Blessed Summer Solstice Beautiful People

This is a time to tune into your dreams, your soul seeds, and your true heart essence…living the day with intention and magick. The summer solstice is a great time to pause & reflect on our intentions & vision for the year...a wake-up call to get moving!

Summer Solstice is the celebration of the peak of summer’s beauty. Depending on where you are in the world, it falls somewhere between June 20th & 21st. Summer Solstice is the longest day and the shortest night of the year & the time to see all things, Faerie. It is one of 8 Wiccan sabbats that mark the turning of the wheel of the year and is also known as Litha. It is Midsummer's Night, and it is time for the Sun King to embrace the Queen of Summer, ensuring the circle's continuation.

Midpoint in the calendar year, Summer Solstice/Litha represents the balance between light & dark, both outside & within you-the longest day of the year in the north & the longest night of the year in the southern hemisphere.
As the wheel turns toward the Summer Solstice, now is the perfect time to connect with green magick. The plant world has a message for you. Prepare a flower crown with all those gorgeous blooms (cause, really, who doesn’t like wearing one of those!). If near water, take the crown and release it into the water at days end. This is considered an offering to the Sun, and it is said to bring good luck until the next summer...and to those looking for love, a promise that they will soon find it. Herbs are now at their peak as well, both magically & therapeutically. So, gather them up, cut that St. John’s Wort and let the light, love & plant world fill you on this magical day.

So, until next time wishing you a beautiful and inspired Solstice! Shine Brightly!
With infinite love, ~Debbi