Full Moon July 17th

Hello Beautiful Moonbeams!!!
After the Full Moon in practical Capricorn, it is oh so lovely to welcome a soothing New Moon in Cancer. The dark moon rises at 2:32pm EST. This water sign signifies home, family, roots, and emotions. The moon rules the subconscious self while the sun rules the conscious self. Aligned, (the moon is the ruling planet of Cancer), the lunation ushers in a period of heightened karmic energy, filled with emotion, new opportunities and/or changes. The Moon simply loves to be home in Cancer!
Cancers have a deep attachment to emotional and physical security…the crab literally carries its home on its back, right?  When we talk of “home”, we tend to look outwards to our actual home space, but under July’s Cancer moon, it’s time to reflect on the inner home as well. Ask yourself, do I feel at home within myself? All New Moons call for taking care of the self and self-care NEEDS to be a priority now. This is the time to nourish both body and soul. Pay attention to what is stirred up under this moon. There is some divine magick at play now, bringing you more in tune with your feminine side because…Venus, the Goddess of love, is nearing retrograde on the 22nd. Venus retrogrades every 18 months and this one will put the Goddess in Leo until September 3. Retrograde energetics will have you tapping into divine feminine waters seeking emotional security, confidence, self-worth, and self-respect, so nourish yourself by taking care of yourself.  Spend some time nesting and strengthening relationships, especially issues of love. If you need to make some changes for the better, now is the time. As our ancestors did before us, use the Moon, her phases, her support and magick to manifest your wishes, needs and intentions. 

Spend some time in the water; if near the ocean allow her to wash over you, nourishing you with her healing waters. For those not near a water body, a healing bath might be just the thing.

Cancer New Moon Bath:
There is such a soothing and regenerative power to water…why not cleanse your energy under the Cancer moon. Pour in some sea salt scented with some rose, ylang ylang or a fave of mine frankincense with sweet orange. Submerge a crystal or 2 to charge your bath with the healing energy of the mineral world. Suggestion: moonstone, of course, which embodies feminine power and the energy of the moon itself. A few dried rose petals (organic of course) thrown in for the flowers calming effect on the nervous system. 
No worries if you cannot actually see the Moon from your window—it’s there and you will feel its presence!

Happy New Moon, Lovelies