September 2023 New Moon

Hello Moonbeams!!!
New Moon in Virgo: September 14th 2023 (9:40PM ET/6:40PM PT)
A New Moon acts as a turning point, lighting a path to help release us from the old. At every New Moon we’re creating, healing and building new dreams.   As this Dark/New Moon arrives, we have six major planets in retrograde. Strong retrograde energy under the New Moon can draw us within, getting us to look over things to ensure we fully understand where we have been before we move forward. We are guided by the Virgin, who in essence is “a woman whole onto self”. Knowing herself and rooted in her grounded power she is there to help strip away the blockages and obstacles that are impeding us from getting things done. There is an awakening happening. We are at the beginning of a new cycle.  Earthy Virgo vibes remind one to stay grounded and somewhat flexible as we enter a new phase. Without the Virgo attention to detail, big, dreams would never reach fruition.
Summer’s over and the Wheel of the Year is now turning towards Mabon (fall equinox)-Harvest time. This new moon in Virgo will offer beautiful energy for us to work with…harvesting with gratitude all that we’ve gained and allowing all else to drop away. If the changes you are facing are challenging, take a moment to quiet your mind and connect with your inner self. On the night of the dark moon much healing and guidance can come through. Dream your dream and choose what you wish to create. Wondrous things are beginning to bubble in the cauldron.
Remember, beautiful yogis, when you allow your true self to shine through, your soul will truly sparkle!