Harvest Moon 2023


Hello Moonbeams!!!

This year, look for September’s full Harvest Moon to peak at 5:58 A.M. EST on Friday the 29th. Each lunar cycle offers us an opportunity to reconnect with our natural rhythms. When we work with this powerful natural resource, we’re able to create some real positive changes in our lives. You can expect some of the Equinox energy to affect this full moon as we “harvest” the results of the seeds we planted back in the spring! Given that we're working with Aries, expect boldness and heightened passions as this is an intense fire sign.
 Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and while full moons are times of endings there can be some new starts. As you maneuver through this emotional time you may feel the drive to express your desires and needs more assertively than usual. Expect surprises, unexpected changes, and heightened emotions to affect your personal relationships, love life and financial matters. Equality and balance are the key traits in the Libra world, so allow that Aries-Libra axis to pour some harmonic energy onto any frustrating or tension filled situations. There may be some chaos, but rainbows cannot rise without storms.
Moon Water and the Harvest Moon…fill some jugs with water and set out under the moonlight. Adding a piece of selenite to honor Selene, Goddess of the Moon or a Rose Quartz, the universal stone of love, relationships and self-love. Add to bath water, clean your altar or sacred space, anoint objects with intention, dab on chakra points, add to spray bottle to cleanse area or aura, and charge your crystals or jewelry. This is sure to bring on some moonlight magick.

For Women: Drawing in the light of La Luna…

Stand under the light of this Full Harvest Moon and thank Her for Her wisdom or…one of the oldest methods of union with the moon was to lay nude beneath the Full Moon in the Full Moon Goddess Posture. This posture is also referred to as the Star Goddess Posture, and is an X formation, arms and legs spread out wide. Next anoint yourself with your favorite moon oil just below your navel forming a crescent. Staring steadily up into the face of the moon, mentally picture drawing the light into yourself with each deep breath. Women draw power through the navel-the center of a woman. 
Come dancing on this most magical night and let healing and blessings flow! 
Big love and moon day blessings

A special treat for your listening delight… My favorite September Song