and fulfillment and deepens your connection to your own sexuality. Life is magickal and learning to love and approve of yourself unconditionally is a lifelong, spiraling journey of utmost importance. As witches know, the new moon is an excellent time to shine! So go ahead my loves, you have no idea how brightly you glow!