Hello Moonbeams!!!

April 6th…Embrace the power of the Super Pink Moon, sweeties…it’s Libra time!!! The first full moon of spring will rise high at 12:34 am est. After all that intense Aries energy it is such a welcome change to just breathe in the beauty, peace & harmony of our lovely Libra. The sign of Libra is represented by the scales, so be aware of balance in your life. The highest expression of Libra brings serenity and centeredness—which is something our world needs most right now.

This turn of the wheel of the year leads us into priestess season, the time between spring equinox and summer solstice. The Libra priestess is all about waking, emerging, rising, and stepping into our true authentic self. In other words, living from your soul. Spring is all about newness, sprouting seeds and letting go of what no longer is serving aka “spring cleaning your psyche”. You will likely start weighing relationships while on this healing path, affording the perfect opportunity to get rid of any cosmic junk you have been accumulating. It's also time to consider whether you're surrounding yourself with the right people. If a relationship is keeping you out of balance, a cord cutting ritual can help. In simple terms, the psychic attachment is dissolved. Your mind is quieter, calmer and it is like cleaning out a closet - all those old emotions associated with that person dissolve-you are not eliminating the person, just the energetic attachment to them leaving you with extra space in your mind to fill with something better.

This will be the last full moon before the busy eclipse season so it’s a great time for a little self-love through some self-care rituals. Be kind to yourself. Carve out at least 30 minutes each day to do something for yourself...some suggestions...yoga, self-massage, journaling, listening to a guided meditation, reading, oracle cards and taking an aromatic crystal bath.

Take some time to simply bathe in the full moonlight; stand and stare, let your thoughts roam across the cosmos; let the energy of the full pink moon recharge your inner self.  You may know what you want to accomplish, or you may not. Don’t stress. Just allow Luna’s energy to flow through your mind, body, and spirit to cleanse, heal and energize you.