October 2023 Full Moon


Hello Moonbeams!!!

October's full moon, called the Hunter's Moon, on Oct. 28 is about to be a spooktacular one because it will also take place during a lunar eclipse. The power of the moon cannot be overstated –it pulls the tides as well as our emotional oceans. For those in the US, the eclipse will not be visible, however energy and power will be felt.

The lunar eclipse presents a unique opportunity for release and closure. As the energy of the eclipse encourages us to let go of what no longer serves us, we have the chance to shed old skin and make room for personal growth and transformation. This is a time to break free from toxic relationships, unhealthy habits, and negative thought patterns. While full moons invite us to be more yin and let go, lunar eclipses force us to face endings. We may have to confront some shadows or peek into corners we may not have dared too before. We may find ourselves unearthing things that are uncomfortable. However, by embracing this energy and facing these challenges, we can emerge stronger and more resilient. What was once hidden may now step into the light. As you stare up at the moon, you can always look to the signs involved for guidance-and this is a Taurus Moon…Taurus, the feminine, fixed earth sign that is practical and determined. Taurus, the Moon, and Venus are all related to love, fertility, sexuality, and connection – the essence of life.

As we welcome the October Full Moon, we also open ourselves up to the awakening of the realm of the Crone. This powerful lunar event offers a unique opportunity to connect with our inner magic and tap into the transformative energy of the universe. The word "crone" comes from the word "crown," meaning light or wisdom that emanates from the head. With the veil between the physical and etheric worlds at its thinnest, this is a time of soul alchemy and inner transformation. Despite the challenges and upheavals of 2023, this astrological transit offers hope and the potential for our collective wishes and desires to come true. By casting our aspirations on the evening of the Full Moon, we can tap into its potent energy and trust in the unknown. Let us allow the light of the moon goddess to erase the darkness and guide us towards a brighter future.

Until next time,

Blessed Be


Time for a bit of Crystal Healing AND cANDLE mAGICK

Taurus, as an earth sign, is known for its connection to crystals and other earth elements. This makes it the perfect time to incorporate crystal healing into your spiritual practice. To tap into the power of Taurus-inspired healing, try using stones like rose quartz for love and self-love, amethyst for spirituality, and hematite for grounding. You can place these crystals around your space or hold them during your meditation to enhance the healing properties. Additionally, lighting a candle in green or pink, which aligns with Taurus and Venus, can help to set intentions for love, abundance, and spiritual growth. As you do, visualize the positive changes you want to manifest in your life and allow the energy of Taurus to guide you towards your goals.