July Full Moon 2023

Hello Beautiful Moonbeams!!!

Get those sparklers ready because the Full Moon will be at its peak at 4:39am PT/7:39am ET on July 3rd. Known as the Full Buck Moon, it is the first of 4 supermoons we will see in 2023 (supermoons are closer to the earth giving a larger than normal appearance). The 3rd of July also signals the opening of the Sirius Gateway (on the 4th) aligning the Sun with the star Sirius known as a “spiritual sun”- the star actually shines more brightly than the sun! This alignment is considered a powerful time for soul awakenings, insight, clarity, 3RD Eye awakening, and so much more. The vibrational aftereffects will be felt through August 30th when the skies grace us with another Supermoon-only this one’s a Blue Moon! Talk about an amazing couple of months to come!

Capricorn is represented by a figure that is part goat and part fish. The sea goat can climb the highest mountain as well as swim in the deepest seas. This duality serves them…the goat symbolizing the determination to steadily climb the path to achieve their goals while the fish has no problem diving into the emotional waters of inner wisdom seeking the guidance needed to light that path. With all this karmic energy affecting our physical bodies as well as our auric field and chakras, it is important to use this time to shine a light on your life and ask yourself what’s important and what’s not working anymore. Living in the chaos of today’s world, it is time to move with the moon through all Her phases because… “the spiral dance of the monthly lunar cycle is where the juice of revolution, transformation and magick lives for us”. 

Making A Lunar Infusion

A lunar infusion is like making sun tea, but by the moon! Flowers and aerial parts are best used in lunar infusions, but night blooming flowers like jasmine, and herbs from the Artemisia genus tend to be best. I personally love an overnight infusion of Mugwort, Sage, and Rosemary…but it’s fun to create new infusions every full moon. Sometimes I’ll go with all red colored herbs, or golden herbs. Or sometimes I will stick with mint. Have fun. Go wild. It is a full moon after all.