Full Moon in Libra

Greetings Moonbeams,
As spring arrives, so does the Full Worm Moon and with it, a powerful Lunar Eclipse on March 25th, 2024 (3:01AM ET/12:01AM PT…just days after Spring Equinox). This Libra moon marks the start of eclipse season and brings a transformative energy that can shake up our lives. While the effects of an eclipse can vary from person to person, it's important to prepare for some impact on our lives. Whether it's a major shift or a subtle change, the Lunar Eclipse is a reminder to embrace new beginnings and fresh starts. So, get ready for this potent event and be open to the transformation it may bring.

The March 25th Eclipse is one of endings, and your focus may be centered on the choices needed to create the relationships you desire. To make the most of this energy, we encourage you to go outside on this day and surround yourself with the healing power of nature. You could also try pulling an oracle or tarot card for yourself, journaling, or taking time to meditate on what is coming up for you.
As the Moon symbolizes our subconscious and emotional capacity, the Full Moon represents a completion that starts from within. With Libra ruling relationships, it’s time for us to evaluate which relationships are going well and which aren’t. Take some time to reflect on who you should be surrounding yourself with and make the necessary changes to ensure that you are cultivating positive, healthy relationships in your life. Remember, the energy of this eclipse is a gift, but it’s up to you to use it wisely.
Where in your life are you feeling out of balance? 

More than anything Libra desires balance (I should know, I am a triple Libra!), so this moon ushers in a time to focus on areas we have neglected and restoring harmony to our lives. Time to focus on that root chakra to keep us centered and grounded and the heart for some self-love. When the light of the Full Moon is illuminating the night, what has been buried or hidden in the shadow is often revealed as well. Thiis is a powerful opportunity to face your personal shadow for healing, release and to let go. If it cannot be salvaged, then it may be time to walk away.
Finally, to all those with a little Libra in them... and to all you genuine through-and through-Libra souls (there is no mistaking us!!!) It is time to water those seeds and focus on healing oneself this month. 

Ways to Ritualize this Moon
•    Crystals: Sapphire, Peridot, Rose Quartz
•    Herbs: Roses, Elderberry, Nutmeg 
•    Self-Love Bath: organic pink salts, dried rose petals, lavender buds, a little ylang-ylang & vanilla eo’s and add a rose quartz to the tub…and light pink/red candles