Get ready, moonbeams...

We're in for a powerful ride on the astrological roller coaster! April  19/20 (April 19-9:12pm PST; April 20-12:15 am EST) will bring on a New Moon in Aries coinciding with a rare hybrid total Solar Eclipse...and to make things even more interesting Mercury goes retrograde the very next day!

Eclipses are notorious for highlighting not only our shadows, but our path or journey in life. Hybrid eclipses are essentially a fusion of a totally obscured eclipse and a ring-shaped (annular) eclipse, causing the moon’s shadow cast over Earth to shift as it continues to spin. This occurs only a few times every hundred years. The power of this eclipse combined with an energetic Aries moon can leave us feeling a bit overwhelmed. Aries is the first sign in the zodiac and rules new beginnings with its themes of rebirth, self-expression, and change. We also have here the rare occurrence of a second new moon in a row in Aries (the 1st in March). So, while new moons normally are a time to plant your seeds, manifesting intentions, it might be wise to wait and do some soul-searching shadow work before you take any action. Carve out the time to reflect on where you're at and who you are within this world that we're living in⁠—not just your personal world but the community and world at large. This solar eclipse could be the trigger for self-discovery and breaking free. Eclipses have a way of showing us that if we cling too hard to what no longer serves, the cosmos could make the change for us. Do not despair though, what may bloom could be beyond what you may have even dreamed.

⁠Moon Crystals for a new world…Picture Jasper, a stone connected to the earth & known today as the Stone of Global Awareness and Amazonite, which can assist you in pressing that reset button in life.

until next month moonlovers…peace & love