Blessed Ostara/Spring Equinox


One of the most important days of the year is here, and it couldn’t arrive at a more welcome time…

On March 19th, we celebrate the Spring Equinox and festival of Ostara- the first day of Spring in the northern hemisphere, marking the end of Winter.  Ostara is a pagan celebration of the German goddess Eostre and the origins of the Christian celebration of Easter. Eggs are symbolic of fertility and decorated to celebrate new life. Rabbits symbolize the mating of hares and are used as a totem of the moon goddess in many cultures.

This is a time of renewal...when night and day masculine/feminine, God & Goddess are in perfect balance. It is time to celebrate the rebirth of the soil and the land. The energies of this time will be heightened by the upcoming Libra Lunar Eclipse on March 25th. Although this Eclipse is almost a week away from the Equinox, we tend to feel Eclipses up to a month before and a month after they arrive.


As we transition out of hibernation and into the light of spring, it is important to remember that this season also marks the awakening of the goddess. In Greek mythology it is Persephone, goddess of the soul, who is the harbinger of spring and a reminder of all the growth and hope that it brings. She promotes confidence, power, healing, and feminine mysteries...the woman who is beginning to consciously decide for herself. Use our potion to invoke Persephone...anoint pulse points and take a goddess bath with a new red candle.


In the traditions of the Wise Woman, Ayurveda, and Magick, springtime is considered the most crucial time of the year to do a cleanse. Our bodies are the embodiment of the goddess, and it is essential to honor and care for them during this time. So, as we open our hearts to the fresh new breath of spring, let us stand in our center, plant our roots, ground ourselves, and allow the spirits of the green world to guide us to places filled with true magick. Let us embrace the season of rebirth and growth with a deep inner cleanse, reconnecting with our inner goddess and embracing the beauty of the natural world around us.


Blessed Be