August 2023 Full Moon


Hello beautiful moonbeams!!!
"The full moon is a time to rock and roll, to push boundaries, to dive headfirst into the embers, the surf, the divine."
We kick the powerful month of August off with an Aquarian Full Moon rising on the 1st at 2:32 p.m. ET. It is also a Super Moon, the 2nd of 4 which will appear in 2023.  An Aquarius Full Moon celebrates out of the box thinking, so…if you’ve felt at a dead-end, and stagnant, get ready for some unexpected plot twists!  For those following the lunar cycle of 29.5 days, you know August will be gifting us with 2 full moons. With 2 Super Moons & a Blue Moon, get ready moonbeams, the magick is about to begin! It's Leo season and the Aquarius Full Moon will illuminate what we have been holding onto and what is holding us back. The message? This is the time to take care of you. Use your intuition and trust your gut instincts to forge the path to bring clarity into your life…the time to stop hiding and shine your own unique light.
This laid-back moon wants to free you from old values and belief systems, very Aquarian indeed as they are the seekers, the non-conformists, the ones who get away with stuff because they are so easy to live with. Face it, moonbeams, it’s their AGE, we just live in it!
This full moon is also known as the Sturgeon or Grain Moon, an ode to the harvest and abundance of crops, grains and fish, embodying the final days of summer and the beginning of harvest season. August 1st is known as Lammas or Lughnasadh, the pagan celebration of the first harvest of the year, followed by the 2nd harvest, Mabon aka Fall Equinox, on September 23rd and the 3rd, Samhain on October 31st. All 3 mark the end of summer and the transition to autumn. This transition also symbolizes healing and change especially in matters of the heart as the Love Goddess Venus is deep in her retrograde journey right now. There is a possibility of renewed passion and old loves resurfacing at this time. You may find yourself examining your relationships with a clearer eye and mind.
The night of a Supermoon is one of the best nights for magick.  They’re ideal for charging crystals, jewelry, purified water, oils, healing tinctures, statues and other magical objects. Offer your gifts to the goddess and imagine her light charging them with her healing powers. You may sense this transformation occurring.
Full Moon Blessings, I will be out there gazing at her with you!!!